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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- D Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- DA - |top/bottom of page|All "D" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~D'Agostino, Peppino - - city? Index|,ab39 ~d'Ossche, Albert - - - -1992 city? Index ~D'Urfey, Thomas - -1653 2-26-1723 Devonshire, U.K Index|,yq9-12 d. London, U.K. ~Da Capo .... Index ~da Costa, Anthony - -1991 Bronx, NY Index ~Dachary, Lina - -? - -? ? Index ,km,kn,ko,kp,kq,kr - checked so far, no listing found ~Dadi, Marcel - - 7-17-1996 Sousse, Tunisia, North Africa Index d. (TWA Flight 800) ~Daelken, Ansgar - -1961 city? Index ~Daffan, Ted 9-21-1912 10-06-1996 Beauregarde Parish, LA Index|,fu209 Theron Eugene Daffan ~Dagel, Kathy 10-14-1927 Oklahoma City, OK Index ~Dahill, Tom 9-05-1950 city? Index ~Dahl, Walden 9-17-1952 city? Index ~Daigle, Paul 4-02-1958 Church Point, LA Index|,fq201 ~Dailey, Frank - - - - city? ,jy505,pa94 ~Dailey, Pappy 2-08-1902 Joakum, TX Index|,fu209 Harold W. Dailey ~Daily, Pappy 2-08-1902 city? Index ~Dale, Felicia 1-01-1958 Vashon Island, WA Index ~Dale, Denny 2-26-1941 Northfield, MN Index Dennis Gudim ~Dale, Kenny 10-03-1951 Artesia, NM Index|,fu210 Kenneth Dale Eoff, Jr. ~Daley, Eleanor 4-21-1955 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada Index Eleanor Joanne Daley ~Dalglish, Malcolm 8-14-1952 Bloomington, IN Index|,fq202 ~Dalhart, Vernon 4-06-1883 9-14-1948 Jefferson, TX Index d. Bridgeport, CT ,dv54,fl92,fu210,xp154-5 Marion Try Slaughter from p. 210 of Barry McCloud's book, Vernon Dalhart recorded "under ... 135 or so pseudonyms" (alphabetized): Mack Allen, Wolfe Ballard, Jeff Calhoun, Al Carver, Vernon Dale, Joseph Elliott, Frank Evans, Jep Fuller, Harry Harris, Fred King, Hugh Latimer, Tobe Little, B. McAfee, Carlos McAfee, Bob Massey, Guy Massey, Warren Mitchel, Billy Stuart, Sid Turner, Lone Star Ranger, Bill Vernon, Tom Watson, Bob White ~Dallas, Leroy 12-12-1920 Mobile, AL Index ~Dalton, Lacy J. 10-13-1946 Bloomsburg, PA Index|,fu2211 Jill Lynne Byrem ~Daltrey, Roger 3-01-1944 Hammersmith, London, U.K. Index|,-- [guest artist, with Nanci Griffith, on the Chieftains' "An Irish Evening" video] ~ Daly, Duke - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Daly, Jackie 6-22-1945 Kanturck, County Cork, Ireland Index|,fq203 ~Damrow, Mike - - San Bernadino, CA Index ~Dance, Stanley 9-15-1910 2-23-1999 Braintree, Essex, U.K. Index d. Escondido, CA (Wikipedia) Index d. Rancho Bernardo, CA (#xr) near San Diego, Poway and Escondido ,dj265,rc265,xr559 - Bibliography ,oa,xd,xe,xg Stanley Frank Dance ~Dana, Barbara 12-28-1940 New York, NY Index ~Dane, Barbara 5-12-1927 Detroit, MI Index ,aa95-6,an130,as147,au74,az94,ba129,bk,wa49 Barbara Jean Spillman (#aa) OR Barbara Stillman (#wa) ~Danforth, Percy 3-11-1900 6-09-1992 city?, ND Index d. Ann Arbor, MI ,se57 ~Daniels, Chan - -1940 8-02-1975 Buenos Aires, Brazil Index ~Daniels, Charlie 10-28-1936 Leland, NC Index ~Daniels, Chris & The Kings - - - - city? ,le78 ~Danko, Rick 12-09-1943 12-10-1999 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Index d. Marbletown, N.Y ~Danoff, Bill 5-07-1946 - Springfield, MA Index|pq110 William Thomas Danoff ~Darby and Tarlton .... Index|,fq204 ~Darby & Tarlton .... ,wa49 ~Darby, Tom 1-07-1883 6- -1971 Columbus, GA Index|,wa49 d. Columbus, GA ~Darden, Severn 11-09-1929 5-27-1995 New Orleans, LA Index d. Sante Fe, NM Severn Teakle Darden, Jr. ~Darin, Bobby - - - - city? le79-81 ~Daring, Mason 9-26-1949 Ithica, NY Index ~Daring, Mason & Jeanie Stahl .... Index|,fq205 ~Darke, Harold 10-29-1888 11-28-1976 Highbury, London, U.K. Index|,qd173 d. Cambridge, U.K. Harold Edwin Darke ~Darling, Erik 9-25-1933 8-03-2008 Baltimore, MD Index|,aa326-8,af316,au76,bk,cx504,fh492,fm741 ~Darrell, R.D. 12-13-1903 5-01-1988 Newton Center, MA Index d. Stone Ridge, NY Robert Donaldson Darrell ~Darriau, Matt - - Bloomington, IN Index ~Darter, Charlie - - - -1994 city? Index d. Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada ~Dashiell, Bud & the Kinsmen .... Index|,cn57 ~Datta, David 1-21-1966 Melbourne, Australia Index Info from his current employer, the All Music Guide ~Davenport, Bob 5-31-1932 Gateshead, Tyne and Ware, U.K. Index ~Davenport, Clyde 10-21-1921 city?, KY Index ~David, Hal 5-25-1921 New York, NY Index Harold Lane David ~Davids, Brent Michael 6-04-1959 Madison, WI Index|,gc15-6,lo87-8 ~Davies, Dennis Russell 4-16-1944 - - Toledo, OH ,4ab143-8 ~Davies, Gail 9-01-1948 Broken Bow, OK Index ~Davies, John R.T. 3-20-1927 5-25-2004 Wivelsfield, Sussex, U.K. Index John Ross Twiston Davies ~Davies, Walford 9-06-1869 3-11-1941 Oswestry, U.K. Index Sir Henry Walford Davies ~Davis, Blind Willie - - city? Index|,bk ~Davis, CeDell 6-09-1926 9-27-2017 Helena, AR Index d. Hot Springs, AR Ellis CeDell Davis ~Davis, Cleo 3-09-1919 7-17-1986 city? Index ~Davis, David 2-16-1961 city? Index ~Davis, Eddie "Lockjaw" 3-02-1922 11-03-1986 New York, NY Index|,le81-2 d. Culver City, CA Edward F. Davis ~Davis, Elizabeth A. - -1947 city? Index|,fg ~Davis, Reverend Gary 4-30-1896 5-05-1972 Clinton, Laurens County, SC Index|,af319,al23,an146,au76,ax107,az100,az433,ba131,bb63,bc26,bg137 ,bk,bl41,bn168,cx360,fo243,fq205,ga66,gh113,hb103,wa50 ~Davis, Guy 5-12-1952 New York, NY Index|,fq206,ga67 ~Davis, Hubert - - 5-04-1992 city? Index ~Davis, Jimmie 9-11-1902 11-05-2000 Quitman, LA Index|,cx441,dv55,fq206 d. Baton Rouge, LA ~Davis, Blind John 12-07-1913 10-12-1985 Hattiesburg, MS Index|,bk,gh115 ~Davis, Johnny "Scat" - - - - city? ,jy505,pa95 ~Davis, Julie 9-29-1946 Wray, CO Index|,fq207 ~Davis, Katherine K. 6-25-1892 4-20-1980 St. Joseph, MO Index|,pn83,po112,pp159,pq114 d. Littleton, MA Katherine Kennicott Davis ~Davis, Linda 11-26-1962 Carthage, TX Index|,fl96,fu218 ~Davis, Meyer - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Davis, Miles 5-25-1956 9-28-1991 Alton, IL Index d. Santa Monica, CA ,cc116,mx7-15,my3-6,oi152-157,xp282-3 Miles Dewey Davis, III ~Davis, Ossie 12-18-1917 2-04-2005 Cogdell, GA Index d. Miami Beach, FL ~Davis, Ray 5-02-1933 city? Index ~Davis, Richard 4-15-1930 Chicago, IL Index|,gv284,hy313,iv39,ju115|,pf74 ~Davis, Sammy Jr. - - - - city? ,le82-3 ~Davis, Skeeter 12-30-1931 9-19-2004 Dry Ridge, KY Index d. Nashville, TN Mary Frances Penick ~Davis, Tim 11-29-1943 Milwaukee, WI Index|,fs282,ha45 ~Davis, Wild Bill 11-24-1918 - - Glasgow, MO Index|,pf74 ~Davison, Wild Bill 1-05-1906 11-14-1989 Defiance, OH d. Santa Barbara, CA d. Santa Monica, CA Index|Trumpet Kings,p.124-7|,pf74 ,le83 William Edward Davison ~Dawicki, Jayme 10-06-1980 city? Index ~Dawkins, Ernest 11-02-1953 Chicago, IL Index Ernest Khabeer Dawkins ~Dawkins, James "Jimmy" 10-24-1936 4-10-2013 Tchula, MS Index d. Chicago, IL James Henry Dawkins ~Dawson, Julian 7-04-1954 London, U.K. Index|,fq207 ~Dawson, Ronnie - - - - city? ,le83-4 ~Dawson, Roxann 9-11-1964 Los Angeles, CA [Star Trek Voyager, B'Elanna Tores] Roxann Cabalero ~Day, Bobby - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Day, Doris - - - - city? ,le84-7 ~Day, Terrance - - city? Index Terrance D. Schemansky DE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~de Angelis, Nazzareno 11-17-1881 12-14-1962 L'Aquila, Italy Index d. Rome, Italy ,km7:92,kn1:1094,ko124,kp119 ~de Brebeuf, Jean 3-25-1593 3-16-1649 Conde-sur-Vire, Normandy, France Index d. Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, near Midland, Ontario, Canada ~de Charms, Desiree - - city? Index|,4bn ~De Dannan .... Index ,ar112,as153,ba133,cx871,fq208,wa50 ~de Falla, Manuel 11-23-1876 11-14-1946 Cadiz, Spain Index Manuel de Falla y Matheu ~de Grassi, Alex 2-13-1952 Yokosuka, Japan Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~De Haven, Doc 6-30-1931 Madison, WI Index|,ha85,ju118 ~De Haven, Kelly - - city? Index m. David Cooper aka Jack DeJohnette ~de Lancie, John Jr. 3-20-1948 Philadelphia, PA Index ~de Lancie, John Sr. 7-26-1921 5-17-2002 Berkeley, CA Index d. Walnut Creek, CA ~de los Angeles, Victoria 11-01-1923 1-15-2005 Barcelona, Spain Index d. Barcelona, Spain ,kn3:52,ko291,kp299,kq102,kr56 Victoria de los Ãngeles Lopez Garcia ~de Lucia, Paco 12-21-1947 2-25-2014 Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain Index d. Playa del Carmen, Mexico Francisco Sanchez Gomez ~De Palma, Piero - - - - city? Index ,km,kn,ko,kp,kq,kr - checked so far, no listing found ~Dead Can Dance .... Index|,fq211 ~Dean, Peter - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Deanta .... Index|,fq211 ~Dearling, Celia - - city? Index|,4bh,4bi,4bj,4bk ~Dearling, Robert - -1933 Londen, U.K. Index|,4bh,4bi,4bj,4bk ~Dearman, John 9-06-1956 Minneapolis, MN Index ~Deaton, Ray 10-06-1952 city? Index ~DeBurgh, Chris 10-15-1950 Argentina Index,bw78,dg186,fm110 Christopher Davidson ~Debus, Allen G. 8-16-1926 3-06-2009 Chicago, IL Index d. Deerfield, IL Allen George Debus ~Debussy, Claude 8-22-1862 3-25-1918 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France Index d. Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France Achille-Claude Debussy ~Decker, Dianne - -1944 Dallas, TX Index ~DeCurtis, Anthony 6-25-1951 New York, NY Index|,dg,6k,6l ~Dee, Jerry & The Intruders .... Index|,ha348-9 ~Dee, Sylvia 10-22-1914 6-12-1967 Little Rock, AR Index d. New York, NY Josephine Moore Proffitt ~Deems, Barrett 3-01-1914 - - Springfield, IL Index|,pf74 ~DeFranco, Buddy 2-17-1923 - - Camden, NJ Index|,oi158-9,pf74 Boniface Ferdinand Leonardo DeFranco ~DeGraaff, Rein 10-24-1942 Groningen, Netherlands Index|,pf74 ~Deighton Family, The .... Index|,cx504,fh492 ~Deist, Gene - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Dejan, Harold "Duke" 2-02-1909 7-05-2002 New Orleans, LA Index|,pf74 d. New Orleans, LA ~DeJohnette, Jack 8-09-1942 Chicago, IL Index|,cc118-119,mx384-393,my160-164,oi160-1,pf75 ~del Monaco, Mario 7-27-1915 10-16-1982 Florence, Italy Index d. Mestre, Italy ,km7:182,kn1:1115,ko126,kp122,kq101,kr56 ~Del Reys, The .... Index|,kw198-9 ~Delafose, Geno 2-06-1971 Eunice, LA Index|,fq212-3 ~Delafose, John 4-16-1939 9-17-1994 Duralde, LA d. Lawtell, LA Index|,cx401,fq213 ~Delaney-Potthoff, Henry 3-06-1985 3-07-2015 Cambridge, MA Index d. Madison, WI Henry McKenna Delaney-Potthoff ~Delaunay, Charles 1-18-1911 2-16-1988 Vineuil-Saint-Firmin, Oise, France Index d. Paris, France ,dj282,ns3-15,nx159,rc282,xr596 Bibliography ~deLay, Paul 1-31-1952 3-07-2007 Portland, OR Index d. Portland, OR ~DelGrosso, Maureen - - 2-02-2002 city? Index m. Rich DelGrosso ~Della Casa, Lisa 2-02-1919 Burgdorf, Switzerland Index ,km7:169,kn1:1112,ko126,kp121,kq101 ~Delmore Brothers, The .... Index ,cx441,dg191,dv56,fl99,fq214,fu22,le87 ~Delmore, Alton 12-25-1908 6-08-1964 Elkmont, AL Index d. Huntsville, AL ~Delmore, Lionel Alton 3-19-1940 Birmingham, AL Index|,pq119 ~Delmore, Rabon 12-03-1910 12-04-1952 Elkmont, AL Index d. Athens, AL ~DeLorenzo, Victor Joseph 10-25-1954 Racine, WI Index ~DeMent, Iris 1-05-1961 Paragould, AR Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources Sources: #cx #fh #fl #fm #fq #ft #ge #gj #gx more: ,vy74,wa50-1 Iris Luella DeMent, m. 11-21-2002 Greg Brown ~Demers, Clement - - city?, Ontario, Canada Index ~Deming, Laura Jean - -1954 city? Index "joined theLyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra in 1976" and "at age 22" ~Demmer, Wayne 7-03-1944 Milwaukee, WI Index| ~Denman, Lowell "Abie" - - 7-15-1998 city? Index ~Denny, Jack - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Denny, Martin 4-10-1911 3-02-2005 New York, NY Index|,la d. Honolulu, HI ~Denny, Sandy 1-06-1947 4-21-1978 London, U.K. Index|,af334,am165,ar114,as157,bk,bn177,cx504,dg191 ,fh492,fm742,fo256,fq214,fy202,hl212,wa51 Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny ~Dent, Lester 10-12-1904 3-11-1959 La Plata, MO Index ~Denver, John 12-31-1943 10-12-1997 Roswell, NM Index d. Monterey Bay, CA ,af334,bk,bm59,bw80,cj136,cn62,dg191,fl101,fm113,fo256,fq215,fu226,fy203 ,wa51-2 Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. ~DePriest, Ralph - -1925 - -2006 Marshall, AR Index|,qh179-80 ~Dercks, Scott - - Appleton, WI Index ~Derise, Joe - -1925 - - city? Index|,me166,mf172 d. Shelton, CT ~Derleth, August William 2-24-1909 7-04-1971 Sauk City, WI Index Wisconsin Author ~Dermota, Anton 6-04-1910 6-22-1989 Kropa, Slovenia Index d. Vienna, Austria ,km7:227,kn1:1128,ko129,kp124,kq104 ~Dernesch, Helga 2-03-1939 Vienna, Austria Index ,km7:227,kn1:1128,ko130,kp124,kq104 (sometimes misspelled as Helge Dernesch) ~Derome, Jean 6-29-1955 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index|,pf75 ~Derrane, Joe 3-16-1930 Boston, MA Index|,fq217 ~Dervish .... Index|,fq217-8 ~Derwin, Hal - - - - city? ,pa96 ~Des, Laszlo 1-09-1954 Budapest, Hungary Index|,pf75 ~Deseo, Csaba 2-15-1939 Budapest, Hungary Index|,pf75 ~Deseret String Band, The .... Index|,fq218 ~Desert Rose Band .... Index|,by86,cx441,fl101,fq364-5,ft75,fu228 ~Desiderio, Aniello - -1971 Naples, Italy Index ~Desmond, Johnny 11-14-1919 9-06-1985 Detroit, MI Index d. Los Angeles, CA Giovanni Alfredo De Simone ~Desmond, Paul 11-25-1924 5-30-1977 San Francisco, CA Index|,hy322,oi162-3,pf75 d. New York, NY Paul Emil Breitenfeld ~Deutekom, Cristina 8-28-1931 Amsterdam, Netherlands Index ,kn1:1142,ko131,kq105 Christine Engel ~Deutsch, Didier C. - - city? Index|,ld,4aq ~Deutsch, Emery - - - - city? ,jy485 ~Devakant - -1955 near Los Angeles, CA Index|,hm48-9 David Brusca ~Devine, Kathy 11-12-1958 city? Index ~DeVito, Tommy 6-19-1936 Belleville, NJ Index ~Devlins, The .... Index|,fq219 ~Devonsquare .... Index|,cx504,fh493 ~Dewan, Brian - - city? Index,fh493 ~Dewitt, Lew 3-12-1938 8-15-1990 Roanoke, VA Index d. Waynesboro, VA Lewis Calvin DeWitt (died of Crohn's disease) DI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Diabate, Mamadou - -1975 city? Index ~Diagrepont, Bruce 7-11-1958 New Orleans, LA Index|,cx401,fq201 ~Dial, Harry 2-17-1907 1-25-1987 Birmingham, AL Index|,pf75 d. New York, NY ~Diamond Rio .... Index|,fl102,ft76,fu230 ~Diamond, Neil 1-24-1941 Brooklyn, NY Index Neil Leslie Diamond ~Dian (James) & the Greenbriar Boys .... Index|,cn64 ~Diana Jones - -1965? city? Index ~Diaz, Alirio 11-12-1923 7-05-2016 Caserio La Candelaria, near Carora, Lara state, Venezuela Index|,cp31-34,1a97-9 d. Rome, Italy ~Dicaire, David 4-09-1963 Windsor, Ontario, Canada Index|,yq,yr,ys,yt,zo,zp,zq,zr ~Dick, Bob 4-18-1969 city? Index ~Dickens, Hazel 6-01-1935 4-22-2011 Mercer County, WV Index d. Washington, DC - b. Montcolm, WV (1) ,bk,by86,cx505,fp9,fq354-5,fu231,hx102,wa52 Hazel Jane Dickens (1) per the "Washington Post" obit ~Dickens, "Little" Jimmy 12-19-1920 1-02-2015 Bolt, WV Index d. Nashville, TN ,cx442,dg57,dv57,fh493,fl103,fm742,fu232,gf32 James Cecil Dickens ~Dickenson, Vic 8-06-1906 Xenia, OH Index d. New York, NY ,ns111-18,oa301-6,oi164,2g301-6 Victor Dickenson ~Dickey, Lotus - -1912? 11-23-1989 city? Index ~Dickinson, Angie 9-30-1931 Kulm, ND Index|,-- Angeline Brown ~Dickinson, Bruce 8-07-1958 Worksop, Nottinghamshire, U.K. Index|,ne Paul Bruce Dickinson ~Dickinson, Emily 12-10-1830 5-15-1886 Amherst, MA Index Emily Elizabeth Dickinson ~Dickson, Barbara 9-27-1947 Dunfermline, Scotland Index|,su164-6 Barbara Ruth Dickson ~Diddley, Bo (see: Bo Diddley) [stage name, he was NOT Mr. Diddley] ~Diehl, Marcia - -1950? 3-11-2015 city? Index d. Cambridge, MA ~Dietrich, Kurt R. - -1951 city? Index Kurt Robert Dietrich ~Dietrich, Maria - -1956 city? Index Maria Kaiser ~DiFranco, Ani 9-23-1970 Buffalo, NY Index|,fq220,pt84-101 Anita DiFranco ~Dillard & Clark .... Index|,ar117,as163,bk,by87,cx488 ~Dillard, Doug 3-06-1937 5-16-2012 East St. Louis, IL Index d. Nashville, TN ,am139,ar117,as163,az104,ba141,bg149,bk,bn185,by87,by91,cx488,dg197,fu234,lz605 Douglas Flint Dillard ~Dillard, Hartford & Dillard .... Index|,by88,dg197 ~Dillard, Homer E. Sr. "Pop" 5-01-1901 8-29-1990 city? Index|,lz605,qh180-1 Homer Earl Dillard ~Dillard, Rodney 5-18-1942 East St. Louis, IL Index|,am139,az104,bg149,bk,cx488,dg197,lz605 Rodney Adean Dillard ~Dillards, The .... Index|,af341,as163,bm61,bn186,bu102,by88,cx489,dg197,fl104,fo266 ,fq223,fu235,lz275-7,wa52-3 ~Diller, Dwight - - Pocohontas County, WV Index|,fq223 ~Dilleshaw, John - -1896 - -1941 New Hope, GA Index|,fq224,wa53 aka "Seven Foot Dilly", leader: Dilly & the Dill Pickles ~Dilling, Steve 7-05-1965 city? Index ~Dillon, Robert W. 1-29-1958 New Orleans, LA Index ~Dilly & His Dill Pickles .... ,wa53 ~Diltz, Henry 9-06-1938 Kansas City, MO Index Henry Stanford Diltz ~DiMeola, Al 7-22-1954 Jersey City, NJ Index|,fy204 ~Dinn, Noel - - 7-26-1993 city? Index ~Dion, Celine 3-30-1968 Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada Index ~Dirksen, Senator Everett 1-04-1896 9-07-1969 Pekin, IL Index d. Washington, DC ,fs308,1p277,1q192,1r279-80,1s279,1t285,3g181,3h199 Everett McKinley Dirksen ~disappear fear .... Index|,fq225 ~di Stefano, Giuseppe 7-24-1921 Motta Sant'Anastasia, near Catania, Sicily Index ,km7:380,kn1:1182,ko135,kp129,kq107,kr59 ~Distler, Hugo 6-24-1908 11-01-1942 Nuremberg, Germany Index ~Ditto, Jackie Blassingame - - Pisgah, MS Index ~Divino - -1957 Seattle, WA Index|,hm49-50 Daniel Velazquez ~Divino and Aeoliah .... Index|,hm50 ~Dixon Brothers, The .... ,wa53-4 ~Dixon, Dorsey 10-14-1897 4-17-1968 Darlington, SC ,wa53-4 ~Dixon, Howard 6-19-1903 3-24-1961 city? ,wa53-4 ~Dixon, Mary - - city? Index|,if43-4,3u43-4 ~Dixon, Robert M.W. 1-25-1939 Gloucester, U.K. Index Robert Malcolm Ward Dixon ~Dixon, Willie 7-01-1915 1-29-1992 Vicksburg, MS Index d. Burbank, CA ,an154,ar119,as165,bc78,bk,bl45,cx360,dg202,fo273,fy205,ga72,gh122 ,hb108,sa15,sb47 Willie James