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The Folk File: A Folkie's Dictionary
by Bill Markwick (1945-2017)

      FolkLib Index Note, 8-09-2005: This set of pages was previously installed at Stephen Spencer's FolkBook Web site (1994-2002), at the various alias Ohio State University URL's listed below. It now has a new permanent home here with the full approval of its author, Bill Markwick. I will just be installing updates he sends, so if you have questions about the content, or additions/corrections to any "Folk File" page (except this one), please contact Bill.

Doug Henkle

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The Folk File (Version 2.01, Jul/96) - obsolete title
The Folk File (Version 3.00, Feb/97) - obsolete title
Folkies (music)                      - obsolete title
Folk Music Dictionary                - obsolete title             - obsolete URL   - obsolete URL   - obsolete URL - obsolete URL             - obsolete URL            - obsolete URL  - obsolete URL             - obsolete URL             - obsolete URL

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   The Folk File: A Folkie's Dictionary
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      Note also, except for this single Webmaster's documentation page, all of the other 28 pages that make up the "Folk File" are as maintained exlusively by Bill Markwick. Once you visit any "Folk File" page, you will find no link to any page in the FolkLib Index (except this one) unless it was put there by Bill.

Created by Bill Markwick - (1945-2017)

08-01-2017 - Webmaster's Note:
      Concerning additions/corrections, in Bill's memory, the content of these pages will remain the same as he originally sent it to me, with only two exceptions, missing birth/death dates, and fixing broken off-site links. Individuals who passed away since will have their passing noted here, For example, the Paul, Les entry was updated from "(1915- )" to "(1915-[2009])".
      Bill Markwick very seldom used the characters "[]".
All original uses of "[]" by Bill Markwick:


      And one defintion I submitted to Bill on 9-03-2005: "I hope you add a definition of "Luddite", which you use at Folkie Profile, but do not define. Usually it is used in describing someone who just dislikes or distrusts technology. However, unfortunately in the past, out-of-control Luddites, aka "terrorists", have taken their dislike to extremes and actually blown up computer centers, giving the word a not always peaceful meaning." But he did not get back to me on this. As pointed out by Wikipedia every historical use of the term "Luddite" was connected to deliberate violence. In my opinion, people should stop using this term unless the individual is using drastic violence to protest against something they don't like.

      Luddite (lud'it) n. a member of any of various bands of workers in England (1811-16) organized to destroy manufacturing machinery, under the belief that its use dimished employment. 1805-15; after Ned Ludd, 18th-century Leicestershire, England worker who originated the idea. *

* Source: Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, New Deluxe Edition, Thunder Bay Press, 2001, p. 1143

"Folk File" Copyright Notice
      Except for this Webmaster's page, every "Folk File" page at this site is  Copyright © 1993-2005  by Bill Markwick. The "Folk File" was first put on-line in Sept. 1994 when FolkBook went public, but it was first distributed on floppies with a DOS browser in 1993. Unless a line stating "(last updated ...)" has been added at the top of a "Folk File" page, that page has not been updated by Bill Markwick since 1997. Broken off-site links have been corrected, but as no actual content was changed, no "(last updated ...)" line was added to pages where those link corrections were made.

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Created by Bill Markwick (1945-2017)


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