Bruce Cockburn discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at

Cash, Rosanne|Wheel, The|1993|Columbia|CK 52729
        From the Ashes||Cockburn, Bruce
Cockburn, Bruce|Bruce Cockburn|1969~1991|Village Green|PCCY-00179
         Going to the Country|3:15
         Thoughts of a Rainy Afternoon|3:48
         Together Alone|2:50
         Bicycle Trip, The|4:11
         Thirteenth Mountain, The|4:48
         Musical Friends|2:58
         Change Your Mind|2:26
         Man of a Thousand Faces|5:42
         Spring Song|5:02
         Kept it Open|1:51
Cockburn, Bruce|Sunwheel Dance|1971,1993|Columbia|CK 48740
        My Lady and My Lord|2:15
        Feet Fall on the Road|2:41
        Sunwheel Dance|1:42
        Up On the Hillside|3:00
        Life Will Open|4:06
        It's Going Down Slow|3:35
        When the Sun Falls|2:21
        He Came from the Mountain|3:12
        Dialogue With the Devil (or "Why Don't We Celebrate")|6:20
        For the Birds|2:14
Cockburn, Bruce|High Winds White Sky|1971|ESD|80152
        Happy Good Morning Blues|2:39
        Let Us Go Laughing|5:20
        Love Song|2:26
        One Day I Walk|3:06
        Golden Serpent Blues|3:33
        High Winds White Sky|3:01
        You Point to the Sky|2:56
        Life's Mistress|3:24
        Ting/ the Cauldron|6:30
        Shining Mountain|5:14
Cockburn, Bruce|Night Vision|1973|ESD|80172
        You Don't Have to Play the Horses|3:50
        Blues Got the World, The|1:52
        Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long|4:14
        Islands in a Black Sky|7:40
        Clocks Don't Bring Tomorrow - Knives Don't Bring Good News|6:49
        When the Sun Goes Nova|2:43
        Deja Vu|5:36
        God Bless the Children|4:18
Cockburn, Bruce|Salt, Sun and Time|1974|ESD|80162
        All the Diamonds in the World|2:41
        Salt, Sun and Time|3:09
        Don't Have to Tell you Why|4:32
        Stained Glass|3:12
        Rouler Sa Bosse|3:47
        Never So Free|3:57
        Seeds on the Wind|7:00
        It Won't be Long|3:49
        Christmas Song|3:52
Cockburn, Bruce|Joy Will Find a Way|1975|ESD|bruce3
        January in the Halifax Airport Lounge|3:19
        Lament for the Last Days|5:24
        Joy Will Find a Way~Song About Dying|3:50
        Long-time Love Story, A|4:41
        Life Story, A|6:16
        Arrows of Light|4:55
Cockburn, Bruce|In the Falling Dark|1976|ESD|bruce2
        Lord of the Starfields|3:22
        In the Falling Dark|4:50
        Little Seahorse|4:30
        Water into Wine|5:30
        Silver Wheels|4:41
        Gavin's Woodpile|8:00
        I'm Gonna Fly Some Day|4:02
        Festival of Friends|4:38
Cockburn, Bruce|Circles in the Stream|1977~1991|Village Green|PCCY-00274
         Pipes the Pipes, The|1:31
         Star Wheel|3:51
         Never So Free|4:08
         Deer Dancing Round a Broken Mirror|4:53
         Homme Brulant|6:26
         Free to Be|2:50
         Mama Just Want to Barrelhouse All Night Long|5:30
         Arrows of Light|4:50
         One Day I Walk|3:33
         Love Song|4:49
         Red Brother Red Sister|4:13
         Lord of the Starfields|5:33
         All the Diamonds in the World|2:42
         Dialogue With the Devil|9:16
         Joy Will Find a Way|5:33
         God, Bless the Children|5:35
Cockburn, Bruce|Circles in the Stream|1977~1991|True North|20638 00302
         Pipes the Pipes, The|1:32
         Star Wheel|3:40
         Never So Free|4:10
         Deer Dancing Round a Broken Mirror|4:10
         Homme Brulant|6:05
         Free to Be|2:29
         Mama Just Want to Barrelhouse All Night Long|4:07
         Cader Idris|5:37
         Arrows of Light|4:03
         One Day I Walk|3:16
         Love Song|4:48
         Red Brother Red Sister|3:54
         Lord of the Starfields|5:27
         All the Diamonds in the World|2:32
         Dialogue With the Devil|8:37
         Joy Will Find a Way|4:05
         God, Bless the Children|4:50
Cockburn, Bruce|Further Adventures of|1978|ESD|80182
        Montreal Song, A|4:07
        Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in my Hands|4:57
        Prenons la Mer|2:38