Dixon DO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~do Bandolim, Jacob 12-14-1918 8-13-1969 Rio de Janeiro, Argentina Index Jacob Pick Bittencourt ~Doan, John - - city? Index|,cx544 ~Dobrinski, Cynthia - - city? Index ~Dobson, Bonnie - -1942 Toronto, Canada Index|,av683,az106,ba145,bk ~Dobson, John 11-17-1930 Derby, U.K. Index ,kn1:1188 ~Dockery, Henry - - 12-21-1990 city? Index ~Docks, L.R. "Les" 3-10-1942 Detroit, MI Index|,ee,ms,2q,2r,3c,3d ~Dodds, Baby 12-24-1898 2-14-1959 New Orleans, LA Index|,oi165-7 d. Chicago, IL Warren Dodds ~Dodds, Johnny 4-12-1892 8-08-1940 New Orleans, LA Index|,oi168-9 d. Chicago, IL John M. Dodds ~Dodge, Joe 2-09-1922 Monroe, WI Index ~Dodge, Marshall - - 1- -1982 city? Index ~Dodson, Anne 5-18-1952 Hanover, NH Index|,fq227 ~Dolge, Alfred 12-22-1848 1-05-1922 Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany Index d. Milan, Italy ~Doherty, Denny 11-29-1941 Halifax, Nova Scotia Index|,ao352,3g182 ~Doherty, Mickey - - city? Index|,cx871 ~Dole, Nathan Haskell 8-31-1852 5-09-1935 Chelsea, MA Index d. Yonkers, NY ~Dolenz, Micky 3-08-1945 Tarzana, CA Index|,3g182-3 George Michael Dolenz, Jr. ~Dollis, Bo 1-14-1944 1-20-2015 city? Index d. New Orleans, LA Gerard Dollis ~Dolphy, Eric 6-20-1928 6-29-1964 Los Angeles, CA Index|,oi170-2 d. Berlin, Germany Eric Allan Dolphy, Jr. ~Domeniconi, Carlo 2-20-1947 Cesena, Italy Index|,1a101-2 ~Domestic Science Club .... Index|,fh493 ~Domingo, Placido 1-21-1941 Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid, Spain Index ,km7:443,kn1:1194,ko137,kp131,kq108,kr60 Jose Placido Domingo Embil ~Dominguez, Oralia 10-25-1925 San Luis Potosi, Mexico Index ,km7:443,kn1:1194 ~Domino, Fats 2-26-1928 10-24-2017 New Orleans, LA Index|mo714-5 d. Harvey, LA Antoine Dominique Domino, Jr. ~Donaghey, Bob - - city? Index|,hx ~Donahue, Al 6-12-1904 2-20-1983 Dorcester, MA Index|,jy485,pa96-7 d. Fallbrook, CA Albert Francis Donahue ~Donahue, Sam 3-18-1918 3-22-1974 Detroit, MI Index|,jy475-6,oh190,om29,pa98-9 d. Reno, NV ,jy475-6mo715-6,oh190,om29,pa98-9 Samuel Koontz Donahue ~Donald, Duck 8-18-1951 4-22-1984 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index|,fu242 Duckworth Bruce Andrew Donald ~Donath, Helen 7-10-1940 Corpus Christi, TX Index ,km7:456,kn1:1197,kp132,kq108 Helen Erwin ~Donegan, Dorothy 4-06-1922 5-19-1998 Chicago, IL Index|,oe183-9 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Donegan, Lonnie 4-29-1931 11-03-2002 Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland Index d. Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, U.K. ,cj148,fo278,fq228,fu242,su166-8,wa54-5 Anthony James Donegan ~Donnelly, Elwood 1-30-1950 city?, RI Index ~Donohoe, Kitty - - city? Index|,cx505,fh493 ~Donohue, Pat - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Donovan 5-10-1946 Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland Index ,af353,bw84,cj150,cn67,dg207,fm121,fo279,fq229,fy207,su168-71 Donovan Phillips Leitch ~Dooley, Jeffrey 10-07-1945 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Doonican, Val 2-03-1927 7-01-2015 Waterford, Ireland Index|,af354 d. Buckinghamshire, U.K. Michael Valentine Doonican ~Doors, The .... Index|,3e50-3 ~Dopsie, Rockin' - (see: Rockin' Dopsie) ~Doran, Johnny - - city? Index|,cx871 ~Dorham, Kenny 8-30-1924 12-05-1972 Fairfield, TX Index|,oi173-4 d. New York, NY McKinley Howard Dorham ~Dorschner, Ray 12-20- Zittau, WI Index ~Dorsey Brothers, The (Jimmy & Tommy) .... jy142-6,le88-91 ~Dorsey, Claude 1-10-1914 Gainesville, GA Index ~Dorsey, Georgia Tom 7-01-1899 1-23-1993 Villa Rica, GA Index Thomas Andrew Dorsey ~Dorsey, Jimmy 2-29-1904 6-12-1957 Shenandoah, PA Index d. New York, NY ,jy147-57,le87-8,pa99-102 James Francis Dorsey ~Dorsey, Thomas A. 7-01-1899 1-23-1993 Villa Rica, GA Index d. Chicago, IL Thomas Andrew Dorsey ~Dorsey, Tim 9-29-1960 Pittsburgh, PA Index ~Dorsey, Tommy 11-19-1905 11-26-1956 Shenandoah, PA Index d. Greenwich, CT ,jy158-77,le88-91,oi175,pa103-8 Thomas Francis Dorsey, Jr. ~Double Decker String Band .... Index|,fq230 ~Doucet, David 7-06-1957 Lafayette, LA Index|,cx401,fq231 ~Doucet, Luke - -1973 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Index ~Doucet, Michael 2-14-1951 Scott, LA Index|,cx401 ~Douglas, Bob - - 5-02-2001 city? Index ~Douglas, Chip - - city? Index Douglas Farthing Hatlelid ~Douglas, Jerry 5-28-1956 Warren OH Index ,aq156,bk,by91,cx489,fq231,fu244,hx152,wa55 Gerald Calvin Douglas ~Douglas, Lizzie (see: Memphis Minnie) ~Douglas, Wilson - -1932 Clay County, WV Index|,fq232 ~Douroux, Margaret J. - -1941 city? Index Margaret Pleasant Douroux ~Dover, Connie - - city?, AR Index|,fh493,fm743,fq233 ~Dow, Barry - - city? Index|,cx505,fh493 ~Dowell, Kent 10-10-1955 city? Index ~Dowell, Saxie - - - - city? ,jy476 ~Dowling, Mike - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Doyle, Adrian Conan 11-19-1910 3-03-1970 Crowborough, Sussex, U.K. Index d. Geneva, Switzerland ~Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 5-22-1859 7-07-1930 Edinburgh, Scotland Index d. Crowborough, East Sussex, U.K. DR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Dr. John 11-10-1940 New Orleans, LA Index|,am148,ao133,ar120,as172,az107,ba146,bg156,bl46,bv76,bw83,cj146,dg204 ,fm119,fo276,fq225,fy206,ga73,gh128,hb111,mx364-372,1q600-1,3g182 Malcolm John "Mac" Rebennack Jr. ~Dr. Ross - (see: Isaiah Ross) ~Draheim, Sue 8-17-1949 4-11-2013 Oakland, CA Index d. Berea, KY Susan Ann Draheim ~Drake, Andy - - city? Index ~Drake, David HB 2-18-1947 Milwaukee, WI Index David Henry-Blaze Drake ~Drake, Nick 6-19-1948 11-25-1974 Rangoon, Burma Index d. Tanworth-in-Arden, U.K. ,af358,cx505,dg210,fh108,fm743,fo284,fq233,fy209,hl115 ~Dransfield, Robin and Barry .... Index|,fq234 ~Drapkin, Livia 4-18-1951 New York, NY Index|,aa386-7 ~Draughon, Tom - - city?, NC Index ~Drescher, Fran 9-30-1957 Flushing, NY Index|,-- Francine Drescher ~Drew, Dennis 8-08-1957 Buffalo, NY Index ~Driftwood, Cleda 3-01-1918 city? Index Cleda Azalea Johnson, m. 11-26-1936 Jimmy Driftwood ~Driftwood, Jimmy 6-17-1917 7-12-1998 Timbo, AR Index or 6-20-1917? d. Fayetteville, AK ,af360,bk,bm62,fl106,fu249,qh181-2 James Corbett Morris ~Driver, Clayton Taliaferro 3-19-1885 4-19-1952 Jackson, MS Index d. Deatsville, AL ~Droge, Pete 3-11-1969 Eugene, OR Index|,fq235 ~Drone, Jeanette Marie - -1940 city? Index|,4ea ~Drones, The .... Index|,mo737,ni126-7,um58,un214 ~Drongoski, Richard N. 5-27-1958 Clifton, NJ Index ~Drudge, Mike 7-05-1965 city? Index ~Drumright, Joe 1-31-1929 3-29-1996 city? Index ~Dry Branch Fire Squad .... Index|,by92,cx489,fq235,fu251,hx29 DU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Duarte, John W. 10-02-1919 12-23-2004 Sheffield, U.K. Index|,1a103-4 d. Barnet, Hertfordshire, U.K. John William Duarte ~Dubin, Al 6-10-1891 2-11-1945 Zürich, Switzerland Index|,pn96,po130-1,pp187,pq135 d. New York, NY Alexander Dubin ~Dubliners, The .... Index|,fq236,wa55 ~Duchin, Eddy - - - - city? ,jy178-81,pa108-9 ~Duchin, Peter - - - - city? ,pa110 ~Duchow, Lawrence - -1914 - -1972 Potter, WI Index d. ?, CA ~Duckles, Vincent H. 9-21-1913 7-01-1985 Boston, MA Index,ty,tz,ua,ub,uc,, d. Berkeley, CA Vincent Harris Duckles ~Duckworth, William Ph.D. 1-13-1943 9-13-2012 Morganton, NC Index|,wd d. West New York, NJ ~Dudley, Dave 5-03-1928 12-22-2003 Spencer, WI d. Danbury, WI Index|,ha22|Periodicals David Darwin Pedruska ~Dudley-Smith, Timothy 12-26-1926 Manchester, U.K. Index ~Duffey & Srubas .... Index ~Duffey, John 3-04-1934 12-09-1996 Arlington, VA Index ~Duggan, Dan 8-21-1956 Syracuse, NY Index|,fq238 ~Duisit, Lorraine 6-26-1955 New Haven, CT Index ~Dukas, Paul 10-01-1865 5-17-1935 Paris, France Index Paul Abraham Dukas ~Duke of Iron, The - -1906 - -1968 city?, Trinidad Index Cecil Anderson ~Duke, John Woods 7-30-1899 10-26-1984 Cumberland, MD Index ~Dukoff, Bobby - - - - city? ,jy505 ~Dunaway, Judy - - city? Index|,cx505,fh493,fm743 ~Duncan, Glen 5-26-1955 city? Index ~Duncan, James H. - - city? Index|,sm14,sm15 ~Duncan, James 11-12-1968 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index ~Duncan, Stuart 4-14-1964 Chicago, IL or Quantico, VA Index|,fq238 ~Dundee, Tom - -1946 4-18-2006 Chicago, IL Index|,fp9 Tom Callinan ~Dunford, Alec "Uncle Eck" 3-05-1890 - -1950 Galax, VA Index|,wm58-60 d. ? Eckford Dunford ~Dunham, Sonny - - - - city? ,jy182-3,pa110-2 ~Dunn, Anne M. - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Dunn, Anne M. and Maefred Arey with Annette Humphrey .... Index|Periodicals ~Dunn, Donald "Duck" 11-24-1941 5-13-2012 Memphis, TN Index d. Tokyo, Japan ~Dunn, Holly 8-22-1957 San Antonio, TX Index ~Dupre, Marcel 5-03-1886 5-30-1971 Rouen, Normandy, France Index ~Dupree, Champion Jack 7-04-1910 1-21-1992 city? Index|,sb45|,af363,bk,ga77,gh130,hb115 William Thomas Dupree {Barrelhouse Pianoman} ~Dupuis, Robert - -1926 city? Index|,0005 ~Duran Duran .... Index|,3e53-4 ~Duran, Eddie 9-06-1925 San Francisco, CA Index|,qk148-54,qv197 Edward Lozano ~Durante, Francesco 3-31-1684 9-30-1755 city? Index|,-- ~Durchholz, Daniel - - city? Index|,lc ~Durham, Judith 7-07-1943 city?, Australia Index|,aa349 ~Durufle, Maurice 1-11-1902 6-16-1986 Louviers, Eure, France Index ~Duvivier, George 8-17-1920 7-11-1985 New York, NY Index|,oi176-7 d. Manhattan, NY DV - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Dvorak, Antonin 9-08-1841 5-01-1904 Nelahozeves, near Prague, Bohemia Index DW - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Dwyer, Dan - - 10-15-2004 city? Index DY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Dyble, Judy - - city? Index|,bg180 (Fairport Convention) ~Dyens, Roland 10-19-1955 10-29-2016 Tunisia, North Africa Index|,ll25-8 d. Paris, France ~Dyer-Bennet, Richard 10-06-1913 12-14-1991 Leicester, U.K. Index d. Monterey, MA ,aa110,au83,az112,ba153,bk,cx505,fh494,sb44,wa56-7,yq199-203 ~Dykes, Henley - -1920 - -1995 city? Index|,qh182-3 ~Dykes, Omar - -1950 McComb, MS Index|,hb117,ga204 Omar Kent Dykes ~Dykhuis, Marvin - - Racine, WI Index ~Dylan, Bob 5-24-1941 Duluth, MN Index|,0002,af366,am152,ao146,aq83,ar129,as178,av683,az112,ba153,bg165,bk ,bn205,bv81,bw88,by210,cj157,cn69,cx505,dg214,fl111,fm124,fo290,fq239,hb118 ,wa57,3e55-60 Rough Guide to Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Blind Boy Grunt (alias used on the "Broadside" Folkways LP) aka Tedham Porterhouse (alias used on a Ramblin' Jack Elliott's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", Vanguard VSD-7915) ~Dylan, Jakob 12-09-1969 New York, NY Index ~Dylla, Marcin 6-06-1976 Chorzow, Poland Index

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