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FolkLib Index : Site Overview for First Time Visitors

(last updated .02-14-2017)

      This page is for the first time visitor to the Folk Library Index. Once you are familiar with the information and services which are available in the Index, and described in detail below, for your return visits, you might like to use the main Home Page . It is an easy to use, short set of links to all the site features explained on this page.

      The Folk Library Index is an on-going attempt to index information on the World Wide Web that is related to the field of Folk Music. As an index, it consists primarily of links to other sites. * The all-text format is designed to make all pages Web accessible to users of all browsers and platforms, including LYNX, and screen readers for the blind and disabled.

* The Index maintains its own databases of birthdays, bibliographies, discographies, and Wisconsin Bluegrass Bands.

(content) = pages that include detailed information created for the Index and available here, and in most cases, not available anywhere else on the Web

      Most of the indexes relate to information about Musical Recording Artists and/or Performing Artists and Groups: home pages, discographies, itineraries, on-line articles and birthdays. In addition to the general alphabetical listings, there are separate indexes for artists in the following genres: Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Acoustic Blues and Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar. There are also pages devoted to special interests including Harp (the stringed kind) Players and everything related to Wisconsin Music and Musicians. Finally there is a separate index of 139 featured "FolkLib Index Artists and Groups" who have separate pages with detailed linking information, from home pages to lyrics.

      Many artist indexes on the Web list one Home Page for each artist or group. However, the Folk Library Index attempts to find and link to every official, unofficial, fan, record label, etc. artist/group Home Page that is known to exist on the Web.

      There are also indexes here of: festivals and venues, booking agencies and management firms, periodicals, record labels, societies, instrument info/sales, lyrics/chords/tabs **, and guitar tunings.

** There are no lyrics/chords/tabs here, but there are many links to sites with lyrics, chords and tablature.

      Thanks for visiting. Please see help if you have one or more Web links for an acoustic artist who is not listed, or a site with folk-related information in any of these categories.

      PS: If you wish to know more about this site, please read the July 14, 2001 interview of the Webmaster done by Peter Berryman at Whither Zither: August 2001.


      Complete Domain Site Map - a list of every page at this domain, both music related, and otherwise

1. Artists

  1. Alphabetical Index of Artist Pages - links to pages dedicated to individual artists and groups

  2. Lists of Artist Home Pages - a list of sites that list home pages for multiple artists, organized by general lists, geographical lists and lists by genre, i.e., a list of lists

  3. Special Interest Indexes - links to artist pages for the following specific categories:

  4. Discographies

  5. Birthdays

  6. Artist Index Files - 139 separate pages for individual artists/groups with detailed links to on-line information including some or all of the following: home pages, discographies, bibliographies, lyrics, itineraries, FAQ's, etc.

2. Music

3. Festivals, Venues and Itineraries

4. Groups and Associations - Real and On-line

5. Other

6. Non-Folk Music pages also maintained at this domain, or at other sites by the author

7. In print articles written by others about the Folk Library Index and articles written by its Webmaster can be found on the Index related articles page.

      Please report broken links using the MAILTO link at the bottom of every page. If it is known, or if you can find out what it is, also include the page's new URL address, as well as the URL of the page where you found the broken link. I hope the Folk Library Index proves useful to you in some way. Thanks for visiting the Folk Library Index.

      Hugh Blumenfeld had the original idea for, and created the first draft of, this introductory page for First Time Visitors. His voluntary assistance in making the Folk Library Index a better place to visit is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Hugh.

Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle:
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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