        Red Ships Take off in a Distance|5:17
        Bright Sky|4:03
        Feast of Fools|6:46
        Can I Go with You|2:51
        Nanzen Ji|4:45
Cockburn, Bruce|Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws|1979|Gold Castle|71309
        Creation Dream|4:00
        Hills of Morning|4:25
        Badlands Flashback|6:12
        Northern Lights|4:05
        After the Rain|3:59
        Wondering Where the Lions Are|3:42
        Incandescent Blue|4:35
        No Footprints|5:38
Cockburn, Bruce|Trouble with Normal|1979|Gold Castle|71308
        Trouble With Normal|3:35
        Candy Man's Gone|4:00
        Hoop Dancer|7:48
        Waiting for the Moon|4:22
        Tropic Moon|4:38
        Going Up Against Chaos|5:31
        Put Our Hearts Together|4:25
        Civilization and it's Discontents|4:16
        Planet of the Clowns|3:47
Cockburn, Bruce|Trouble with Normal|1986|Plane|88481
        Trouble With Normal|3:35
        Candy Man's Gone|4:00
        Hoop Dancer|7:48
        Waiting for the Moon|4:22
        Cala Luna|5:03
        Tropic Moon|4:38
        Going Up Against Chaos|5:31
        Put Our Hearts Together|4:25
        Civilisation [sic] and it's Discontents|4:16
        Planet of the Clowns|3:47
Cockburn, Bruce|Humans|1980|ESD|bruce1
        Grim Travellers|4:51
        Rumors of Glory|3:38
        More Not More|3:50
        You Get Bigger As You Go|4:35
        What About the Bond|4:55
        How I Spent My Fall Vacation|5:10
        Guerilla Betrayed|3:56
        Fascist Architecture|2:37
        Rose Above the Sky, The|6:23
Cockburn, Bruce|Inner City Front|1981|ESD|bruce4
        You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chances|4:19
        Strong One, The|6:03
        All's Quiet on the Inner City Front|5:27
        Radio Shoes|4:16
        Wanna Go Walking|2:53
        And We Dance|4:45
        Broken Wheel|4:39
Cockburn, Bruce|Mummy Dust|1971-1981|True North|TNBD 0045
        Silver Wheels|4:37
        Joy Will Find a Way|4:08
        Thought On a Rainy Afternoon|3:45
        It's Going Down Slow|3:31
        Coldest Night of the Year, The|3:58
        Red Brother Red Sister|4:11
        You Don't Have to Play the Horses|3:42
        Dweller By a Dark Stream|4:15
        All the Daimonds in the World|2:40
Cockburn, Bruce|Stealing Fire|1984|Gold Mountain|800012
        Lovers in a Dangerous Time|4:06
        Maybe the Poet|4:53
        Sahara Gold|4:31
        Making Contact|3:46
        Peggy's Kitchen Wall|3:42
        To Raise the Morning Star|5:52
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher|4:59
        Dust and Diesel|5:24
Cockburn, Bruce|Rumours Of Glory|1985|Plane|88406
        Trouble With Normal (from: Trouble with Normal)|3:35
        Going Up Against Chaos* (from: Trouble with Normal)|5:31
        Wondering Where The Lions Are (from: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws)|3:42
        Tokyo (from: Humans)|3:25
        All's Quiet On The Inner City Front (from: Inner City Front)|5:27
        Creation Dream* (from: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws)|4:00
        Wanna Go Walking (from: Inner City Front)|2:53
        Grim Travellers* (from: Humans)|4:51
        Rumours Of Glory (from: Humans)|3:38
        Tropic Moon (from: Trouble with Normal, The)|4:38
        Yanqui Go Home (previously unreleased)|4:27
        Lord Of The Starfields (from: In the Falling Dark)|3:22
        The Coldest Night Of The Year (from: Mummy Dust)|3:58
        Laughter (from: Further Adventures of)|3:35
        Joy Will Find A Way (from: Joy Will Find A Way)|3:50
        The Rose Above The Sky* (from: Humans)|6:23
Cockburn, Bruce|World of Wonders|1986|MCA|jvc533
        Call it Democracy|3:50
        Lily of the Midnight Sky|4:44
        World of Wonders|4:45
        Berlin Tonight|7:05
        People See Through You|3:44
        See How I Miss You|4:01
        Santiago at Dawn|4:47
        Dancing in Paradise|5:40
        Down Here Tonight|3:54
Cockburn, Bruce|Waiting for a Miracle (disc 1)|1987|True North|tn2k67
        Going to the Country (from: Bruce Cockburn)|3:12
