Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra
Past Boards of Directors

(last updated .07-06-2015)

          Past Boards of Directors for the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

| 2007-8 (Current Staff and Board)

Board of Directors 2005-2006

Executive Committee
James Grine, President
Frank Tower, Executive Vice President
Kim Marheine, Vice President
Kelli Karpinski, Secretary
Dale Drabandt, Treasurer
Ken Friedman, Past President

Board of Directors 2004-2005

Unknown, deleted from the OSO Web site. No historical information of any kind is being saved there.

Board of Directors 2003-2004

Executive Committee
Gregory Pierce, President
Mary Whitlock, Vice-President
William Denney, Treasurer
Sam Adams, Secretary
John Bermingham (serving for Kay Qualley), Past President
Kay Qualley, Executive Director

Board of Directors 2002-2003

Executive Committee
Kay Qualley, President
Mary Whitlock, Vice President
Victoria Beltran, Secretary
William F. Denney, Treasurer
Sam Adams, Past President
Nicholas Palmer, Artistic Director
Susan Traska, Executive Director
Judy Lawrence, Financial Assistant
Julie Leschke

Board of Directors 2001-2002

Sam Adams, President
Kay Qualley, Vice President
Victoria Beltran, Secretary
Bill Denney, Treasurer
John Bermingham, Past President
Mary Gillespie, Oshkosh Symphony League President

Board of Directors 2000-2001

John Bermingham, President
Sam Adams, Executive Vice President
Kelly Laux, First Vice President
Susan T. Vette, Past President
Victoria Beltran, Secretary
Stuart N. Tribbey, Treasurer
Susan Traska, Executive Director
Mary Whitlock, Marketing Director

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