John Hartford discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

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Goodman, Steve~Various|Tribute to Steve Goodman, A (disc 1)||Red Pajamas|2854
        Gentle on my Mind|4:04|Hartford, John
Hartford, John|Morning Bugle|1972,1995|Rounder|0356
        Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore|4:52
        Howard Hughes' Blue|2:52
        All Fall Down|3:11
        On the Road|3:44
        Morning Bugle|2:22
        Old Joe Clark|5:48
        My Rag|3:40
        Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home|3:19
        Got No Place to Go|4:18
Hartford, John|Mark Twang|1976|Flying Fish|FF 70020
        Skipping in the Missippi Dew|3:00
        Long Hot Summer Days|3:38
        Let Him Go On Mama|3:50
        Don't Leave Your Records In the Sun|2:25
        Tater Tate and Allen Mundy|3:40
        Julia Belle Swain, The|3:45
        Little Cabin Home on the Hill Waugh Waugh|1:12
        Austin Minor Sympathy|6:45
        Lowest Pair, The|1:05
        Tryin' To Do Something To Get Your Attention|5:30
Hartford, John|Nobody Knows What You Do|1980|Flying Fish|FF 70028
        You Don't Have to Do That|1:30
        Didn't Want to Be Forgotten|2:13
        In Tall Buildings|4:18
        John McLaughlin|1:36
        Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana|1:49
        False Hearted Tenor Waltz|2:58
        Joseph's Dream|3:57
        Golden Globe Award, The|4:15
        Sly Feel|4:27
        Somewhere My Love~We'll Meet Again Sweetheart|2:35
        Nobody Knows What You Do|3:53
Hartford, John|Me Oh My, How the Time Does Fly||Flying Fish|70440
        Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew|2:57
        Julia Belle Swain, The|4:47
        Natches Whistle|3:00
        Miss Ferris|6:58
        Bear Creek Hop|1:54
        Cukoo's Nest|3:14
        Gum Tree Canoe|4:05
        Slumberin' on the Cumberland|4:44
        Gentle On My Mind|4:34
        In Tall Buildings|3:24
        Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore|6:21
        On Christmas Eve|3:13
        Way Down the River Road|2:16
        Let Him Go On, Mama|3:47
        Good Old Electric Washing Machine - circa 1943|2:05
        I'm Still Here|3:08
Hartford, John|Annual Waltz||MCA|5861
        All in My Love for You|2:55
        Ohio River Rag|3:57
        Annual Waltz|3:52
        Gone, Gone, Gone|1:54
        Love Wrote This Song|2:43
        Learning to Smile All Over Again|3:26
        Pennington Bend|3:45
        Here's To Your Dreams|4:14
        Short Life of Trouble|1:36
        Living in the Mississippi Valley|1:55
Hartford, John~Hartford, Jamie|Hartford & Hartford|1991|Flying Fish|FF70566
        Love Grown Cold|2:55
        Run Little Rabbit|1:34
        Killing Floor|3:00
        When the Roses Bloom in Dixie Land|4:30
        New Love|2:56
        Sweet Sunny South|4:43
        Painful Memories|2:48
        Nobody's Darling But Mine|3:14
        Put All Your Troubles Away|2:04
        I Know You Don't Love Me No More|3:10
        She's Still Gonna Break Your Heart|1:54
Various|Folk Live from Mountain Stage|1997|Blue Plate|BPM 310
        Gentle on My Mind|3:08|Hartford, John

=============== Extra Information ===============

The following information was supplied by:


#  )t 1976 * Mark Twang                                  Flying Fish    020
#  )  ?    * Slumberin' on the Cumberland                Flying Fish    095
#  )  ?    * Down the River                              Flying Fish    514

#  )  1976   Mark Twang [LP: FF-020] *                                  (C)
---          U.K. Sonet (LP: SNTF-700)
---                     (CS: FF-90020) *
---                     (CD: FF-70020) *
#  .  A1   3:00  Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew
#  .  A2   3:38  Long Hot Summer Days
#  .  A3   3:50  Let Him Go on Mama
#  .  A4   2:25  Don't Leave Your Records in the Sun
#  .  A5   3:40  Tater Tate and Allen Mundy
#  .  B1   3:45  Julia Belle Swain, The
#  .  B2   1:12  Little Cabin Home on the Hill
#  .  B3   6:45  Austin Minor Sympathy
#  .  B4   1:05  Lowest Pair, The
#  .  B5   5:30  Tryin' to Do Something to Get Your Attention

#  )  ?      Slumberin' on the Cumberland (LP: FF-095) *
                                          (CD: FF-90095) *
                with Pat Burton and Benny Martin

#  )  ?      Down the River (LP: FF-514) *
                            (CS: FF-90514) *
                            (CD: FF-70514) *
                with the Hartford String Band

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