Leon Russell discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at   wrp103@psu.edu

Nelson, Willie~Russell, Leon|One for the Road||CBS|cgk36064
        I Saw the Light|3:05
        Heartbreak Hotel|3:02
        Let the Rest of the World Go By|3:47
        Trouble in Mind|2:40
        Don't Fence Me In|2:25
        Wild Side of Life, The|3:22
        Ridin' Down the Canyon|2:21
        Sioux City Sue|3:15
        You Are My Sunshine|2:49
        Danny Boy|3:58
        Because of You|2:04
        Am I Blue|2:18
        Far Away Places|3:08
        That Lucky Old Sun|2:39
        Stormy Weather|2:23
        One for my Baby and One More for the Road|2:33
Nelson, Willie|Half Nelson||CBS|ck39990
        Honky Tonk Women|3:30|Russell, Leon
Russell, Leon|Leon Russell||DCC|8001
        Song for You, A|4:08
        Dixie Lullaby|2:30
        I Put a Spell on You|4:10
        Shoot Out on the Plantation|3:10
        Delta Lady|4:02
        Prince of Peace|3:05
        Give Peace a Chance|2:15
        Hurtsome Body|3:35
        Pisces Apple Lady|2:50
        Roll Away the Stone|3:06
        Masters of War (Old Masters)|1:20
        Shoot Out on the Plantation (Solo Version)|3:30
Russell, Leon|Leon Russell and the Shelter People||DCC|8005
        Stranger in a Strange Land|4:01
        Of Thee I Sing|4:22
        It's a Hard Rain Gonna Fall|5:08
        Crystal Closet Queen|2:59
        Home Sweet Oklahoma|3:26
        Ballad of Mad Dogs and Englishmen, The|4:00
        It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry|4:00
        She Smiles Like a River|2:58
        Sweet Emily|3:20
        Beware of Darkness|4:40
        It's All Over Now, Baby Blue|3:38
        Love Minus Zero/No Limit|3:19
        She Blongs to Me|3:26
Russell, Leon|Carney||DCC|8006
        Tight Rope|2:59
        Out in the Woods|3:35
        Me and Baby Jane|3:53
        Manhattan Island Serenade|3:26
        Cajun Love Song|3:08
        Roller Derby|2:22
        Acid Annapolis|2:51
        If the Shoe Fits|2:23
        My Cricket|2:56
        This Masquerade|4:22
        Magic Mirror|4:54
Russell, Leon|Leon Live Vol. 1|1973|Shelter|SRZ(2) 38012
        Mighty Quinn Medley~I'll Take You There~Idol with the Golden Head~I Serve a Living Savior~Mighty Quinn, The|11:44
        Shoot Out On the Plantation|4:52
        Dixie Lullaby|3:10
        Queen of the Roller Derby|1:53
        Roll Away the Stone|3:56
        It's Been a Long Time Baby|3:24
        Great Day|3:04
        Crystal Closet Queen|6:33
        Prince of Peace|4:27
        Sweet Emily|3:09
        Stranger in a Strange Land|5:01
Russell, Leon|Leon Live Vol. 2|1973|Shelter|SRZ(2) 38012
        Out in the Woods|9:13
        Some Day|3:21
        Sweeping Through the City|2:32
        Jumping Jack Flash~Youngblood Medley|16:15
        Of Thee I Sing~Yes I Am Medley|10:25
        Delta Lady|3:57
        It's All Over Now Baby Blue|6:44
Russell, Leon|Anything Can Happen|1992|Virgin|91821
        Anything Can Happen|
        Black Halos|
        No Man's Land|
        Too Much Monkey Business|
        Angel Ways|
        Life of the Party|
        Stranded On Easy Street|
        Love Slave|
        Faces of the Children|
Russell, Leon|Gimme Shelter! The Best of Leon Russell - Disc 1|1997|EMI|E2-52644
        Hello, Little Friend|2:49|Asylum Choir
        Sweet Home chicago|3:18|Asylum Choir
        Tryin' to Stay Live|2:44|Asylum Choir
        Ballad for a Soldier|4:23|Asylum Choir
        Song for You, A|4:04
        Dixie Lullaby|2:30
        Delta Lady|4:02
        Pisces Apple Lady|2:46
        Old Masters (Masters of War)|1:34
        Stranger in a Strange Land|3:59|Shelter People
        Crystal Closet Queen|2:56|Shelter People
        Home Sweet Oklahoma|3:24
        She Smiles Like a River|2:56
        Beware of Darkness|4:33
        Tight Rope|2:53
        Me & Baby Jane|3:51
        Manhattan Island Seredade|3:23
        Magic Mirror|4:52
        This Masquerade|4:18
Russell, Leon|Gimme Shelter! The Best of Leon Russell - Disc 2|1997|EMI|E2-52644
        Roll Away the Stone (live)|3:56
        Prince of Peace (live)|4:27
        Sweet Emily (live)|3:07
        Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms|4:23|Wilson, Hank
        She Thinks I Still Care|4:24|Wilson, Hank
        In the Jailhouse Now (2nds Version)|2:21|Wilson, Hank
        If I Were a Carpenter|3:43
        Leaving Whipporwhill|3:49
        Time for Love|3:51
        Will O' the Wisp|0:54
        Little Hideaway|3:59
        Back to the Island|5:13
        Lady Blue|3:29
        She Belongs to Me|3:19|Tulsa Tops
        Wild Horses|3:30
        Anything Can Happen|4:06
        Faces of the Children|3:45
        Everybody's Talking 'Bout the Young|1:43
        It's Alright With Me|3:06
Various|Concert for Bangla Desh, The - Disk 1|1971|Apple/Capitol|93265
        Beware of Darkness||Harrison, George~Russell, Leon
Various|Concert for Bangla Desh, The - Disk 2|1971|Apple/Capitol|93265
        Jumpin' Jack Flash||Russell, Leon
        Youngblood||Russell, Leon~Preston, Don

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