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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- K Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- KA - |top/bottom of page|All "K" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Kabaivanska, Raina 12-15-1934 Burgas, Bulgaria Index ,km13:298,kn2:937,ko253,kp259,kq168 Raina Yakimova ~Kafer, Karolyn 1-27-1969 New Berlin, WI Index ~Kahn, Brenda 5-03-1967 Hartford, CT Index ~Kahn, Gus 11-06-1886 10-08-1941 Coblenz, Germany Index|,pn194,po263,pp377-8,pq258 d. Beverly Hills, CA ~Kahn, Si 4-23-1944 Boston, MA Index|,bk,cx511,fp11,fq422,wa113 ~Kale, Jim 8-11-1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index Michael James Kale ~Kallick, Kathy 9-19-1952 Chicago, IL Index|,fq425 ~Kallman, Daniel 8-11-1956 city? Index ~Kames, Bob 4-21-1925 4-09-2008 Milwaukee, WI Index Robert Valentine Kujawa ~Kane, Candye - - Los Angeles, CA Index|,ip222 ~Kane, Raymond - -1925 - -2008 Loloa, Kauai, HI Index|,fq426 ~Kanengiser, William 7-22-1959 Orange, NJ Index ~Kaonohi, David - -1907? 6-13-1981 city? Index d. New York, NY aka Johnny Pineapple ~Kaplan, Bruce - -1945 12-15-1992 city? Index|,sg50 {Flying Fish records President/Sing Out Board Member} ~Kaplan, Bruce - - city? Index m. Claudia Russell ~Kaplansky, Lucy 2-16-1960 Chicago, IL Index|,fq427,pt198-215 ~Kapusta, Richard "Blackhawk" - - Marshfield, WI Index ~Karpek, Andrew 8-11-1894 9-22-1942 city? Index d. city? ~Karpek, George - - - -1988 city? Index d. city? ~Katz, Steve - - city? Index|,bk ~Katzman, Nick - -1951 New York, NY Index|,da198 ~Kaukonen, Jorma 12-23-1940 Washington, DC Index Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen Jr. ~Kaun, Hugo 3-21-1863 4-02-1932 Berlin, Germany Index Hugo Wilhelm Ludwig Kaun ~Kay, Ernest - - city? Index|,sp ~Kaz, Eric 1-21-1946 Brooklyn, NY Index|,bk ~Kazanoff, Mark 10-14-1949 Northampton, England Index ~Kazee, Buell 8-29-1900 8-31-1976 Burton Fork, Magoffin County, KY Index|,fu433,yq78-81,wa113-4 KE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Keaggy, Phil - - city? Index ~Keane, Brian - - city? Index|,ab97,cx553 ~Keane, Sean 7-12-1946 Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland Index|,fq430 ~Kearney, David 9-08-1939 Houston, TX Index|,gh161-2,ii186,ip156,iz278-9 William David Kearney ~Keating, H.R.F. 10-31-1926 3-27-2011 St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. Henry Reymond Fitzwalter "Harry" Keating ~Keawe, Joe - -1918 2-06-1992 Kalihi, Oahu, HI Index Josiah Laioha Keawemauhili {Hawaiian Singer/Longshoreman} ~Keb'Mo' 10-03-1951 Los Angeles, CA Index|,fq556 Kevin Moore ~Keckhaver, Mike - - city? Index|,3i ~Keding, Dan and Tom & Chris Kastle .... Index|Periodicals ~Keedy, Kelly Ann 7-26-1965 Abilene, TX Index ~Keelaghan, James - - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Index|,fq431 ~Keen, Robert Earl 1-11-1956 Houston, TX Index|,cx512,fq431,wa114 ~Keenan, Paddy - - city? Index|,ax70 ~Keezer, Geoff 11-21-1970 Eau Claire, WI Index|,hy648 ~Kehr, Bill - - - -2003 city? Index ~Keillor, Garrison 8-07-1942 Anoka, MN Index|,fq432 Gary Edward Keillor ~Keith, Bill 12-20-1939 10-23-2015 Boston, MA Index d. Bearsville, NY ,bg317,bk,by161,cx491,fu434,wa114 William Bradford Keith ~Keith, Catfish 2-09-1962 East Chicago, IL Index ~Keith, Leslie 3-30-1906 city? Index ~Keller, Herb 3-06-1910 10-18-1998 Princeton, WI Index d. Neillsville, WI Herbert Helmuth Keller ~Kelley, Arthur "Guitar" 11-14-1924 Clinton, LA Index|,gh161,ii185 ~Kellogg, Lynn 4-02-1943 Appleton, WI Index|ASCAP ~Kelly, Georgia - - city? Index|,hm96 ~Kelly, Jack - - - -1960 city? Index|,ip223 d. Memphis, TN ~Kelly, Jo-Ann 1-05-1944 10-20-1990 London, U.K. Index|,sp90 ~Kelly, Klesie - -1946 McRoberts, KY Index ~Kelly, Paul 1-12-1955 Adelaide, Australia Index|,fq433 ~Kelly, Vance 1-24-1954 Chicago, IL Index|,ip223 ~Kenkulian, Udi Hrant - -1901 8-29-1978 Adapazari, Turkey Index|,yq146-9 d. ? ~Kennedy, Dave #1 7-17-1925 6-01-1989 Wales, WI d. Milwaukee, WI Index|ha93,248-50 ~Kennedy, Dave #2 9-22-1942 Auburndale, WI Index|ha93-4 ~Kennedy, Frankie 9-30-1955 9-19-1994 city? Index ~Kennedy, Nigel 12-28-1956 - - city? ,4aa338-42 ~Kennedy, Peter 11-18-1922 6-10-2006 London, U.K. d.Leckhampton, Gloucestershire, U.K. Peter Douglas Kennedy ~Kennedy, Rod 1-22-1930 4-14-2014 Buffalo, NY Index d. Kerrville, TX Roderick Kennedy ~Kennedy-Rose .... Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~Kensy, Walter Frank 1-16-1926 5-20-2013 St. Paul, MN Index d. Arden Hills, MN ~Kent, Arthur 7-02-1920 1-26-2009 New York, NY Index d. Florence, SC ~Kent, Willie 2-24-1936 Inverness, MS Index|,ip223 ~Kenton, Audree Coke - - city? Index|,0009 ~Kentucky Colonels, The .... Index ,by162,cx491,fl196,fo534,fq434,fu437,wa14-5 ~Kentucky Headhunters, The .... Index|,fl196,ft124,fu437,-- ~Kern, Jerome 1-27-1885 11-11-1945 New York, NY Index [his music has been recorded by folk musicians] ~Kern, Maria 3-21-1961 Kaiserslautern, Germany Index ~Kernfeld, Barry 8-11-1950 San Francisco, CA Index,sp486,ch,dj Barry Dean Kernfeld ~Kerr, Deborah 9-30-1921 city? Index|,-- Deborah Jane Kerr-Trimmer ~Kershaw, Doug 1-24-1936 Tiel Ridge, Cameron Parish, LA Index Douglas James Kershaw ~Kershaw, Sammy 2-24-1958 Kaplan, Vermilion Parish, LA Index Samuel Paul Kershaw ~Kessinger Brothers, The .... Index|,fu441 ~Kessinger, Clark W. 7-27-1896 6-04-1975 South Hills, WV ,wa115 ~Kessler, Josef 10-02-1970 Framingham, MA Index KG - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~KG & The Ranger .... Index KH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Khachaturian, Aram 6-06-1903 5-01-1978 Tiflis, Georgia, Russian Empire