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My Folk Music Website,
The "Folk Library Index",
is no longer being maintained.

The only informational source being maintained on this domain is
      The "U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog"

      On-line since 11-25-1995, until 2018 the Folk Library Index indexed information on the Web related to Folk Music, Bluegrass Music, Old-Time Music, Acoustic Blues, Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitarists, Harp (the stringed kind) Players, with a very special emphasis on Wisconsin Music and Wisconsin Musicians.
(See table links below)
Folk Music Bluegrass Music,
Old-Time Music
Acoustic Blues Wisconsin Music and
Wisconsin Musicians

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitarists
(solo instrumentalists all genres,
and classical guitar composers)
Harp (the stringed kind) Players
(i.e. not Harmonica players)
Arkansas Musicians
(particularly Mountain View, AR)

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      Although the Index is primarily an organized set of links to mostly other Folk Music websites on the Web, there is informational content here that you won't find anywhere else, or at least not as complete: musician's birthdays and bibliographical references for specific musicians found in print, detailed information and bibliographical references for Wisconsin Bluegrass Bands and their members, and discographies, with a special emphasis on documenting Wisconsin recordings in all genres.
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