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      Marco Sassone: Catalogue Raisonne 1967-date **

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      The goal of these pages is to eventually list the title of every piece of art work that Marco Massimo Sassone has published. The sources of these titles include: his Home Page, his Blog, other Web sites, books, pamphlets, flyers, and every other kind of Marco Sassone memorabilia that I can find.

      **   Marco Sassone, b. 1942, moved from Florence, Italy to Southern California in 1967, after the disastrous 11-04-1966 flood from the overflowing Arno River (more about the flood). He presented his paintings at several 1962-1967 Italian exhibitions, but I have not yet seen any printed source that pictures any named painting which he published before 1967.

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      1966 Flood of the Arno River: According to page W-6 of the Long Beach, CA Independent Press-Telegram for 2-11-1968:

      "That terrible November [1966], floods swirled over one-third of Italy, from the Dolomite Alps north of Venice to the southern edge of Tuscany, south of Florence.
      In Florence, The Renaissance city of 450,000 population, 150,000 persons lost their homes, 200 were killed. Nearly 1,000 masterworks of the first rank and 300,000 priceless volumes were damaged."

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