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      This is part of a collection of over three hundred posters and program booklets for concerts and music festivals presented in Wisconsin which I have been collecting since about 1991. I attended most of these musical events. A few of the posters were obtained at various musical venues, and were for concerts presented there which had already taken place, but the posters had not yet been taken down. If the artist name is proceeded by "[program]", I have the printed program booklet for that concert, but no poster. This page is only the documentation of my private collection of posters and programs. The collection is not available for public viewing.

      When I have time, most of the named artists/groups will be linked to their entry at this Web site. I am trying to find a public or college/university library who would like my entire concert poster collection after I am gone. Several years ago, I apporached the Mills Music Library at UW-Madison(Geri Laudati: deceased & Steve Sundell: retired) in hopes that it would be digitised and placed on-line someday as part of the - "Mills Music Library Digital Collections" project begun in the summer of 2001. Unfortunately, they were not interested in receiving and digitizing any of the collection unless each individual poster was pre-designated for use in a specific on-campus course.

      Please write if you have an extra poster or concert program that can be added to this collection. I am only interested in concerts and music festivals held at a Wisconsin venue, or those held anywhere, in or out of state, by Wisconsin resident musicians. Because Pop/Rock posters have been published before and many people collect them, my only interest is in non-Pop/Rock posters which nobody I know of collects, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Barbershop, Country, Classical and other genres listed on my Book Selection Criteria page.

F, IF, IB, B cover = Front, Inside Front, Inside Back and Back covers of a program booklet
Artist Publicity Photos with no date - Real Photo Postcards

Concerts are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent concert first:

