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Acronyms at UW Oshkosh and Beyond

(last updated .02-14-2017)

      Note: I retired from UW Oshkosh on 8-30-2002. I have no plans on adding anything of any kind to this page in the foreseeable future. I'll fix and/or delete broken off "folklib" domain links, but that's all.

      This page contains 1,252 acronyms for UW Oshkosh colleges, departments and organizations, other campus related terms, State of Wisconsin and Federal agencies, phrase abbreviations used in E-Mail messages, and many computer related terms and topics. As a general documentation source for use by anyone on campus, each acronym can be linked to individually, for example:

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UW Oshkosh Campus Building Codes
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February 2016 Note: All links below to other domains have been deleted. Why?
      Please also note that the last time this page was thoroughly checked for accuracy and currency was when I retired from UW Oshkosh on 8-31-2002. At the time you read this page some of these terms may be obsolete and departments, agencies, companies or organizations listed may no longer exist.

UW Oshkosh Campus Building Codes

A    -  Albee Hall
AC   -  Arts & Communication Center
BLC  -  Blackhawk Commons
C    -  Clow Social Science Center (pronounced to rhyme with throw)
CF   -  Clow Faculty
CL   -  Ceramics Lab
D    -  Dempsey Hall
FMC  -  Facilities Management Center
FS   -  Field Studies
G    -  Gruenhagen Conference Center
H    -  Harrington Hall
HP   -  Heating Plant
HS   -  Halsey Science Center
HW   -  Hazardous Waste Building
K    -  Kolf Physical Education Center
MEC  -  Multicultural Education Center
NE   -  Nursing/Education Building
OH   -  Oviatt House
P    -  Polk Library
PAH  -  Pollock Alumni House
R    -  Reeve Union
RC   -  River Commons
RH   -  Radford Hall
S    -  Swart Hall
UPD  -  University Police Department

      On selected pages, I am deleting selected links to other domains. Because of my advanced age, in the not all that distant future, maintaining this site may become impossible due to poor health, or passing away. I have paid domain and hosting fees in advance for several years, so this site will remain on-line, and hopefully it will be still useful for many years to come. But when the time comes and updates can no longer be made, dead links to other sites, which can never be corrected, will impair the ease of accessing the information on this domain.

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