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      This page lists links for Wisconsin-based Soul Musicians from the 1970's and later. I got this list second-hand in July 2005 from a friend of the authors. At this time I do not have permission to publicize the authors' names, or put on-line the 45's discography they wrote including all of the listed artists (except Jina Jurner and the Jikettes and The Tempters). Except for those with links, every other musician's name was new to me. Please write if you can identify any other Soul Musicians listed on my Wisconsin Pop and Rock Musicians page, so I can move all their information and links to this page. Also, please write if you know of links for, or on-line information about, any musician listed.

      Someone told me that the first ever Soul Music discography book is being worked on, and it will have a Wisconsin section, but I do not know who is writing it, or when it will be published.

      Does anyone know why there has been no "Soul Music" WAMI Award category since at least 1998? Was there a "Soul" category in the 1981-1997 period?
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Other Web sites that feature Wisconsin Soul Music and Musicians:

Other Web sites that feature Soul Music and Musicians from other states:
      Note that every site below lists 45s, but not one of them lists any CD singles or any albums in any format (LP/CS/CD).

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