        Musical Friends* (from: Bruce Cockburn)|2:54
        One Day I Walk (from: High Winds White Sky)|3:06
        It's Going Down Slow (from: Sunwheel Dance)|3:31
        Up on this Hillside* (from: Sunwheel Dance)|3:00
        Feet Fall on the Road* (from: Sunwheel Dance)|2:41
        Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long (from the film: Rumours of Glory)|6:24
        All the Diamonds (from: Sun, Salt, and Time)|2:40
        Burn (from: Joy Will Find a Way)|3:50
        Silver Wheels (from: In The Falling Dark)|4:41
        I'm Gonna Fly Someday* (from: In the Falling Dark)|4:02
        Vagabondage* (from: In the Falling Dark)|4:20
        Free to Be* (from: Circles in the Stream)|2:29
        Laughter (from: Further Adventures Of)|3:30
        Wondering Where the Lions Are (from: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws)|3:09
        Tokyo (from: Humans)|3:28
        Fascist Architecture (previously unreleased)|4:04
        Trouble with Normal, The (previously unreleased)|3:17
Cockburn, Bruce|Waiting for a Miracle (disc 2)|1987|True North|tn2k67
        Rumours of Glory (from the film: Rumours of Glory)|5:02
        Coldest Night of the Year, The (from: Mummy Dust)|3:58
        Wanna Go Walking* (from: Inner City Front)|2:52
        You Pay Your Money and you Take Your Chance (from: Inner City Front)|4:17
        Tropic Moon* (from: Trouble With Normal, The)|4:38
        Candy Man's Gone* (from: Trouble With Normal, The)|4:06
        Lover's in a Dangerous Time (from: Stealing Fire)|4:06
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher (from: Stealing Fire)|4:59
        Making Contact* (from: Stealing Fire)|3:46
        Peggy's Kitchen Wall (from: Stealing Fire)|3:42
        People See Through You (from: World of Wonders)|3:44
        Call it Demoncracy (from: World of Wonders)|3:50
        See How I Miss You* (from: World of Wonders)|4:01
        Stolen Land (previously unreleased)|5:23
        Waiting for a Miracle (previously unreleased)|4:48
Cockburn, Bruce|Big Circumstance|1988|Gold Castle|71320
        If a Tree Falls|5:43
        Shipwrecked at the Stable Door|3:38
        Gospel of Bondage|5:45
        Don't Feel your Touch|4:49
        Tibetan Side of Town|6:59
        Understanding Nothing|4:26
        Where the Death Squad Lives|4:28
        Radium Rain|9:22
        Pangs of Love|5:18
        Gift, The|6:04
        Anything Can Happen|4:31
Cockburn, Bruce|Live|1989|Indisc|DICD 8045
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher (live)|5:24
        Tibetan Side of Town (live)|6:08
        Shipwrecked at the Stable Door (live)|3:54
Cockburn, Bruce|Bruce Cockburn Live|1990|Gold Castle|D2-71346
        Silver Wheels|6:11
        Word of Wonders|4:37
        Rumours of Glory|6:04
        See How I Miss You|4:01
        After the Rain|3:58
        Call It Democracy|3:36
        Tibetan Side of Town|7:48
        Wondering Where The Lions Are|5:19
        Broken Wheel|5:01
        Stolen Land|3:13
        To Raise The Morning Star|7:47
        Maybe the Poet|4:18
        Always Look On The Bright Side of Life|2:52
Cockburn, Bruce|Nothing But a Burning Light|1991|Columbia|CK 47983
        A Dream Like Mine|3:53
        Kit Carson|4:12
        Mighty Trucks of Midnight|5:54
        Soul of a Man|3:52
        Great Big Love|5:11
        One of the Best Ones|6:57
        Somebody Touched Me|4:14
        Cry of a Tiny Babe|7:30
        Actions Speak Louder|2:59
        Indian Wars|6:58
        When It's Gone, It's Gone|4:14
        Child of the Wind|4:09
Cockburn, Bruce|Bruce Cockburn Primer, The (promo)|1991|Columbia|DISP 001240
        Dream Like Mine, A|3:53
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher|4:59
        Wondering Where the Lions Are|3:09
        How I Spent My Fall Vacation|5:10
        If a Tree Falls|5:43
        Water Into Wine|5:30
        Lovers in a Dangerous Time|4:06
        Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long|4:14
        Trouble with Normal, The|3:17
        Call It Democracy|3:36
        Waiting for a Miracle|4:48
Cockburn, Bruce|Great Big Love (promo)|1992|Columbia|CSK 4413