  1. 02/03-04/2006, Meyer Theatre, 117 S. Washington St., Green Bay, WI
        "Monkey Barrel" (musical comedy) loose flyer inserted in every "01-19-2006 Meyer Theatre" program booklet below [5-1/2x8-1/2"]
  2. 01-21-2006, Lourdes High School, 110 N. Sawyer St., Oshkosh, WI
        "Jazz in the Commons" - Lourdes High School Jazz Ensemble / Lourdes High School Chamber Singers / The Kindlings Jazz Saxophones / the Grattones / Donna Ruzicka / and featuring Janet Planet, and her group, Tom Theabo, Tom Washatka, John Gibson, and Danny Lueck [15-3/4x24"]
        [included] Oshkosh Northwestern, 01-20-2006, page B1 (clipping with concert details) [5x5"]
        The concert referred to as "last year" in this article is listed below 11-19-2004.
  3. 01-19-2006, Meyer Theatre, 117 S. Washington St., Green Bay, WI
        [program] Chris Botti (jazz trumpet) [5-1/2x8-1/2"]
        This 32 page booklet covers their entire 2005-6 season. Tonight's concert is on pages 19,20. Pages 1-3, 14-17 and 25-B cover are all advertisements.
        [included] wrapper specific for this concert which was slipped over every program booklet [5-1/2x3-1/2"]
  4. 12-15-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Jason Moon [9-1/2x13"]
  5. 11-11-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Sean Patrick Lennon / John Statz [8-1/2x11"]
  6. 11-10-2005, Water City Grill, 107 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI
        The Josh Calhoun Trio [11x17"]
  7. 11-05-2005, Cabin Fever Concerts, Prairie Lakes Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 315 Eureka St., Ripon, WI
        L.J. Booth [11x8-1/2"]
  8. 11-03-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Mary Bue / Eric Nassau [8-1/2x14"]
        [included] second poster [8-1/2x11"]
  9. 10-23-2005, First United Methodist Church, 325 E. Franklin St., Appleton, WI
        Naomi Rowley (organ) and Julia Steinbach (piano) [8-1/2x11"]
        [included] Concert program [8-1/2x11"]
  10. 10-08-2005, Cabin Fever Concerts, Prairie Lakes Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 315 Eureka St., Ripon, WI
        Ariane Lydon [11x17"]
  11. 09-09-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Lil' Rev [11x17"]
  12. 09-03-2005, The Algoma Club, 107 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI
        Heller Mason / The Inkwell Collective / Happy / The Willis [5-1/2x4-1/4"]
  13. 09/01-04/2005, (1 poster, 3 different venues) [22x15"]
        (9/01) Opera House Square, 2 High Ave., Oshkosh, WI - Tom Washatka Quartet / Fat Kid Wednesdays / Charlie Hunter Trio
        (9/02) Leach Amphitheatre, ? Ceape Ave., Oshkosh, WI - The Vig / Mrs. Fun / Dr. Eugene Chadbourne with New "Corpses of Foreign War" Quartet (Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo, Brian Jackson)
        (9/03) Jefferson Park, address?, Menasha, WI - (Main Stage) Seton Middle School Band / Neenah High Band / Paul Silbergleit / Woody Mankowski / Matt Turner & Randy Sabien / Siora / Marvin Stamm Quartet (with Rufus Reid, Bill Mays, Ed Soph) / Madisalsa - (Pavilion Stage) Helen Exner & Red Brown / Jazz Orgy / Twins
        (9/04) Jefferson Park, address?, Menasha, WI - (Main Stage) Sunday Jazz Church Service / St. Mary's High School Jazz Band / Island Music's Fiddle Club / Randall Harrison Trio / Mary Louise Knutson Trio / The Andy LoDuca World Jazz Band / The Big Band Reunion with Kathy Kosins / Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band - (Pavilion Stage) Marty Robinson Group / Noah Harmon Trio / Playtime
  14. 08/26-27/2005, Northland Ballroom, address? (Hwy 49 between Iola and Rosholt, WI)
        Art Stevenson & High Water / Sloppy Joe / Gerald Evans & Paradise / Mecan River Ramblers / Rob Lumbard & Nick Lloyd / Combine / Possum Holler Boar Hogs [8-1/2x11"]
  15. 08-21-2005, Waverly Beach, N8770 Fire Lane 1, Menasha, WI
        Special Concert for "The Matthew M.W. Morrell Benefit Fund" - Vic Ferrari / Level / Half Empty / Mitch Rivers Band / Little Missy [8-1/2x11"]
  16. 08-10-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers [11x17"]
  17. 07-17-2005, Washington Park, address?, Manitowoc, WI
        "Acoustic Fest" - Cookee / Dan Hildebrand, Dennis Krall & Jennifer Layman / Stephen Lee Rich / Janet Macklin Quartet / Dave Steffen / Brenna LeClair / Home Brew / Poor Mans Labour / Two Way Street / Unwound [11x17"]
  18. 05/13-14/2005, Fox Lake American Legion & Fox Lake Community Center, address?, Fox Lake, WI
        "Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee" - Freddie Slack & Bob Schulz appearing with one or more of the following: The Bunny Berigan Memorial Band / Dave McGregor's Vagabond Reeds / The Dean's List / The Talk of the Town / The Beaver Dam High School Jazz Band / Monday Morning Dixieland Band / Pete Runde's Dixieland Jazz Band [11x17"]
  19. 06/03-04/2005, Overture Center for the Arts, 201 State St., Madison, WI
        "Isthmus Jazz Festival" - Spirit Music Jamia featuring Meshell Ndegeocello / Patricia Barber / Active Percussion Duo / Jackie Allen Group / Pawan Benjamin & David Scalia Quartet / Michael B.B. Quartet / JB Music Project / Capital Line Investments: Hastil, Patenaude, Richeson & Mesolorus / Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble / Tony Castaneda Latin Jazz Sextet with Nic Cowles / Bob Corbit Trio / Gerri DiMaggio & Quartet / Michelle DuVall & Doug Brown / El Clan Destino / Jim Erickson Trio / Ted Hefko Quartet / A.J. Love Trio with Javon Jackson / Madison Jazz Orchestra / Mama Digdown's Brass Band / Ryan Meisel / Next Exit / Ray Rideout Jazz Quartet / Les Thimmig 4 / Trio Incognito / Jan Wheaton Quintet / Joan Wildman Trio / Sara Yervand & Friends [16x20"]
  20. 05/20-21/2005, Tom's Garage, 222 W. Franklin St., Appleton, WI
        "Rock & Reggae Sun Splash Bash 2005" - Mountain Lions / Reverend Eddie / SourBelly / Tug / Reggae Fire / Blues Island Tribute / Fat Maw Rooney / Northwoods Band / Hooch / Cool Waters / New Found Flavor / Unity the Band [11x8-1/2"]
  21. 04-30-2005, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Straight Up BlueGrass [11x17"]
  22. 04-01-2005, Harmony Bar and Grill, 2201 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI
        Joel Paterson and His Blues Roundup [11x17"]
  23. 03-31-2005, Copper Rock Coffee Company, 210 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI
        Terry Dawson & Doug Wheeler CD release party [8-1/2x11"]
  24. 03-26-2005, Wisconsin Union Theater, Memorial Union, 800 Langdon St., Madison, WI
        MAMA (Madison Area Music Awards) Show [11x17"]
  25. 03/23-26/2005, Grand Opera House, 100 High Ave., Oshkosh, WI
        [program] Theatrix Centre of the Arts presents "Jesus Christ, Superstar" [5-1/2x8-1/2"]
  26. 03-12-2005, Cabin Fever Concerts, Prairie Lakes Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 315 Eureka St., Ripon, WI
        Andrew Calhoun [11x17"] [2 identical posters, one with the scotch taped on details for this concert, and one plain one that could be used for any concert by him]
  27. 02-19-2005, The Spirit Zone of the Fox Valley, 225 E. 20th Ave., Oshkosh, WI
        Josh Calhoun & The Eclectics [11x17"]
  28. 02-13-2005, Overture Center for the Arts, 201 State St., Madison, WI
        International Festival [3 identical posters] [11x17"] - list of artists/groups
  29. 02-07-2005, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, 400 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI
        "Young Men's Chorus Festival" - Cantus / Appleton Boychoir Ambassador Choir and the Varsity Men's Choruses of Apple East, North and West High Schools [8-1/2x11"]
  30. 01-30-2005, First Congregational Church, 137 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI
        [program] "Her Song Goes On" Hymn Festival, Celebrating the Music of Borghild Jacobson - Mark Bloedow (director) / Joanne Peterson (organ) / Jared Stellmacher (organ) / Cara Davis (soprano) / Pam Kaskin (alto) / Paul Buetow (trumpet) / Grace Notes / and the combined choirs from First Congregational Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, St. John's Lutheran Church (all Oshkosh), Trinity Lutheran School Celebrate Choir (Menasha) [8-1/2x11"]
  31. 01-08-2005, Jansen's Bar and Restaurant. 344 Bowen St., Oshkosh, WI
        Donna Ruzicka, Tom Theabo, Jim Wilfahrt [8-1/2x11"]
  32. 12-19-2004, First Presbyterian Church, 110 Church Ave., Oshkosh, WI
        "Mozart & Puccini Opera Arias & Art Songs of Beethoven, Faure, Alban Berg & Alec Wilder" - Emily Hope Breedlove (soprano) / Robert McPherson (tenor) / Barbara Swan (piano) [8-1/2x11"]
  33. 12-18-2004, Trinity Episcopal Church, 311 Division St., Oshkosh, WI
        "A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols" - Oshkosh Chamber Singers [11x17"]
  34. 12-05-2004, Alberta Kimball Auditorium, 375 N. Eagle St., Oshkosh, WI
        "Community Sounds of Christmas Charity Concert" - Winnebago Barbershop Chorus (Larry Klausch, director) and featuring performers from the Oshkosh Chamber Singers, Webster Stanley Middle School, South Park Middle School, combined choirs from Christ Lutheran Church and St. Paul's United Church of Christ, St. John's Lutheran Church Bell Choir (Berlin), Pride of the Valley Chorus (Appleton), Fox Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines International [11x17"]
  35. 11-19-2004, Lourdes High School, 110 N. Sawyer St., Oshkosh, WI
        "Jazz in the Commons" - Lourdes High School Jazz Band and Chamber Singers / starring Janet Planet, with Tom Theabo, and special guest appearance by Donna Altepeter [8-1/2x11"]
  36. 04-05-2003, Oshkosh Convention Centre, 2 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        SesquiFest "Civil War Ball" - 1st Brigade Band / Oshkosh Brass Quintet [2 different sizes, 8-1/2x11" and 16x21"]
  37. 04-04-2003, Oshkosh Convention Centre, 2 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        SesquiFest "Reuniting Oshkosh Bands From the Past" - The Janet Macklin Quartet / Lawrence Duchow and his Red Ravens / Mersey Beat / Outta Style / Friends / Funky Norman [2 different sizes, 8-1/2x11" and 16x21"]
  38. 11-17-2002, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Adrian Lambrecht [10x8"]
  39. 10-13-2002, New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St., Oshkosh, WI
        Adrian Lambrecht [10x8"]