Index Aram Ilyich Khachaturian KI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Kidjo, Angelique 7-14-1960 7-14-1960 Index|,lf Angelique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo ~Kielisch, Melody 9-02-1960 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Kilberg, Lionel - -1930 9- -2008 New York, NY Index d. New York, NY ~Kilcher, Jewel 5-23-1974 Homer, AK Index|,fq405,lc604,pt216-233 ~Killen, W.D. "Buddy" - -1933? 11-01-2006 city? Index d. Nashville, TN ~Kimball, Jennifer 8-14-1962 city? Index ~Kimbrough, Junior 7-28-1930 1-17-1998 Hudsonville, MS Index|,ip224 d. Holly Springs, MS ~Kincaid, Bradley 7-13-1895 9-23-1989 Garrard County, KY Index|,fu444,wa115 ~King, Albert 4-25-1923 12-21-1992 Indianola, MS Index d. Memphis, TN ,al42,ar230,as316,bc102,be111,bg301,bk,bl96,fo540,fq439,fy248,ip225,sg52 Albert Nelson {Blues Legend} ~King, B.B. 9-16-1925 5-14-2015 Berclair plantation, near Itta Bena, MS Index d. Las Vegas, NV ,ag14,al45,ao295,ar228,as317,bb167,bc110,be109,bg302,bk ,bl98,bn372,bv137,bw146,fo540,fq440,fy248,ip227,ss80 Riley B. King (B.B. = Blues Boss or Blues Boy) ~King, Bnois - -1943 Delhi, LA Index|,ip236 ~King, Carole 2-09-1942 Bronx, NY Index|,fq442 Carole Klein ~King, Freddie 9-03-1934 12-28-1976 Gilmer, TX Index|,bc126,fo544,fy249,ip229 d. Dallas, TX ~King, Henry - -1906? 8- -1974 city?, NY Index ~King, Hubie 3-01-1933 Washington, DC Index ~King, James 5-22-1925 11-20-2005 Dodge City, KS Index d. Naples, FL ,km13:606,kn2:991,ko258,kp265,kq179 Ambros King\ ~King, Laurie R. 9-19-1952 Oakland, CA Index ~King, Max 1-27-1920 10-28-2010 Milwaukee Index d. Oconto Falls Ervin J. Kusczynski ~King, Michael - - 2-06-2006 city? Index d. city? ~King, Pee Wee 2-18-1914 3-07-2000 Milwaukee, WI Index d. Louisville, KY ,dv70,fu446,ha70,ir309-14,iv77-80 Julius Frank Kuczynski ~King, Wayne 2-16-1901 7-16-1985 Savannah, IL Index|,jy299 ~Kings of Calcutta .... Index ~Kingsbury, Paul - - city? Index|,hg ~Kingston Trio, The .... Index|,aa213,ao306,az205,bd106,bg307,bk,bn378,bv138,bw148,cx512 ,fo548,fq444,fy250 ~Kinkle, Roger D. 2-13-1916 4-08-2000 Evansville, IN Index|,at,uu,uv,uw d. Evansville, IN ~Kinks, The .... Index ~Kinney, Kevn - -1961 Milwaukee, WI Index|,iv105-8 ~Kinsey, Big Daddy 3-18-1927 Pleasant Grove, MS Index|,ip231 ~Kipnis, Alexander 2-01-1891 5-14-1978 Zhitomir, Volhynia (now Ukraine) Index d. Westport, CT ,km13:614,kn2:998,ko259,kp265,kq179,kr110 ~Kirby, Pete (see Bashful Brother Oswald) ~Kirk, Rahsaan Roland 8-07-1935 12-05-1977 Columbus, OH Index|,os123-9 d. Bloomington, IN Ronald Theodore Kirk ~Kirk, Red - - 5-13-1999 city? Index ~Kirk, Theron - -1919 10- -1999 city? Index ~Kirkland, Mike - - Everett, WA Index ~Kirkpatrick, John and Sue Harris .... Index,ax34 ~Kissinger, Otto - - 4-15-1998 city? Index ~Kitaro - -1953 Japan Index|,ai55 ~Kitt, Eartha 1-17-1927 12-25-2008 Columbia, SC Index d. Weston, CT Eartha Mae Keith ~Kittleson, Everett - -1918 city? Index KL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Klausch, Larry C. - -1939 city? Index Larry Carl Klausch ~Kleiber, Steve - - 2-12-2014 city? Index ~Kleinow, "Sneaky" Pete 8-20-1934 1-06-2007 South Bend, IN Index d. Petaluma, CA ~Klinkhammer, Judy 1-02-1941 2-06-2015 Janesville, WI Index d. Mountain View, AR Judith McIntyre ~Kloss, Eric - -1949 Greenville, PA Index|,nu78-97 ~Klugh, Earl 9-16-1953 Detroit, MI Index|,bw150 KN - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Knecht, Justin Heinrich 9-30-1752 12-01-1817 Biberach an der Riss, Germany Index ~Knight, Lonnie - - 7-17-2006 city? Index ~Knight, Marie - -1925 city? Index ~Knob Lick Upper 10,000 .... ~Knopfler, Mark 8-12-1948 Glasgow, Scotland Index|,ip234 ~Knopper, Steve 2-16-1969 city? Index|,la,le ~Knuckles and the Trailblazers, Red .... Index|,by166,fq379 ~Knudsen, Claire E. 8-04-1961 3-10-2015 city?, IN Index d. Appleton, WI Claire Elizabeth Knudsen ~Knudsen, Karl Emil 6-16-1929 9-05-2003 Copenhagen, Denmark Index d. Copenhagen, Denmark ~Knudten, D. P. - - city? Index ~Knussen, Oliver 6-12-1952 - - Glasgow, Scotland ,4ac308-12 ~Knutson, Mary Louise - - Madison, WI Index KO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Kobluk, Mike 12-10-1937 city? Index ~Koch, Greg - -1966 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Kochman, Marilyn - - city? Index|,ci ~Koda, Cub 10-01-1948 7-01-2000 Detroit, MI Index d. Grass Lake, MI Michael Koda ~Koehler, Esther "Violet" 2-06-1916 10-04-1973 Wilton, WI Index ~Koehn, Richard W. 10-29-1013 4-15-1983 Chicago, IL Index d. Valdosta, GA ~Koerner, "Spider" John 8-31-1938 Rochester, NY Index|,ar235,as325,az208,bk,cx512,hb219,fq451,ip235 ~Koerner, Ray & Glover .... Index|,ar235,as324,az209,cx512,fq450 ~Koller, Fred 3-05-1950 Chicago, IL Index ~Kollo, Rene 11-20-1937 Berlin, Germany Index ,km13:758,kn2:1016,ko263,kp269,kq181 Rene Kollodzieyski ~Koloc, Bonnie 2-06-1946 Waterloo, IA Index|,az209,ba282 ~Konitz, Lee 10-13-1927 Chicago, IL Index|,ns177-86 Leon Konitz ~Konkol, Ray 12-12- city? Index ~Konya, Sandor 9-23-1923 Sarkad, Hungary Index ,km13:789,kn2:1026,ko264,kp270,kq181 ~Kooper, Al 2-05-1944 Brooklyn, NY Index|,ip235 Alan Peter Kuperschmidt ~Kooyman, Barbara 10-04-1957 Wausau, WI Index aka Barbara K m. Pat MacDonald, div. ~Koroschetz, Anna A. 5-20-1913 12-09-2010 Aurora, MN Index d. Sheboygan, WI Anna Matichich ~Kosche, Kenneth T. 9-04-1947 Chicago, IL Index ~Koshkin, Nikita 2-28-1956 Moscow. Russia Index|,ll50-3 ~Kosins, Kathy 2-15-1954 Highland Park, MI Index Kathy Ann Kosins ~Koster, Harry - -1947 4-24-2012 Amberg, WI Index d. Oshkosh, WI Harry Wayne Koster ~Kostia - -1958 St. Petersburg, Russia Index Konstantin Efimov ~Kottke, Leo 