        Great Big Love (remix)|4:00
        Great Big Rock Mix|4:00
        Great Big Long Rock Mix|5:00
Cockburn, Bruce|Nothing But a Burning Light Radio Special|1992|True North|CDNK 653
        NBABL Radio Special|49:27
        Clip 2|0:39
        Clip 3|1:17
        Clip 4|0:42
        Clip 5|0:47
        Clip 6|0:32
        Clip 7|0:37
        Clip 8|0:36
        Clip 9|1:11
        Clip 10|1:06
        Clip 11|0:59
        Clip 12|1:32
        Clip 13|0:34
        Clip 14|1:06
        Clip 15|1:33
        Clip 16|0:53
        Right back message|0:57
        Music only|0:49
Cockburn, Bruce|Christmas|1993|Columbia|CK 53026
        Adeste Fidelis|0:52
        Early On One Christmas Morn|3:02
        O Little Town of Bethlehem|3:38
        Riu Riu Chiu|6:26
        I Saw Three Ships|4:20
        Down In Yon Forest|4:09
        Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes|3:09
        Go Tell It On the Mountain|3:12
        Silent Night|4:10
        Iesus Ahatonnia~Huron Carol, The|6:33
        God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen|2:53
        It Came Upon the Midnight Clear|6:41
        Mary Had a Baby|4:42
        Joy to the World|0:45
Cockburn, Bruce|Dart to the Heart|1994|Columbia|CK 53831
        Listen for the Laugh|4:07
        All the Ways I Want You|4:21
        Bone in My Ear|3:46
        Burden of the Angel/Beast|6:30
        Scanning These Crowds|3:50
        Southland of the Heart|4:50
        Train in the Rain|3:43
        Someone I Used to Love|3:35
        Love Loves You Too|4:14
        Sunrise on the Mississippi|3:01
        Closer to the Light|4:11
        Tie Me at the Crossroads|2:50
Cockburn, Bruce|Burden of the Angel/Beast|1994|Sony|CSK 6134
        Burden of the Angel/Beast|6:28
        Scanning These Crowds|3:47
        If I Had a Rocker Launcher (Live)|4:55
Cockburn, Bruce|Charity of Night, The|1997|Ryko|RCD 10366
        Night Train|6:15
        Get Up Jonah|5:03
        Pacing the Cage|4:40
        Mistress of Storms|6:11
        Whole Night Sky, The|3:54
        Coming Rains, The|4:48
        Birmingham Shadows|9:40
        Mines of Mozambique, The|6:14
        Live on My Mind|6:46
        Charity of Night, The|8:05
        Strange Waters|5:49
Cockburn, Bruce|Night Train (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VKCD 0366
        Night Train (radio edit)|4:31
        Night Train (album version)|6:14
Cockburn, Bruce|Pacing the Cage (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VRCD 2366
        Pacing the Cage (album version)|4:38
        Pacing the Cage (from Tongue & Groove)|4:28
        Night Train (from Tongue & Groove)|5:30
Cockburn, Bruce|Whole Night Sky (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VRCD 3366
        Whole Night Sky, The (album version)|3:53
        Mighty Trucks of Midnight (live acoustic version: WFUV)|5:30
        Wondering Where the Lions Are (from BC Live album)|5:19
Cockburn, Bruce|Breakfaast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbucktu|1999|Ryko|RCD 10407
        When You Give It Away|4:53
        Last Night of the World|4:51
        Isn't That What Friends Are For?|5:21
        Down to the Delta|6:16
        Embers of Eden, The|5:39
        Blueberry Hill|4:58
        Let the Bad Air Out|5:49
        Look How F ar|5:34
        Deep Lake|6:49
        Use Me While You Can|7:12
Fearing, Steven|Industrial Lullaby|1998|Red House|RHR CD 120
        Blind Indifference|4:35|Cockburn, Bruce
Larkin, Patty|Strangers World|1995|High Street|10335
        Open Arms (Don't Explain)|4:24|Cockburn, Bruce
        Me and That Train|5:01|Cockburn, Bruce
Larkin, Patty|Open Arms (promo)|1995|High Street|HD95-31
        Open Arms (album version)|4:24|Cockburn, Bruce
Story, The~Brooke, Jonatha|Plumb|1995|Blue Thumb|BTD 7003
        War|5:07|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Every Day is Earth Day|1997|HMV|Earth 1997
        If a Tree Falls|5:43|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Honor, Disc #1|1996|Daemon|19012
        Wise Users|7:23|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|If a Tree Falls|1996|Earth Beat!|72495
