The Waterboys discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Waterboys, The|Waterboys, The||Chrysalis|41541
        Girl Called Johnny, A|3:57
        Three Day Man, The|4:06
        I Will Not Follow|5:14
        It Should Have Been You|4:30
        Girl in the Swing, The|4:24
        Savage Earth Heart|6:34
Waterboys, The|This is the Sea||Chrysalis|41543
        Don't Bang the Drum|6:43
        Whole of the Moon, The|4:54
        Pan Within, The|6:10
        Medecine Bow|2:44
        Old England|5:30
        Be My Enemy|4:16
        This is the Sea|6:29
Waterboys, The|Pagan Place, A||Chrysalis|41542
        Church Not Made With Hands|6:01
        All the Things She Gave Me|4:33
        Thrill is Gone, The|4:28
        Somebody Might Wave Back|2:42
        Big Music, The|4:43
        Red Army Blues|8:04
        Pagan Place, A|5:14
Waterboys, The|Fisherman's Blues||Ensign|1589
        Fisherman's Blues|4:27
        We Will not be Lovers|7:03
        Strange Boat|3:07
        World Party|4:02
        Sweet Thing|7:14
        Jimmy Hickey's Waltz|2:07
        And a Bang on the Ear|7:33
        Has anybody Here Seen Hank?|3:19
        When Will We be Married|3:01
        When Ye Go Away|3:46
        Dunford'd Fancy|1:04
        Stolen Child, The|6:56
        This Land is Your Land|0:58
Various|Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors (disc 2)||Geffen|24236
        Whole of the Moon, The|4:57|Waterboys, The

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