Savuka discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Various|ONXRT Vol. 1|1993|Chicago House|
        Cruel Crazy Beautiful World|4:42|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
Various|Top 10 Cuts|1993|Capital|DPRO-79656
        These Days||Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
Various|George of the Jungle|1997|Disney|60806
        Dela (I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon)|4:15|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
Various|Hollywood and Vinyl|1987|Capitol|DPRO-79215
        Asimbonanga (Mandela)|4:48|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
        Third World Child|4:13|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
Various|Mandella Original Soundtrack|1997|Mango|314-524-305
        Asimbonango (Mandela)|4:47|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Third World Child|1987|EMI|CDP 7 46778
        Are You Ready?|4:03
        Asimonananga (Mandela)|4:51
        Scatterings of Africa|3:52
        Great Heart|4:24
        Ring on Her Finger|4:08
        Third World Child|4:16
        Berlin Wall|4:28
        Don't Walk Away|4:24
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Shadow Man||Capitol|CDP 7 90411
        Human Rainbow|4:24
        Talk to the People|3:59
        Too Early for the Sky|4:23
        I Call Your Name|4:01
        Take My Heart Away|4:16
        Waiting, The|4:59
        African Shadow Man|4:29
        Dance Across the Centuries|3:54
        Joey Don't Do It|4:14
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World||Capitol|CDP 7 93446 2
        One (Hu)Man One Vote|4:44
        Cruel Crazy Beautiful World|4:27
        Dela (I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon)|4:16
        It's an Illusion|4:41
        Bombs Away|4:36
        Woman Be My Country|4:58
        Rolling Ocean|4:09
        Warsaw 1943 (I Never Betrayed the Revolution)|4:52
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful Tour|1991|Capitol|DPRO-79387
        One (Hu)'Man One Vote|4:44
        Woman Be My Country|4:56
        Dela (I Know Why the Dog  Howls at the Moon)|4:15
        One (Hu)'Man One Vote (12" version)|5:04
        Woman Be My Country (radio edit)|3:59
        Dela (I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon) (remix)|6:29
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Heat, Dust & Dreams|1993|Capitol|98975
        These Days|4:54
        Crossing, The~Osiyeza|4:57
        I Can Never Be (What You Want Me to Be)|4:00
        When the System Has Fallen|4:46
        Tough Enough|5:11
        Promise, The|4:37
        Inevitable Consequence of Progress|4:44
        In My African Dream|4:33
        Emotional Allegiance (Stand By Me)|4:23
        Foreign Nights (Working Dog in Babylon)|3:59
        Your Time Will Come|4:44
Clegg, Johnny~Savuka|Best of Johnny Clegg & Savuka, The|1994|Rhythm Safari|253912
        Orphans of the Empire|
        Scatterlings of Africa|
        Great Heart|
        Ibhola Lethu|
        One (Hu)'man One Vote|
        Crossing, The|
        Take My Heart Away|
        Cruel Crazy Beautiful World|
        I Call Your Name|
        In My African Dream|
        These Days|
        Tough Enough|
        Africa (What Made You So Strong)|
Clegg, Johnny|Anthology|1999|Connoisseur Collection|VSOP CD 266
        Orphans of the Empire|5:21|Savuka
        Great Heart|4:23|Savuka
        Take My Heart Away|4:16|Savuka
        Dela [Remix]|4:26|Savuka
        Cruel Crazy Beautiful World|4:27|Savuka
        Crossing, The|4:58|Savuka
        Africa (What Made You So Strong)|3:37|Savuka
        Asimbonanga [Live]|4:43|Savuka
        Hambile~Dance, The|5:55|Savuka
        Asimbonango (Mandela)|4:47|Clegg, Johnny~Savuka

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