        If a Tree Falls|5:41|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|We Are Each Other's Angels|2000|PrimeCD|PCD71
        Lord of the Starfields (Intro)|1:16|Cockburn, Bruce
        Lord of the Starfields|4:12|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|We Are the World|1985|Polygram|824 822
        Tears are not Enough|4:23|Northern Lights~Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Best of Mountain Stage Vol 3|1992|Blue Plate|BPM 003CD
        Waiting for a Miracle|6:14|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Up Front!|1994|Blue Plate|BPM 302
        Waiting for a Miracle|6:10|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Broadcasts, Vol. 3 (KGSR radio Austin) Disc 1|1995|KGSR|
        Tibetan Side of Town|5:42|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Columbia Radio Hour, Volume 1|1995|Columbia|CK 66466
        Lord of the Starfields|3:26|Cockburn, Bruce~Wasserman, Rob
        Lovers in a Dangerous Time|4:10|Cockburn, Bruce~Wasserman, Rob
        Cry of a Tiny Babe|7:43|Cockburn, Bruce~Reed, Lou~Cash, Rosanne~Wasserman, Rob
Various|Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 2|1996|Columbia|CK 67498
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher|6:12|Cockburn, Bruce
        Chimes of Freedom|4:46|Youssou N'Dour~Cockburn, Bruce
        Goin' Back to Georgia|4:26|Griffith, Nanci~Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Folk Scene Collection, The|1998|Red House Records|RHR CD 109
        Pacing the Cage|4:35|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Kink Live|1998|Kink|???
        Joy Will Find a Way|4:09|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Life's a Picnic with Rykodisc|1997|Rykodisc|VRCD 9702
        Pacing the Cage (live)|4:28|Cockburn, Bruce
        Night Train (live)|5:27|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Live at the World Cafe Vol. 2|1995|World Cafe|WC9502
        Open Arms|4:13|Larkin, Patty~Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Live at the World Cafe Volume 6|1998|World Cafe|WC9706
        Wondering Where the Lions Are||Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Live at the World Cafe Volume 9|1999|World Cafe|WC9909L
        Last Night of the World|4:39|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Live from the Music Hall, Vol. 1|1995|KSCA|
        Wondering Where the Lions Are|4:04|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Live from the River Music Hall, Vol. 1|1998|Eastern Front|EFR-CD-114
        Night Train||Cockburn, Bruce
Various|ONXRT Vol. 2|1994|Chicago House|83333 00022
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher|6:21|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|2 Meter Sessies, Vol. 1|1991|Varagram|VCD 474722
        If I Had a Rocket Launcher|5:28|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|WXPN New Music Sampler - One Hour of New Names and New Music!|1999|WXPN|
        Last Night of the World|4:52|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Strong Hand of Love|1994|Epic~Word|EK 57870
        Strong Hand of Love|3:11|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Where Have All the Flowers Gone - The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol.
        Turn, Turn, Turn|4:43|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Acoustic Edge - Great Acoustic Music of the '90s|1995|Rhino|R2 71969
        Southland of the Heart|4:51|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Vol. 6) - Disc 2|1997|Cooking Vinyl|GRILL CD 10
        Rumours of Glory|5:55|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|In Their Own Words, Vol. 2|1996|Razor & Tie|RT 2824
        Silver Wheels|4:54|Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Singer-Songwriters of the '80s|1995|Rhino|R2 71844/A 25263
        Shipwrecked at the Stable Door||Cockburn, Bruce
Various|Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler|1992|Columbia|EK47304
        Kit Carson||Cockburn, Bruce
Raffi|Baby Beluga||A&M|SD 0210
        Thank a Lot|2:27|Cockburn, Bruce
        Water Dance|1:53|Cockburn, Bruce

