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          This page lists all past concert programs recorded and broadcast by OCAT from 1992 to 2000. At one time these programs were available in VHS video format from, and all proceeds go to, The Friends of OCAT - A Non-Profit Organization (prices vary, based on the length of the concert, and whether or not you supply a blank VHS videotape). Other musical programs which have been broadcast by OCAT, but were recorded and/or produced by other people are not available from OCAT.
          For more information about these concerts, contact The Friends of OCAT directly, not the author of this Web site. This page serves only as part of an ongoing research attempt to document all recordings by Wisconsin musicians that are, or were at one time, publicly available.

      Note: As I have moved to Ripon, I no longer have easy access to be able to add current information to this page. Also, because Ripon is out of range of these Oshkosh WOCT-FM 101.9 radio 100 watt LPFM broadcasts, and these TV broadcasts are not carried on local Ripon "Basic" cable subscriptions, I am no longer able to hear or view anything broadcast by these Oshkosh media stations.

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