Fast Folk Discography (1982-1995), by Steven Alexander

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      FolkLib Index Special Features for the copy of the "Fast Folk and Coop Database, with artist crossreferences", by Steven Alexander, installed at this site on 12-15-2002.

  1. Steven Alexander's original deleted page from

    has been split in two for faster loading.
  2. Unlike the original, every artist and/or group Artist Crossreference entry is individually linkable here. For example,
    Every space in the name, as originally listed, has been replaced with an underline character, "_", in order to create a unique "anchor link" for all 1,265 artists/groups on Steven Alexander's Artist Crossreference page. A few exceptions had to made, 1) where quotes were part of the name, 2) there is more than one entry for the same artist, or 3) if the name contained an ampersand, "&", which is not allowed in a URL except under specific HTML rules. The "&" is only supposed to be used in SGML attribute values as an entity reference delimiter. Unfortunately, there are many sites that do not know about this rule. They use "&" incorrectly, for example, "", and browsers, which strictly follow HTML rules, cannot access a URL like that. Here are sample exceptions showing the entry name and the anchor link to be used for that name:
       Chin, "Charlie" - #Chin,_Charlie
       Chin, Charlie - #Chin,_Charlie2
       Hodge, Dorothy ``Hurricane'' - #Hodge,_Dorothy_Hurricane
       Death & Taxes - #Death_and_Taxes (the links for all other names with "&" are formatted in the same manner)
    Also, other special characters were removed from some anchor links, or replaced with "_".
       Dave's True Story - #Daves_True_Story
       Avila, Jennie~Torchia, Amy - #Avila,_Jennie_Torchia,_Amy

  3. 9-20-2005: Cross reference links have been added here for all group names starting with "The", which are listed under "T". For example,
          Company, The - see: The Company

  4. 9-20-2005: Started adding cross reference links to "FolkLib Index" entries. Some entries have home page links for the artist/group.

  5. 9-20-2005: Added cross reference links for each member of a duo or trio, e.g. Germana Pucci, Giancarlo Biagi & Jill Burkee. Giancarlo Biagi and Jill Burkee have new entries that link to the trio entry they recorded with.

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