=============== Extra Information ===============

The Resume album was released as a "Greatest Hits" type album for the U.S.
market when Bruce first broke into the U.S. market.  It is out of print, and
isn't available on CD.

Cockburn, Bruce|Resume|1981|Millenium|BXL1-7757
         Silver Wheels (from: In the Falling Dark)
         The Coldest Night Of The Year (previously unreleased)
         Can I Go With You (from: Further Adventures of)
         Laughter (from: Further Adventures of)
         Water Into Wine (from: In the Falling Dark)
         Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long (from: Circles in the Stream)
         Lord Of The Starfields (from: In the Falling Dark)
         Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand (from: Further Adventures of)
         Dialogue With The Devil (from: Sunwheel Dance)


The following are comments from members of the Humans mailing list
about other albums relating to Bruce.  I have deleted their names
and e-mail addresses to protect their privacy.  If you need additional
information, join humans and ask whoever supplied the information to
contact you.


On Hugh Marsh's album "Shaking the Pumpkin" (Duke St. Records - 31043),
Bruce Cockburn does a complete poem recitation (How the Violin was born)
as well as background vocals on another song (Sempre nel mio cuore --
always in my heart).


The following album is a "Tribute" album by a group of Canadian
artists.  Nobody seems to think the album is great, but many say
that it has its moments.  I haven't gotten it (yet?), so I can't say:

Various Artists - Kick at the Darkness: Songs of Bruce Cockburn
        Intrepid, 1991, catalogue # N41V 0008, Distributed by Capitol
Records-EMI Canada

Barenaked Ladies - Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Martin Tielli and Jane Siberry - A Long Time Love Song
Swing Gang - Lord of the Starfields
Five Guys Named Moe - Feet Fall on the Road
All Her Brothers are Drummers - Silver Wheels
Rebecca Jenkins - All the Diamonds in the World
B-Funn - Wondering Where the Lions Are
Chris Bottomley - Stolen Land
Fat Man Waving - Waiting for the Moon
Cottage Industry - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Jellyfishbabies - Call it Democracy
The Skydiggers - One Day I Walk

 Intrepid's address is:

Intrepid Music Group
205 - 65 Jefferson Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1Y3


An out-take, apparently from _Nothing But a Burning Light_, appears
on the 1994 Kumbaya album.   It's entitled "Wake Up Willie".

According to the liner notes for the CD, "The Kumbaya Foundation is
the Canadian entertainment industry's response to national health and
social issues."   They choose one area each year and donations go to
community groups in that area (this year to 40 hospices and other
organizations that assist people with AIDS.

Apart from Bruce, the CD is an eclectic mix of Canadian performers,
from all musical styles (folk, country, rock, pop, alternative etc.),
including another great Canadian folkie, Murray McLauchlan.


I seem to have some BC tracks not on your discography.  They're on an
album called "Cabaret Nicaragua!" (Sticky Music 1987, Gum 15), recorded
at the Greenbelt Festival on 30 August 1987 by the BBC Outside
Broadcast Unit.  They're live solo acoustic versions of Lord of the
Starfields, Berlin Tonight and Nicaragua.  I assume that since the
BBC recorded the BC section it must have been broadcast on national
radio at some point, although I haven't heard it.

The album is a recording of an evening arranged by Scottish
Christians for Nicaragua (I think that's what they were called) to
raise awareness about the plight of Nicaragua, and included a speaker
called Gustav Parajon - if these details are relevant then I can
check them for you, along with the track listing.

The festival is an annual Christian arts event with around 25,000
attendance.  The Cabaret  itself was held in a circus  big top tent
holding around 2000 people or so (of which I was one) and was filled
to capacity.  Bruce also performed there a few years ago on the
main stage (and was brill) and again this year (but I had a broken
leg and couldn't make it).

Triva: Bono came to the festival specially to see Bruce and watched 
the concert disguised as a steward (U2 had performed at Greenbelt in 
the early eighties).


The following CDs have been reissued by Columbia.  The new catalogue
number is given.  The Columbia albums are identical in content to
those of ESD, but in some cases may sound better because of a using a
better master tape.  Also, the artwork is sometimes slightly different.

Cockburn, Bruce|Humans||Columbia|48748
Cockburn, Bruce|Inner City Front||Columbia|48749
Cockburn, Bruce|High Winds White Sky||Columbia|48738
Cockburn, Bruce|World of Wonders||Columbia|48751
Cockburn, Bruce|Stealing Fire||Columbia|48735
Cockburn, Bruce|Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws||Columbia|48736
Cockburn, Bruce|Trouble with Normal||Columbia|48750
Cockburn, Bruce|Big Circumstance||Columbia|48737
Cockburn, Bruce|Night Vision|1973|Columbia|48740
Cockburn, Bruce|Joy Will Find a Way|1975|Columbia|48744
Cockburn, Bruce|In the Falling Dark|1976|Columbia|48745

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