Harry Chapin discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at   wrp103@psu.edu

Chapin, Harry|Heads & Tails||Elektra|75023
        Could You Put Your Light On, Please|4:30
        Everybody's Lonely|4:07
        Sometime, Somewhere Wife|4:58
        Any Old Kind of Day|4:56
        Same Sad Singer|4:12
Chapin, Harry|Verities and Balderdash|1974|Elektra|1012
        Cats in the Cradle|3:44
        I Wanna Learn a Love Song|4:19
        Shooting Star|4:02
        30,000 Pounds of Bananas|5:45
        She Sings Songs Without Words|3:31
        What Made America Famous?|6:53
        Halfway to Heaven|6:10
        Six String Orchestra|5:25
Chapin, Harry|Portrait Gallery|1975|Elektra|60602
        Dreams Go By|
        Tangled Up Puppet|
        Star Tripper|
        Someone Keeps Calling My Name|
        Rock, The|
        Dirt Gets Under the Fingernails|
        Stop Singing These Sad Songs|
Chapin, Harry|On the Road to Kingdom Come|1976|Elektra|60613
        On the Road to Kingdom Come|
        Parade's Still Passing Bye, The|
        Mayor of Candor Lied, The|
        Laugh Man|
        Corey's Coming|
        If My Mary Were Here|
        Fall in Love With Him|
        Roll Down the River|
Chapin, Harry|Greatest Stories Live||Elektra|6003
        Dreams Go By|4:43
        Saturday Morning|3:01
        I Wanna Learn a Love Song|4:52
        Mr. Tanner|4:45
        Better Place to Be, A|9:17
        Let Time Go Lightly|4:34
        Cats in the Cradle|3:51
        Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas~30,000 Pounds of Bananas|10:45
        Shortest Story, The|2:27
Chapin, Harry|Dance Band on the Titanic|1977|Elektra|60549
        Dance Band on the Titanic|
        Why Should People Stay the Same|
        My Old Lady|
        We Grew Up a Little Bit|
        Country Dreams|
        I Do It For You, Jane|
        I Wonder What Happened to Him|
        Paint a Picture of Yourself (Michael)|
        One Light In a Dark Valley (An Imitation Spiritual)|
        There Only Was One Choice|
Chapin, Harry|Living Room Suite|1978|Elektra|60528
        Dancin' Boy|
        If You Want to Feel|
        Poor Damned Fool|
        I Wonder What Would Happen to This World|
        It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains|
        Why Do Little Girls|
        Flowers Are Red|
        Somebody Said|
Chapin, Harry|Gold Medal Collection, The (disc 1)||Elektra|60773
        Sunday Morning Sunshine|3:30
        Old College Avenue|4:25
        Dirty Old Man|1:25
        I Wanna Learn a Love Song|4:19
        Cat's in the Cradle|3:44
        Tangled up Puppet|3:42
        Dancing Boy|3:40
        Thanksgiving Hunger Drives|0:47
        Flowers are Red|5:01
        She Sings Songs Without Words|3:31
        Shooting Star|4:02
        Winter Song|2:30
        Story of a Life|5:15
        Commitment and Pete Seeger|1:47
        There Only was One Choice|14:00
Chapin, Harry|Gold Medal Collection, The (disc 2)||Elektra|60773
        Better Place to Be, A|7:35
        Mail Order Annie|4:52
        Mr. Tanner|4:45
        Corey's Coming|5:38
        Child is Born, A|0:30
        Rock, The|4:15
        Danceband on the Titanic|5:11
        I Wonder What Would Happen to this World|3:28
        My Grandfather|1:45
        Remember When the Music (Reprise)|3:50
Chapin, Harry|Remember When the Music||Dunhill|dzs035
        Remember When the Music|3:50
        I Miss America|5:20
        Story of a Life|5:15
        Up on the Shelf|3:50
        Salt and Pepper|4:15
        God Babe, You've Been Good for Me|3:20
        Northwest 222|3:45
        I Finally Found it Sandy|4:35
        Remember When the Music - Reprise|3:50
        Hoke Pokey|3:20
        Oh Man|4:05
Chapin, Harry|Last Protest Singer, The||Dunhill|dzs041
        Last of the Protest Singers|4:41
        November Rains|3:48
        Basic Protest Song|4:28
        Last Stand|4:38
        Sounds Like America to Me|4:27
        Word Wizard|4:14
        Quiet Little Love Affair, A|2:48
        I Don't Want to be President|4:00
        Silly Little Girl|3:26
        You Own the Only Light|4:11

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