Arlo Guthrie discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Goodman, Steve~Various|Tribute to Steve Goodman, A (disc 1)||Red Pajamas|2854
        All Over the World|4:11|Guthrie, Arlo
        City of New Orleans|6:02|Guthrie, Arlo
Griffith, Nanci|Other Voices, Other Rooms|1993|Elektra|61464
        Tecumseh Valley||Guthrie, Arlo
Guthrie, Arlo|Alice's Restaurant||Reprise|6267
        Alice's Restaurant Massacree|18:20
        Chilling of the Evening|3:01
        Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag|2:10
        Now and Then|2:15
        I'm Going Home|3:12
        Motorcycle Song, The|2:48
        Highay in the Wind|2:40
Guthrie, Arlo|Running Down the Road|1969|Koch~Rising Son Records|KOC-CD-7949
        Oklahoma Hills|3:27
        Every Hand in the Land|2:17
        My Creole Belle|3:42
        Wheel of Fortune|2:27
        Oh, In the Morning|4:50
        Coming Into Los Angeles|3:03
        My Front Pages|3:47
        Living in the Country|3:15
        Running Down the Road|4:28
Guthrie, Arlo|Washington County|1970|Koch~Rising Son Records|KOC-CD-7950
        Fencepost Blues|3:11
        Gabriel's Mother's Highway Ballad #16|6:23
        Washington County|1:59
        Valley to Pray|2:46
        Lay Down Little Doggies|3:18
        I Could Be Singing|3:19
        If You Wuld Just Drop By|4:23
        Percy's Song|4:57
        I Want to Be Around|2:45
Guthrie, Arlo|Arlo Guthrie|1974|Koch~Rising Son Records|KOC-CD-7953
        Won't Be Long|2:37
        Presidential Rag|4:26
        Children of Abraham|2:24
        When the Cactus is in Bloom|2:18
        Me and My Goose|2:01
        Bling Blang|2:44
        Go Down Moses|2:40
        Hard Times|2:43
        Last to Leave|2:33
Guthrie, Arlo|Someday||Rising Son Records|RSR CD 0001
        All Over the World|3:15
        Russian Girls|3:51
        Here We Are - Way Out in the Country|3:49
        Oh, Mom|3:07
        Unemployment Line|2:48
        Major Blues|3:12
        You and Me|5:07
Guthrie, Arlo|All Over the World|1991|Rising Son|RSR 0002
        All Over the World|3:23
        Oklahoma Nights|3:27
        Ukelele Lady|3:22
        Manzanillo Bay|4:22
        Miss the Mississippi and You|2:55
        When I Get to the Border|3:52
        City of New Orleans|4:32
        Russian Girls|3:55
        Guabi Guabi|2:35
        Waimanalo Blues|3:23
        (Last Night I Had The)~Strangest Dream|2:48
Guthrie, Arlo|Hobo's Lullaby|1976|Rising Son|RSR 2060
        City of New Orleans, The|4:30
        Lightning Bar Blues|2:48
        Shackles and Chains|2:47
        1913 Massacre|4:16
        Somebody Turned on the Light|3:14
        Ukulele Lady|3:20
        When The Ship Comes In|4:24
        Mapleview (20%) Rag|2:05
        Days Are Short|4:14
        Hobo's Lullaby|3:56
Guthrie, Arlo|One Night||Rising Son Records|RSR 3232
        One Night|2:46
        I've Just Seen a Face|2:01
        Tennessee Stud|3:42
        Little Beggar Man|3:08
        Buffalo Skinners|3:54
        St. Louis Tickle|1:40
        Story of Reuben Clamzo & His Strange Daughter in the Key of A, The|17:33
        (Last Night I Had the) Strangest Dream~Strangest Dream|2:48
Guthrie, Arlo with Shenandoah|Outlasting the Blues|1979|Rising Son|RSR 3336
        Which Side|4:20
        Wedding Song|3:56
        World Away from Me|3:30
        Sailing Down this Golden River|3:08
        Carry Me Over|3:08
        Drowning Man|3:35
Guthrie, Arlo|Power of Love|1981|Rising Son|RSR 3558
        Power of Love|3:39
        Oklahoma Nights|3:20
        If I Could Only Touch Your Life|4:14
        Waimanalo Blues|3:15
        Living Like a Legend|3:48
        Give It All You Got|3:57
        When I Get To The Border|3:49
        Jamaica Farewell|2:36
        Slow Boat|3:27
        Garden Song|2:37
Guthrie, Arlo|Arlo|1968|Rising Son|RSR 6299