    Artist Publicity Photos with no date
        It is unknown exactly when any of these pictures were taken. However, I would guess they were all taken sometime within the past three years (2003-2006). I have noted when and where I got them for those I can recall.

  40. Copper Box [11x8-1/2"] (02-23-2006 concert in Oshkosh)
  41. Warren Nelson and the Blue Canvas Orchestra [10x8"] (01-10-2004 concert in Fond du Lac)
  42. Road Trip [10x8"] (date?), [10x8"] (date?)
  43. Something Phonic [11x8-1/2"] (date?)

    Oshkosh Public Museum Photos with no date (ca. early 1900's)

  44. Ideal Band of Oshkosh (OPM #3555) [10x8"] (date?)
  45. Read School Boys' Band, Oshkosh (OPM n/a) [14x11"] (1915-1920?) - (partial) scanned photo
        The Read School Band was founded in 1915.
        Although this was purchased in the Museum's store, and the Museum has other copyrighted photos of the Read School Band, the original of this particular photo is not in the Museum's collection, according to Scott Cross, Archivist. The original owner/donor is unknown, and there is no record of when this photo was donated to them. So, until such time as the original unknown owner/donor contacts me otherwise, I am allowed to post this scan on this Web site.

    Real Photo Postcards (ca. early 1900's)

  46. unknown band from WI or IL? (card mailed from Chicago to Oshkosh) [5-1/4x3-1/4"] (07-15-1915) - scanned postcard / address side

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