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      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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      This is a working draft of the "Name Index - by school (Colleges & Universities)" chapter in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography. This chapter will list every School for which there is at least one known full time Student who is or was a performing musician, and who possibly also appears on one or more recordings. Why was this page created?
      Name Index - by school (High Schools K9-12)
      "Name Index - by school (Grade & Middle Schools K1-8)" has not been created yet.

    UW System
| Eau Claire | Green Bay | La Crosse | Madison | Milwaukee | Oshkosh | Parkside | Platteville | River Falls | Stevens Point | Stout | Superior | Whitewater |
    Two-Year Campuses
| Fox Valley |
    Other Wisconsin Colleges & Universities with Music Majors/Minors and/or Graduates
| Alverno | Beloit | Carthage | Carroll | Lawrence | Maranatha | Marian | Ripon | St. Norbert | Silver Lake | Viterbo |
    Other Wisconsin Colleges with no Music program
| Moraine Park |
    Conservatories of Music
| Lawrence | Waukesha County | Wausau | Wisconsin |
    Other Wisconsin Colleges (unknown music status)
| Marquette |

UW System

  1. UW-Eau Claire - Music and Theatre Arts - Faculty -- Eau Claire
          Ted Alevizos, Phillip Anich, Lorie Carpenter-Niska, Michael Jerling, Rosalie Johnson, Kurt Niska, Terrence Niska, Linda Russell, Michael Swedberg

  2. UW-Green Bay - Music Program - Faculty -- Green Bay
          Sara Rifleman

  3. UW-La Crosse - Department of Music - Faculty -- La Crosse
          Shari Lowe Sarazin

  4. UW-Madison - School of Music - Faculty and Staff -- Madison
          Milo Auckerman, Marshall Brickman, Dix Bruce, David Alan Chidsey, Don Conoscenti, Jayme Dawicki, David Delgado, Gene Hafermann, Candace Eileen Kreitlow, Bobby Lewis, Danny Lueck, Roxanne Neat, Tracy Nelson, Steve Raybine, Harvey Reid, Carol Rosing, Brittany Safranek (Shane), Boz Scaggs, John Schipper, Ben Sidran, James Vculek, Jason Weber, Tom Wopat

  5. UW-Milwaukee - Wikipedia - Department of Music - Faculty -- Milwaukee
          Javier Alvarez, Kaye Berigan, Jayme Dawicki, Amy Richter

  6. UW Oshkosh - Music Department - Faculty and Academic Staff - Discography -- Oshkosh
          John Altenburgh, Tony Anders, Mark E. Bloedow, Brad Curran, David Geschke, Dave Jerabek, Mark Martin, Kim Robertson, Eric Segnitz, John Statz, Jay Uhlenbrauck, Tom Washatka, Charlie Wilhelm, Dorothy Zerbe

  7. UW-Parkside - Music Department - Faculty/Staff -- Kenosha
          Paul Kucharski

  8. UW-Platteville - Department of Fine Arts: Music -- Platteville
          There are no known recording artists who attended UW-Platteville.

  9. UW-River Falls - Music Department - Music Faculty -- River Falls
          Cam Waters

  10. UW-Stevens Point - Music Department - Faculty / Emeritus Faculty [Archive] / Alumni -- Stevens Point
          Students: Ryan Biesack, John F. Check, Don Chesebro, David Dunning, Mary Gaines, Michael Paul Hansen, Daniel Warren Hansen, Ronald M. Janicki, Buzz Meade, Scott Neubert, Curt Traska, Krista Wozniak
          Faculty: Mathew Buchman, Thomas F. George, Barbara Harbach, Ryan Korb, Pat Miles, Ken Schaphorst, Lucinda J. Thayer,
          Other current or former Stevens Point resident musicians

  11. UW-Stout - Department of Speech Communication, Foreign Languages, Theatre and Music -- Menomonie
          There are no known recording artists who attended UW-Stout.

  12. UW-Superior - Music Department -- Superior
          There are no known recording artists who attended UW-Superior.

  13. UW-Whitewater - Music Department - Music Faculty -- Whitewater
          There are no known recording artists who attended UW-Whitewater.
Two-Year Campuses
  1. UW-Fox Valley - Music Department - Music Faculty & Instructors -- Menasha
          There are no known recording artists who attended UW-Fox Valley.
Other Wisconsin Colleges & Universities with Music Majors/Minors and/or Graduates
  1. Alverno College - Music Department -- Milwaukee
          Mary Radspinner

  2. Beloit College - Music Department - Faculty -- Beloit
          There are no known recording artists who attended Beloit College.

