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          Polka, the Official State Dance of Wisconsin. This page has links to the Wisconsin Polka related pages at this website.

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Press Releases, etc. installed with the band's permission:

[There is no charge for installing one short informational page here for each Wisconsin based Polka Band. I do not create band or individual musician web pages, install sound or video files, or sell any products of any kind at this site.]

          Note to Wisconsin based Polka bands: If you would like one Press Release or band information flyer posted here, E-Mail the text version of it to me at Due to virus problems, my E-Mail program is setup to automatically delete any incoming message with an unsolicited attachment, so the text must be included in the body of a message. Or postal mail it to the address at the bottom of this page. Note, in order to make pages load as fast as possible, I will not display any graphics on these Press Release pages. If you have a recent band photo, band logo or business card, postal mail it to me and I will scan it and install it with a link which will display the photo/logo/card only when the link is selected. By the way, I can't scan anything larger than 8-1/2" by 11". Also, if you have a Wisconsin Polka related postal or E-Mail mailing list, please add my name. Thank you.

          Unless it is somehow directly Wisconsin related, I don't usually link to Polka bands or sites in other states. However, if you have a page that links to many bands and organizations from your state, or a page that links to many bands in many states and the bands are listed by state, please send the page address and I will include a link here. Generally, I will support any site that does what I try to do, support and promote all local Polka Bands. I also do the same for all other Wisconsin artists and groups.

Wisconsin Based Polka Band Schedules
          Starting 09-23-2004, for Wisconsin based Polka Bands which have no website, and no E-Mail address, if you send your Current Schedule regularly to the postal address below, I will post it on this website.

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