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Stephen Butts
Early Wind Performance
Stephen Butts has been Lecturer in Music (Early Wind Performance) at Lawrence University, Conservatory of Music since 1995. As a professional singer and musician, he performed with The Highwaymen from 1961 to 1964. He has given over 200 concerts in 44 states, and produced 8 LP recordings. Dr Butts has also performed major choral works such as J.S. Bach, St. Mathew Passion, Verdi, Requiem and Renaissance works by Lassus, de Pres, etc. under the direction of Prof. Winslow and Iva Dee Hiatt of Smith College.

Dr Butts has been co-Director of Lawrence University Collegium Musicum since 1995, prior to which he was a member of Grinnell College Collegium Musicum from 1990 to 1995. He is a founding Member of Early Music America and a member of the International Double Reed Society.


  • Ph.D., Columbia University
  • B.A., Wesleyan University, 1962
    -- Classes in harmony and counterpoint under Prof. Richard Winslow
    -- Participant, seminar with John Cage
    -- Paid member, upon audition, Wesleyan University Chapel Choir, 1960-62

Additional study:
  • Studied Renaissance and Baroque recorder with Irmgaard Bittar and Linda Svanoe, Madison, WI, 1980-88.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison:
    -- Studied Baroque oboe under Prof. Marc Fink, 1987-89
    -- Graduate seminar in Baroque Musicology, Professor Les Silbiger.
  • Participant, Baroque Performance Institute, Oberlin College, 1987-present. Studied Baroque oboe under James Caldwell, Stephen Hammer and Gonzalo Ruiz.

Major professors Baroque performance - Stephen Hammer; Alexander Silbiger; Linda Svanoe
Composition - John Cage; Marc Fink; Richard Winslow

Contact details and further information

Campus phone: (920) 832-6523
Faculty office: Sampson House

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