9-11-1945 Athens, GA Index|,ar237,as327,az210,bg315,bk,bn380,bu203-4,cx513,ej124 ,fo557,fq453,fy252 ~Kozera, Grant 7-19-1958 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Kozub, Ernst 1-12-1924 1-06-1971 Duisburg, Germany Index d. Frankfurt, Germany ,km,kn,ko,kp,kq,kr - checked so far, no listing found KR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Krahn, Jerry - -1953 city? Index ~Kral, Roy Joseph 10-10-1921 8-02-2002 Chicago, IL Index m. 1949 Jackie Cain ~Krall, Diana 11-16-1964 Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada Index|,hy671,wd114 ~Krasnow, Hermann "Hecky" 2-15-1910 Hartford, CT Index|,pq279 ~Kraus, Alfredo 9-24-1927 9-10-1999 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands Index d. Madrid, Spain ,km13:874,kn2:1039,ko265,kp271,kq182 Alfredo Kraus Trujillo ~Krause, Bernie 12-08-1938 Detroit, MI Index|,bk Bernard L. Krause ~Krause, Chet 12-16-1923 near town of Helvetia, WI Index Chester L. Krause ~Krauss, Alison 7-23-1971 Decatur, IL Index|,by167,cx491,ej74,fl203,fo559,fq454,ft127,fu449,gf52,hx155 ~Kreutzmann, Bill 4-07-1946 Palo Alto, CA Index ~Krisher, Keith 2-20- city? Index Keith Myron Krisher ~Kristofferson, Kris 6-22-1936 Brownsville, TX Index|,fq456,-- ~Krueger, Benny 6-17-1899 4-29-1967 Newark, NJ ~Krueger, Benny 7-17-1899 7-29-1967 Index d. Orange, NJ ,dj664,pa247,pq281,rc664,uu1261-2,ya141 Benjamin Krueger ~Krueger, Jim 9-24-1949 3-29-1993 Manitowoc, WI Index d. Green Bay, WI ~Krupa, Gene 1-15-1909 10-16-1973 Chicago, IL Index d. Yonkers, NY ,cb176/193,cc216-7,dh303-4,dj664-5,dp195,iz407-8,jy304-11,le180-2,mh121 ,nx357-8,oa419,ob422-8,oi334-5,oq304-11,ow91-5,ox228-9,oz132,pa248-51 ,pb176/193,pf159,qv393,rc664-5,sf129/137,uu1262-4,wd114-5,wl303-4,xz161 ,ya141 Eugene Bertram Krupa KU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Kubek, Smokin' Joe 11-30-1956 Grove City, PA Index|,ip236 ~Kuhn, Laura 1-19-1953 San Francisco, CA Index|,kv,kv738-9 Laura Diane Shipcott ~Kuhn, Steve 3-24-1938 Brooklyn, NY Index|,sn229-34 ~Kuncicky, Richard - -1952 Tallahassee, FL Index ~Kunz, Erich - -1909 - -1995 Austria Index ,km14:28,kn2:1059,ko268,kp274,kq183 ~Kusche, Benno 1-30-1916 Freiburg, Germany Index ,km14:53,kn2:1065,ko268,kp275 ~Kuykendall, Kitsy 6-30-1938 city? Index Kitsy O'Meara (m. Pete Kuykendall) ~Kuykendall, Pete 1-15-1938 Arlington, VA Index (m. Kitsy Kuykendall) ~Kuzulka, Kurt 2-28-1949 Hustisford, WI Index KW - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Kweskin, Jim 7-18-1940 Stamford, CT Index|,ar239,as333,az211,bd216,bg317,bk,cx513,fo562,fq458,fy253 ~Kweskin Jug Band, The Jim .... Index|,aa204,bg317,bk ~Kwnick, Helen Q. - - city? Index|,dk KY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Kyle, Danny 12-12-1939 7-05-1998 city? Index

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