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          The Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra "Official" Web site is now on-line. These pages were provided and maintained by the FolkLib Index Hosting Service as the OSO's "temporary" Web site from from 3-28-2001 until 6-24-2005.

          Bold links on these pages go to OSO Official pages and other off-site Web sites. Other links go to important OSO historical information on pages here which has not been installed on the Official site yet. At least as of 08-24-2007, the Official site has no links to any of its historical information maintained here.

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Current Concert Season and Tickets
          All performances are at 7:00 pm in the Albert Kimball Auditorium (Oshkosh West High School), in Oshkosh, Wisconsin unless noted otherwise.
(Past Concerts)

Contact: - Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra

Boards of Directors (2000-1 to date, and a link for the current Board)

Harold W. Arentsen (1941-1967)
Henri B. Pensis (1968-1996)
Jun Wang (1997 - 5/2002)
Nicholas Palmer (9/2002 - 9/2003) - Artistic Director and Conductor
Dr. William LaRue Jones, Music Director and Conductor (10/2003 - 5/2008)
          Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra Introduces New Conductor (9-15-2003 Press Release)
Jeffery Meyer (10/2008 - date)

Oshkosh Women's Symphony Guild (1962-?)
Oshkosh Symphony Association (?-?)
Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra League (?-?) [disbanded]

Symphony League 2000-2001 [last officers before it disbanded]

Ellie Buckley: President
Mary Gillespie: Vice President
Sue Barnhill: Treasurer
Mary Whitlock: Secretary

OSO History: The History of the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra by Laura (Salzwedel) Rooney, member OSO
          [Webmaster's note: I first saw this history in the program booklet for the Javier Calderon and the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra concerts on February 17-18, 2001. It was written sometime during the tenure of Jun Wang (1997 - 5/2002), Conductor, and an updated version used to be available on the OSO Web site.]

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