        Motorcycle Song, The|7:57
        Wouldn't You Believe It|3:22
        Try Me One More Time|2:14
        John Looked Down|2:22
        Mediation (Wave Upon Wave)|6:39
        Standing at the Threshold|8:20
        Pause of Mr. Claus, The|2:13
Guthrie, Arlo|Best of Arlo Guthrie, The||Warner|3117
        Alice's Restaurant Massacree|18:30
        Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues|6:25
        Cooper's Lament|2:46
        Motorcycle (Significance of the Pickle) Song|6:28
        Coming Into Los Angeles|3:03
        Last Train|3:03
        City of New Orleans|4:31
        Darkest Hour|4:04
        Last to Leave|2:35
Guthrie, Arlo~Seeger, Pete|Precious Friends (disc 1)||Warner|3644
        Wabash Cannonball|3:00
        Hills of Glenshee|1:29
        Ocean Crossing|3:46
        Run, Come See Jerusalem|2:32
        Sailin' Up, Sailin' Down|5:29
        How Can I Keep from Singing|2:38
        Old Time Religion|2:49
        Pretty Boy Floyd|4:29
        Ladies Auxiliary|1:37
        Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone|6:27
        Precious Friend You Will Be There|7:08
Guthrie, Arlo~Seeger, Pete|Precious Friends (disc 2)||Warner|3644
        Do Re Mi|2:45
        Neutron Bomb, The|3:41
        I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler|4:21
        St. Louis Tickle|1:25
        Wimoweh (Mbube)|2:42
        Will the Circle Be Unbroken|2:58
        Garden Song|8:00
        Kisses Sweeter Than Wine|1:36
        Raggedy Raggedy|1:32
        In Dead Earnest|2:09
        If I Had a Hammer~Hammer Song, The|3:09
        Amazing Grace|7:35
Guthrie, Arlo|Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys|1973|Rising Son|RSR CD 2124
        Farrell O'Gara|2:47
        Gypsy Davey|3:41
        This Troubled Mind of Mine|2:25
        Week on the Rag|2:20
        Miss the Mississippi And You|2:53
        Lovesick Blues|2:31
        Uncle Jeff|0:52
        Gates of Eden|5:12
        Last Train|3:03
        Cowboy Song|3:37
        Sailor's Bonnett|1:21
        Cooper's Lament|2:45
        Ramblin' 'Round|3:13
Guthrie, Arlo|Mystic Journey|1996|Rising Son|RSR 0009
        Moon Song|4:05
        Face of Time|1:33
        Mystic Journey, The|4:06
        Under Cover of Night|4:10
        You Are the Song|3:34
        Doors of Heaven|4:16
        Wake Up Dead|3:11
        When A Soldier Makes it Home|5:52
        All This Stuff Takes Time|3:28
        I'll Be With You Tonight|4:38
Various|Tribute to Woody Guthrie, A||Warner|26036
        This Train is Bound for Glory|0:29|Guthrie, Arlo
        Oklahoma Hills|3:07|Guthrie, Arlo
        Do Re Mi|3:43|Guthrie, Arlo
        Jesus Christ|4:05|Guthrie, Arlo
        This Land is Your Land~Narration|2:54|Odetta~Guthrie, Arlo~Geer, Will
Near, Holly~Guthrie, Arlo~Seeger, Pete~Gilbert, Ronnie|Harp||Redwood|rrcd409
        Oh Mary Don't You Weep|3:05
        Somos el Barco~We Are the Best|5:22
        City of New Orleans|4:24
        Fine Time|3:49
        All Over the World|2:27
        Small Business Blues|1:23
        What's Going On~Foolish Notion|3:23
        Jacob's Ladder|2:55
        Good for the World|4:12
        Singing With You|2:42
        Pallet on the Floor|3:14
Various|Rainbow Sign|1992|Rounder|8025
        Oh, Mary Don't You Weep|2:54|Near, Holly~Guthrie, Arlo~Gilbert, Ronnie~Seeger, Pete
Various|Woodstock (disc 1)||Atlantic|a25001
        Coming Into Los Angeles|2:07|Guthrie, Arlo
Various|Folkways: A Vision Shared||CBS|ck44034
        East Texas Red|5:36|Guthrie, Arlo
Various|What's That I Hear? - the Songs of Phil Ochs Vol. 1|1998|Sliced Bread|CD-SB71176
        I Ain't Marching Anymore|2:42|Guthrie, Arlo
Various|Storytellers: Singers and Songwriters||Warner|27615
        City of New Orleans|4:31|Guthrie, Arlo

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