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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at

Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|Hope Chest|1982-1983|Elektra|60962
        Planned Obsolescence|4:26
        Latin One, The|2:55
        Katrina's Fair|2:56
        Poor De Chirico|3:07
        Grey Victory|2:55
        National Education Week|2:55
        Death of Manolete|3:44
        Anthem for Doomed Youth|2:45
        Groove Dub|3:15
        Pit Viper|3:50
        My Mother the War|3:29
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|Wishing Chair, The||Elektra|60428
        Can't Ignore the Train|2:43
        Scorpio Rising|3:06
        Just as the Tide was a Flowing|2:25
        Back o' the Moon|3:32
        Maddox Table|3:19
        Coloniaal Wing, The|4:02
        Grey Victory|3:07
        Among the Americans|3:07
        Everyone a Puzzle Lover|3:17
        Cotton Alley|3:23
        My Mother the War|3:31
        Tension Makes a Tangle|3:33
        Arbor Day|2:59
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|In My Tribe||Elektra|60738
        What's The Matter Here?|
        Hey Jack Kerouac|
        Like The Weather|
        Cherry Tree|
        Painted Desert, The|
        Don't Talk|
        Peace Train|
        Gun Shy|
        My Sister Rose|
        Campfile Song, A|
        City of Angels|
        Verdi Cries|
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|Blind Man's Zoo||Elektra|60815
        Eat for Two|3:26
        Please Forgive Us|3:22
        Big Parade, The|4:00
        Trouble Me|3:08
        You Happy Puppet|3:35
        Poison in the Well|3:05
        Dust Bowl|4:11
        Lion's Share, The|3:00
        Hateful Hate|4:28
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|You Happy Puppet||Elektra|9 66669-2
        You Happy Puppet|3:35
        Gun Shy|4:14
        Wildwood Flower|1:50
        Hello in There|4:23
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|Our Time in Eden|1992|Elektra|961385
        Noah's Dove|4:29
        These Are Days|3:40
        Few and Far Between|3:13
        Stockton Gala Days|4:18
        Gold Rush Brides|3:22
        How You've Grown|3:39
        Candy Everybody Wants|3:04
        Circle Dream|3:25
        If You Intend|3:01
        I'm Not the Man|3:24
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|MTV Unplugged|1993|Elektra|61569
        These Are the Days|4:22
        Eat for Two|4:12
        Candy Everybody Wants|3:19
        I'm Not the Man|3:46
        Don't Talk|5:22
        Hey Jack Kerouac|3:29
        What's the Matter Here?|4:50
        Gold Rush Brides|4:12
        Like the Weather|4:15
        Trouble Me|3:40
        Because the Night|3:44
        Stockton Gala Days|5:25
        Noah's Dove|5:07
Ten Thousand Maniacs~10,000 Maniacs|Love Among the Ruins|1997|Geffin|GEFD-25009
        Rainy Day|4:46
        Love Among the Ruins|4:01
        Even With My Eyes Closed|3:56
        Girl on a Train|4:10
        Green Children|4:13
        Room for Everthing, A|3:56
        More Than This|4:05
        Big Star|3:07
        You Won't Find Me There|4:08
        All That Never Happens|4:58
        Shining Light|4:06
        Across the Fields|3:53

=============== Extra Information ===============

Here is a single from "Our Time In Eden", thanks to (Don Grimm):

10,000 Maniacs|These Are Days|1992|Elektra|EKR 156CD 7559-66372-2
        These Are Days|3:39
        Circle Dream|3:25
        I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You|3:37 

  10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days

    3:39 These Are Days (Buck/Merchant)
    4:37 Starman (David Bowie)
    3:21 These Days (Jackson Browne)

         Elektra CD5 EKR 156CDX 7559-66371-2

  10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants

    3:04 Candy Everybody Wants (Drew/Merchant)
    3:21 Every Day is Like Sunday (Morrisey/Street)
    3:46 Sally Ann (Claus/Powell/Hyman)
    4:44 Don't Go Back to Rockville (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)

         Elektra CD5 2-66342

  10,000 Maniacs - Our Time in Eden

    4:29 Noah's Dove
    3:40 These Are Days
    4:07 Eden
    3:13 Few and Far Between
    4:18 Stockton Gala Days
    3:22 Gold Rush Brides
    4:00 Jezebel
    3:39 How You've Grown
    3:04 Candy Everybody Wants
    4:13 Tolerance
    3:25 Circle Dream
    3:01 If You Intend
    3:24 I'm Not the Man

         Elektra CD 9 61385-2

Natalie Merchant (the lead singer for 10,000 Maniacs) appears on the following:

Bragg, Billy|You Woke Up My Neighborhood||Elektra|66483
        Bread and Circuses|4:22|Merchant, Natalie

Various|Stay Awake - Various Interpretations of Disney songs||A&M|CD3918
        Litle April Shower||Merchant, Natalie~Stipe, Michael~Bingham, Mark~Roches

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