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Introduction to the U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog
by Douglas H. Henkle, AFDCS LM #137, henkle@pobox.com
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      The U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog's purpose is to serve as an on-line public free Philatelic Reference Resource for everyone. No displayed cachets or other printed reference material is evaluated in any way, and nothing is for sale, so these pages generate no income of any kind for anyone.

      This set of Cachet Display Catalog pages showing cachets for U.S. First Day Covers (FDC) includes covers in my personal FDC and World War II patriotic cover collections, and also scans of other cacheted covers I have found on the Web, mostly at eBay. As of Fall 2018, extensive searching could not find a definitive on-line resource that displayed in full color multiple FDC cachets for every U.S. postal issue that collectors and dealers could use to identify the covers they had. These pages attempt to start filling that resource void.

      As a member since 1975, if you collect First Day Covers or are considering collecting them and want to connect with a wonderful community of dedicated collectors, I heartily recommend that you Join the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS). Also, if you collect postal stationery issues as I do, I recommend joining the United Postal Stationery Society (UPSS) (member: 1979-1992, 2019- ).

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      "Wanted: 300 bpi / 600 pixel wide (or greater) .jpg scan of any unlisted cachet (ALSO any cachet marked ***)"
Note: if the scan shows "(eBay) ***", this means the scan I found on the Web was smaller than this, so it does not show the level of detail that I try to present here. If you own this cachet, a larger scan from you, the reader, would be appreciated. Thank you.

A work in progress, this set of "Cachet Display Catalog" pages will eventually display First Day Cover Cachets for the following:

* = newly discovered since 10/2018, the only new issues released in, or related to, the U.S.V.I. since I stopped collecting in the mid 1990's.

Links to Other Sites:

      I would be happy to link to anyone else's site that displays every known cachet for either a Cachetmaker or an individual Catalog number for any stamp or stationery issued by the U.S. I hope you enjoy using this set of Cachet Display Catalog pages.

      Links to individual Cachetmaker's websites can be found on the Philatelic Birth Dates, Index and Links page.

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