Join the Milwaukee Area Bluegrass Music Association
Milwaukee, WI

To become a member, simply print this application, fill it out, and mail it
(along with a check or money order made payable to "MABMA") to:

4856 N. Shoreland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53217-5821

Remember - this organization is musicians and fans of Bluegrass. You don't have to play an instrument to join!

          (Please print neatly)

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________ State _____ Zip+4 __________-_________

Phone ___________________________________________

E-Mail Address ___________________________________________
(if available)

Membership categories (please circle):

Individual - $10       Family - $15       Corporate - $25

Bluegrass Instrument(s) played: (circle or fill in the blank)

banjo     guitar     fiddle     mandolin     bass     harmonica     autoharp

dobro     CDs     radio     other: _____________________________

New Member       or       Renewal ?

Membership amount enclosed: $ _________________

Additional donation enclosed: $ _________________

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