Mary-Chapin Carpenter discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|Hometown Girl||CBS|40758
        Lot Like Me, A|
        Other Streets and Other Towns|
        Hometown Girl|
        Downtown Train|
        Family Hands|
        Road Is Just A Road, A|
        Come On Home|
        Just Because|
        Heroes and Heroines|
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|State of the Heart||CBS|44228
        How Do|2:09
        Something of a Dreamer|2:56
        Never Had It So Good|4:04
        Read My Lips|3:05
        This Shirt|3:48
        Quittin' Time|3:52
        Down in Mary's Land|2:27
        Goodby Again|4:47
        Too Tired|2:28
        Slow Country Dance|4:00
        It Don't Bring You|4:45
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|Shooting Straight in the Dark||Columbia|CK 46077
        Going Out Tonight|3:16
        Right Now|2:36
        More Things Change, The|3:56
        When She's Gone|5:05
        Middle Ground|3:51
        Can't Take Love for Granted|4:01
        Down at the Twist and Shout|3:21
        Halley Came to Jackson|3:10
        What You Didn't Say|4:36
        You Win Again|3:59
        Moon and St. Christopher, The|4:21
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|Come On Come On|1992|Columbia|CK 48881
        Hard Way, The|4:21
        He Thinks He'll Keep Her|4:01
        Rhythm of the Blues|3:46
        I Feel Lucky|3:32
        Bug, The|3:47
        Not Too Much To Ask|3:22|Diffie, Joe
        Passionate Kisses|3:21
        Only a Dream|5:31
        I Am a Town|5:04
        Walking Through Fire|4:02
        I Take My Chances|3:44
        Come On Come On|4:51
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|Stones in the Road|1994|Columbia|CK 64327
        Why Walk When You Can Fly|3:31
        House of Cards|3:45
        Stones in the Road|4:31
        Keeper For Every Flame, A|3:46
        Tender When I Want to Be|2:54
        Shut Up and Kiss Me|3:40
        Last Word, The|3:25
        End of My Pirate Days, The|5:02
        John Doe No. 24|5:44
        Outside Looking In|4:42
        Where Time Stands Still|3:40
        This Is Love|6:19
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin|Place in the World, A|1996|Columbia|CK 67501
        Keeping the Faith|3:19
        Hero in Your Own Hometown|3:50
        I Can See It Now|3:34
        I Want to be Your Girlfriend|3:30
        Let Me Into Your Heart|2:54
        What If We Went to Italy|3:38
        That's Real|3:33
        Ideas Are Like Stars|4:05
        Sudden Gift of Fate|5:05
        Better to Dream of You, The|3:18
        Place in the World, A|4:06
Wilcox, David|Home Again|1991|A&M|5357
        Last Chance Waltz|3:38|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        She's Just Dancing|3:28|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Various|Best of Mountain Stage Vol 3|1992|Blue Plate|BPM 003CD
        Never Had It So Good|4:44|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Various|Hitch Hiker Exampler|1990|CBS|46036
        This Shirt|3:49|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Read My Lips|3:07|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Various|Hitch Hiker Exampler 2|1991|CBS|47321
        Down at the Twist and Shout|3:20|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        When She's Gone|5:04|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

=============== Extra Information ===============

If you don't already know, her first name is Mary-Chapin, and her
last name is Carpenter.  As she says, some people are Mary-Beth,
others are Mary-Ann, I am Mary-Chapin.  Chapin is a family name.
I don't believe she is related to Harry Chapin.

Many of the following are thanks to Alan Rowoth from the Folk Music
Mailing List and/or Doug Henkle (

Various|'Til Their Eyes Shine... The Lullaby Album |1992|Columbia|CK 52412
        Dreamland||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

Various|Country Music for Kids|1992|Disney|60837-2
        Jennie Dreamed of Trains||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

Various|Hitch Hiker College Radio Hour|1989|CBS|ASK 1598
        This Shirt||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Read My Lips||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Never Had it So Good||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
 (songs are excerpted, with dialogue)

Various|Hitch Hiker Radio Saga 2|1989|CBS|ASK 1826
        Never Had it So Good||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Quittin' Time||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

 (This CD is hosted thru out by MCC and she also does the promo tag)

Various|Hitch Hiker Radio Saga 3||CBS|
        Down At the Twist and Shout (extended version)|3:20|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        When She's Gone||Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

 (Also dialogue on this one.)

Various|Today's Best Country|2-92|K-tel|6005-2 (also CS: 6005-4)
   (selections by Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson, Kathy Mattea,
    Mark Chesnutt, Highway 101, Vince Gill, Shelby Lynn, Tanya Tucker
    with T. Graham Brown, Ricky Van Shelton, Alabama, Rosanne Cash,
    K.T. Oslin)

Various|Today's Hot Country|9-92|K-tel|6063-2 (also CS: 6063-4)
   (selections by Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Patty Loveless, Diamond Rio,
    Colin Raye, Ricky Van Shelton, Vince Gill, John Anderson,
    Highway 101, Pirates of the Misssissippi, Pam Tillis,
    The Wood Brothers)


MCC vocal performances are also found on:

Wheeler, Cheryl|Wheeler, Cheryl|1986|North Star|W0001
        (all tracks?)

Indigo Girls|Nomads, Saints, and Indians||Epic|46820

Foster, Radney|Del Rio, TX 1959|1992|Arista|18713-2
        Nobody Wins

O'Connell, Maura|Blue Is the Color of Hope|1992||
        (item numbers and songs uncertain)

Colvin, Shawn|Fat City|1992|Columbia|CK 47122

Beausoleil|La Danse de la Vie| 1993|Rhino Records|
        Quelle Belle Vie|
    Chanson pour Ezra|

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