Phil Ochs discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at

Ochs, Phil|All the News That's Fit to Sing|1964,1967,1987|Hannibal|HNCD 4427
        One More Parade|3:17
        Thresher, The|2:51
        Talking Vietnam|3:33
        Lou Marsh|4:05
        Power and the Glory|2:16
        Bells, The|3:06
        Automation Song|2:10
        Ballad of William Worthy|2:10
        Knock on the Door|2:46
        Talking Cuban Crisis|2:43
        Bound for Glory|3:17
        Too Many Martyrs|2:47
        What That I Hear|2:00
        Bullets of Mexico|2:34
Ochs, Phil|War is Over - The Best of Phil Ochs, The||A&M|003704
        Tape from California|6:46
        Flower Lady|6:03
        Half a Century High|2:50
        Scorpion Departs But Never Returns, The|4:14
        War is Over, The|4:22
        One Way Ticket Home|2:35
        Rehearsals for Retirement|4:11
        Chords of Fame|3:30
        Gas Station Women|3:29
        Outside a Small Circle of Friends|3:41
        Pleasures of the Harbor|8:07
        Kansas City Bomber|2:27
        White Booots Marching in a Yellow Land|3:31
        Jim Dean of Indiana|5:01
        No More Songs|4:15
        I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Live Version)|4:31
Ochs, Phil|There But for Fortune||Elektra|60832
        What's That I Hear|2:00
        One More Parade|3:00
        Too Many Martyrs|2:46
        Power and the Glory|2:15
        I Ain't Marching Anymore|2:32
        Draft Dodger Rag|2:07
        Highwayman, The|5:36
        Here's to the State of Mississippi|5:52
        There But for Fortune|2:35
        I'm Going to Say it Now|2:46
        Is There Anybody Here|3:17
        Cops of the World|4:45
        Ringing of Revolution|3:17
        Love Me, I'm a Liberal|3:46
        When I'm Gone|3:51
Ochs, Phil|Toast To Those Who Are Gone, A||Rhino|70080
        Do What I Have to Do|2:36
        Ballad of Billie Sol|2:24
        Colored Town|3:00
        A.M.A. Song|2:17
        William Moore|3:07
        Paul Crump|3:34
        Going Down to Mississippi|3:04
        I'll Be There|2:10
        Ballad of Oxford (Jimmy Meridith)|2:51
        No Christmas in Kentucky|3:04
        Toast to Those Who Are Gone, A|3:31
        I'm Tired|2:20
        City Boy|1:58
        Song of My Returning|5:17
        Trial, The|2:44
Ochs, Phil|Gunfight At Carnegie Hall||A&M|MFCD 794
        Mona Lisa|3:52
        I Ain't Marchin' Anymore|4:07
        Okie from Muskogee|3:02
        Chords of Fame|4:49
        Buddy Holly Medley|8:22
        Plesures of the Harbour|5:37
        Tape from California|5:06
        Elvis Presley Medley|10:24
        Fool Such as I, A|2:00
Ochs, Phil|Broadside Tapes 1, The||Smithsonian~Folkways|SF 40008
        Ballad of Alferd Packer|2:11
        If I Knew|2:18
        Ballad of John Henry Faulk|3:08
        On My Way|1:40
        Hazard, Kentucky|2:09
        Passing of My Life, The|2:21
        That's the Way It's Gonna Be|2:35
        Rivers of the Blood|1:59
        Remember Me|2:22
        Talking Pay T.V.|2:33
        Christine Keeler|1:30
        Spanish Civil War Song|2:11
        Another Country|2:21
        Time Was|1:38
        I Shoulda Known Better|3:32
Ochs, Phil|There and Now - Live in Vancouver 1968|1968|Rhino|70778
        There But for Fortune|3:03
        Outside of a Small Circle of Friends|4:05
        William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed|5:06
        Scorpion Departs But Never Returns, The|4:42
        Pleasures of the Harbor|7:08
        World Began in Eden and Ended in Los Angeles, The|3:23
        Bells, The|3:13
        Highwayman, The|6:54
        I Kill Therefore I Am|3:52
        Doll House, The|4:09
        Another Age|4:57
        I Ain't Marching Anymore|4:26
Ochs, Phil|Greatest Hits|1970,1986|Edsel|ED CD 201
        One Way Ticket Home|2:38
        Jim Dean of Indiana|5:02
        Boy in Ohio|3:42
        Gas Station Women|3:30
        Chords of Fame|3:31
        Ten Cents a Coup|3:14
        Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me|5:05
        Basket in the Pool|3:40
        No More Songs|4:31
Ochs, Phil|In Concert|1966~1995|Elektra|73501
        I'm Going to Say It Now|3:11
        Ringing of Revolution|7:19
        Is There Anybody Here?|3:27
        Canons of Christianity|6:01
        There But for Fortune|2:52
        Cops of the World|5:05
        Santo Domingo|5:59
        Love Me, I'm a Liberal|4:37
        When I'm Gone|4:20
Ochs, Phil|Farewells & Fantasies - Disc 1|1997|Elektra~Rhino|R2 73518
        What's That I Hear|2:01
        Bells, The|3:07
        Morning (prev. unreleased)|2:27
        Bound for Glory|3:19
        Highwayman, The (live)|6:44
        Power and the Glory|2:17
        That's What I Want to Hear|3:08
        Links on the Chain|4:21
        Love Me, I'm a Liberal|4:29
        Too Many Martyrs|2:48
        In the Heat of the Summer|3:05
        Here's to the State of Mississippi|5:56
        I'm Going to Say it Now|2:55
        One More Parade|3:18
        Draft Dodger Rag|2:11
        I Ain't Marching Anymore|2:34
        We Seek No Wider War (prev. unreleased)|4:21
        Ringing of Revolution|7:04
        When I'm Gone|4:00
        Song of My Returning|5:13
        There But for Fortune|2:47
Ochs, Phil|Farewells & Fantasies - Disc 2|1997|Elektra~Rhino|R2 73518
        War is Over, The|4:28
        I Ain't Marching Anymore (electric)|2:50
        White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land|3:32
        Is There Anybody Here?|3:21
        Santo Domingo|5:56
        Song of a Soldier (prev. unreleased)|4:03
        Cops of the World|5:01
        Canons of Christianity|5:51
        I Kill Therefore I Am|2:55
        Confession, The (prev. unreleased)|3:230
        William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed|3:27
        Toast to Those Who Are Gone, A|3:29
        Doll House, The|4:39
        When in Rome|3:15
Ochs, Phil|Farewells & Fantasies - Disc 3|1997|Elektra~Rhino|R2 73518
        Pretty Smart on My Part|3:17
        World Began in Eden and Ended in Los Angeles, The (live)|3:25
        Tape from California (live)|3:48
        Chords of Fame|3:32
        Gas Station Women|3:31
        Outside of a Small Circle of Friends|3:42
        Cross My Heart (demo version) (prev. unreleased)|4:28
        Flower Lady|6:03
        Scorpion Departs But Never Returns, The|4:15
        Jim Dean of Indiana|5:02
        Rehearsals for Retirement|4:11
        Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore|6:12
        No More Songs|4:19
        Crucifixion (live)|7:40
Ochs, Phil|Live at Newport|1998,1963,1964,1966|Vanguard|77017
        Introduction|0:56|Yarrow, Peter
        Ballad of Medgar evers|2:44
        Talking Birmingham Jam|3:22
        Power & the Glory|2:11
        Draft Dodger Rag|2:23
        I Ain't Marching Anymore|2:36
        Links on the Chain|5:05
        Talking Vietnam Blues|3:42
        Cross My Heart|4:44
        Half a Century High|7:06
        Is There Anybody Here|3:11
        Party, The|8:11
        Pleasures of the Harbor|6:25
Various|Newport Broadside|1964|Vanguard|VCD 77003
        Ballad of Medgar Evers|2:38|Ochs, Phil
        Talking Birmingham Jam|3:00|Ochs, Phil
Various|Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties||Vanguard|vcd17-18
        There but for Fortune|2:18|Ochs, Phil
Various|Storytellers: Singers and Songwriters||Warner|27615
        When I'm Gone|3:51|Ochs, Phil
Various|Troubadours of the Folk Era, Vol. 2|1992|Rhino|70263
        There But for Fortune|2:35|Ochs, Phil

=============== Extra Information ===============

According to Phil's sister, Sonny Ochs:

3 other CD's were released in Japan by A&M Records.  They were
"Pleasures of the Harbor", "Rehearsals For Retirement", and "Tape
From California".  Why they weren't released here, I don't know. 
You might write to them or call them and ask why. They are located
in Los Angeles - probably in the phone book.

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