  3. Carthage College - Music Department - Faculty and Adjunct Faculty -- Kenosha
          Casavant Freres Tracker Pipe Organ (1976, Opus #?)
          Michael Alvin Burkhardt, Chrissy Dzioba

  4. Carroll College 1846 - 7-01-2008 - Music Department - All Faculty, not just Music -- Waukesha
          (aka Carroll University 2008-date)
          Norman Clayton, Joel Kopischke, David Papak

  5. Lawrence University - Wikipedia - Conservatory of Music 1894- - Faculty/Staff Roster - Faculty Biographies
          - Library: Conservatory Handbooks (PDF's) - Lawrence Alumni Compact Discs [Archive] -- Appleton
    1. Lawrence Symphony Orchestra
    2. Lawrence University Concert Choir
    3. Lawrence University Jazz Ensembles
          - temporary work file on my hard drive as I install all 40 Lawrence graduates
    Mike Anger, Dan Bern, Laura (Van Nostrand) Caviani, David Alan Chidsey, John Harmon, David Heller, Mary Louise Knutson, Ken Kolodner, Alice Peacock, Cynthia Stiehl, Fred Sturm, Matt Turner
          Other Lawrence Alumni musicians not mentioned on their "Lawrence Alumni Compact Discs" page.
    Ryan Alban 2004, Susan Gartman Almjeld year?, Robb Asklof 1998, Ross Catterton year?, David Cooper year?, Helen Exner 2002, Kay Gainacopulos year? B.M.E., Keith Harris 1998, Paul Harris year?, Ryan Korb year?, Andy Mertens 1998, Frank G. Rippl year?, Marty Robinson year?, Steve Rodgers 1998, Heidi Stober 2000, Alvina Tan year?, Nicholas Towns year?, Mary Van De Loo year?, Liz Woodworth year?, Cory Zilisch 2002

  6. Maranatha Baptist Bible College - Music Department [Archive] - Fine Arts Department Faculty -- Watertown
          I cannot find a Music Department page on their new site.
          There are no known recording artists who attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College.

  7. Marian College - Music Program -- Fond du Lac
          There are no known recording artists who attended Marian College.

  8. Northland College
          Steven Zdenek Eckels, Dan Zantek

  9. Ripon College - Music Department - Faculty Members - Discography -- Ripon
          Gail Dobish, Al Jarreau, Kate Morrissey, Steve Rashid

  10. St. Norbert College - Music Department -- De Pere
          There are no known recording artists who attended St. Norbert College.

  11. Silver Lake College - Music Department - Faculty -- Manitowoc
          There are no known recording artists who attended Silver Lake College.

  12. Viterbo University - Music Department - Faculty -- La Crosse
          Francis "Thunderchief" Steindorf

Other Wisconsin Colleges with no Music program

  1. Moraine Park Technical College -- Fond du Lac
          There are no known recording artists who attended Moraine Park Technical College.

Conservatories of Music

  1. Lawrence Conservatory of Music - (see: Lawrence University)

  2. Waukesha County Conservatory of Music (aka Hartland Music -- Hartland

  3. Wausau Conservatory of Music -- Wausau

  4. Wisconsin Conservatory of Music / Azim L. Mayadas -- Milwaukee
          And just for historical purposes, it should be noted that a short term cooperative program between the Conservatory and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which was taught by John Stropes, resulted in the only known "BFA" Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in American Finger-style Guitar in 1997. The only graduates of this program were: Bill Brenckle, Michael Gruber, Matthew Schroeder, Dan Schwartz and Benjamin Woolman.
          Carl Chapman, Jeffrey Dooley, Pamela Howland

Other Wisconsin Colleges (unknown music status)
      The following currently has no Music Department, Music Faculty, Music Majors or Music Minors. It is not known whether or not it EVER had any of them.

  1. Marquette University
          Ted Alevizos, Eileen Carr, Giles Clark, Pat Donohue, Thom McCain, The Shinigans, Brian Weyer

Are only Graduates listed here?
      No. Per the site residency rules for Individuals, attendance at a Wisconsin school for one full semester is one of the criteria checked to see if they qualify as a "Wisconsin resident at one time in their life". Musicians are listed here whether or not they graduated from the above school they attended. I try to discover the year they graduated and document that in their site entry, e.g. "grad. UW Oshkosh 2004". However, if I cannot determine that they really did graduate, I usually document it as "attended UW Oshkosh", or if it is a fact at the time I added the note, "attending UW Oshkosh" In many cases, I just have not yet gone back to determine whether or not they graduated since I added the note.

Why was this page created?
      Because in Dec. 2007 I found the page, Lawrence Alumni Compact Discs which included 40 graduate recording artists with their class year and the fact they have appeared on at least one recording. I have not found a similar page featuring an Alumni Discography for any other Wisconsin Grade School, Middle School, High School, College, University or Music Conservatory. But then, I have not found a special Discography page featuring the recordings of Faculty at any school either.

      I have a very long way to go in documenting every musician's school attendence at a Wisconsin school. Of the 4,200+ individual Wisconsin Artists listed at this site, as of 12-14-2007, I know the school attendence of:
      Grade & Middle School - 0 (zero) Artists
      High School - 8 Artists
      post High School (on this page) - 107 Artists

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