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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- P Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- PA - |top/bottom of page - All "P" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~P.J. Proby 11-06-1938 Houston, TX Index|,bg445,id689-90,8h391-2 James Marcus Smith ~P.M. Dawn .... Index|,id659 ~Pablo Cruise .... Index|,bg414,fo741,wp734 ~Pablo, Augustus - -1953? 5-18-1999 Kingston, Jamaica Index d. Kingston, Jamaica ,bg414,fo740-1,wp732-3 Horace Swaby ~Pachelbel, Johann 8- -1653? 3- -1706? Nuremberg, Germany Index [Baptized 9-01-1653, buried 3-09-1706, exact birth/death dates unknown] ~Padgett, Jesse 8-19-1900 2-12-1995 city? Index ~Padgett, Woody 11-17-1933 Jacksonvile, FL Index ~Padovano, John - - Newark, NJ Index ~Page, Ada - - 10-09-1994 [widow of Ralph Page] ~Page, Hot Lips 1-27-1908 11-05-1954 Dallas, TX Index|,ga207,qv511 d. New York, NY Oran Thaddeus Page ~Page, Jimmy 1-09-1944 Heston, Middlesex, U.K. Index|,dz306,ff286-90,fo741-2,wp733-4 James Patrick Page ~Page, Patti 11-08-1927 Muskogee, OK Index ~Pahinui Brothers, The .... Index|,fq613 ~Pahinui, Cyril 4-21-1951 city?, HI Index ~Pahinui, Gabby - -1921 10-13-1980 city?, HI Index|,fq615 ~Pahinui, James "Bla" - -1942 Waimanalo, HI Index ~Paine, John - - Wenatchee, WA Index ~Paisley, Bob 3-14-1931 11-29-2004 Landenberg, PA Index|,by225,jw85,jx99,wm133-4 James Robert Paisley, Sr. ~Paisley, Bob & The Southern Grass.. ,by225 ~Pajama Slave Dancers .... ,dz306 ~Palecek, Dale - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Palestrina,GiovanniPierluigi 2-03-1525 2-02-1594 Palestrina, Italy Palestrina,GiovanniPierluigi 2-02-1526 Index ~Paley, Tom 3-19-1928 New York, NY Index|,as430,au184,bk ~Palmer, Clive 5-13-1943 Edmonton, North London, U.K. Index ~Palmer, Holly - - Santa Monica, CA Index|,pt160-181 ~Palmer, John 5-28-1927 12-26-1993 Union, SC Index John David Palmer ~Palmer, Robert 1-19-1949 Batley, Yorkshire, U.K. Index ,bg414-5,dz306,fo742,id638-9,wp734,8i380-1 Robert Alan Palmer OR Alan Robert Palmer ~Palmer, Robert 6-19-1945 11-20-1997 Little Rock, AR ,3i160-1 Robert Franklin (Bob) Palmer, Jr. ~Palmieri, Eddie 12-15-1936 - - city? ,4aa438-40 ~Panassie, Hugues 2-27-1912 12-08-1974 Paris, France Index d. Montauban, France ,cc269,cs1361,gr1284,ns3-15,nx480,vd1204,vf1204,vg942,vh942,vj744,xy,xz,3s228 ~Para, Dave 2-06-1955 Evergreen Park, IL Index ~Pardue, Rick 9-14-1952 city? Index|,by225,jw85,jx99 ~Pareles, Jon 10-25-1953 city?, CT Index| ~Parham, Tiny 2-25-1900 4-04-1943 Kansas City, MO Index|,qv512,rc954 d. Milwaukee, WI Hartzell Strathdene Parham ~Paris 10-29-1967 San Francisco, CA ,fo742 Oscar Jackson ~Paris, Mica 4-27-1969 London, U.K. ,fo743 Michelle Wallen ~Paris, Twila 12-28-1958 Fort Worth, TX ,3i161-2 Twila Inez Paris Wright ~Park, Mary J. 3-04-1948 Fond du Lac, WI Index Mary Janet Jahn ~Parkening, Christopher 12-14-1947 Brentwood, CA Index|,ll63-6,1`a218-9 ~Parker, Alice 12-16-1925 Boston, MA Index|,yk80-1 ~Parker, Bobby - -1939 Lafayette, LA Parker, Bobby 8-31-1937 Index|,hb282,ga207 ~Parker, Charlie 8-29-1920 3-12-1955 Kansas City, KS Index d. New York, NY ,fo743-4,or166-74,qv513-4,wp734-5 Charles Christopher Parker ~Parker, Ebin 4-07-1952 New Haven, CT Index ~Parker, Gene 4-28-1942 city? Index ~Parker, Graham 11-18-1950 East London, U.K. Index ,bg415,dz307,fo744,wp735-6,8i381-2 ~Parker, Graham & the Rumour .... Index|,id639-40 ~Parker, Jeff 4-04-1967 Bridgeport, CT Index ~Parker, Johnny "Tasty" 6-24-1927 3-21-2006 Queens, NY Index ~Parker, Johnny 11-06-1929 Beckenham, U.K. Index|,rc959-60 ~Parker, Junior 3-27-1932 11-18-1971 West Memphis, AR Parker, Junior 5-27-1932 11-18-1971 Clarksdale, MS Index d. Blue Island, IL ,bg415-6,fo744-5,ga207,hb284,wp736-7 Herman Parker ~Parker, Maceo 2-14-1943 Kinston, NC Index|,fo745-6,qv515,wp737 ~Parker, Ray Jr. 5-01-1954 Detroit, MI Index|,bg416-7,dz307-8,fo746,id640-1 ~Parks, Gordon 11-30-1912 - - city? ,4aa444-8 ~Parks, Suzan-Lori 5-10-1963 Fort Knox, KY Index ~Parks, Van Dyke 1-03-1943 Hatiesburg, MS Index ,bg417,dz308,fo746-7,wp737,8h366-7,8i382 ~Parler, Mary 10-06-1904 9-15-1981 Wedgefield, SC Index|,3i162-3 d. Stateburg, SC Mary Celestia Parler ~Parlet .... Index|,dz308 ~Parliament .... Index|,dz308 ~Parmley, David 2-01-1959 Los Angeles, CA Index|,by226,jw85,jx99 ~Parmley, Don 10-19-1933 near Monticello, KY Index|,by226 ~Parricelli, John - -1959 city?, U.K. Index ~Parry, C. Hubert H. 2-27-1848 10-07-1918 Gloucestershire, U.K. Index Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry ~Parry, David - -1942 6-13-1995 London, U.K. Index d. city? ~Parsons Project, The Alan .... Index|,id641 ~Parsons, Alan - -1949 city? Index|,fo747,wp737-8 ~Parsons, Bill 9-08-1934 Crossville, TN Index ~Parsons, Gene - -1944 Morongo Valley, Mojave Desert, CA Index ~Parsons, Gram 11-05-1946 9-19-1973 Winter Haven, FL Index d. Joshua Tree, CA ,fl287,dz308-9,fo747-8,fq616,fy288,id641-2,wp738-9 Cecil Ingram Connor OR Ingram Cecil Connor III ~Partch, Harry 6-24-1901 9-03-1974 Oakland, CA Index ~Parton, Dolly 1-19-1946 Sevier County, TN OR Locust Ridge, TN OR Sevierville, TN Index ,bw202,by226,dv155,dz309,fl289,fo748-9,gf68,id642-4,jx99,wp739-40 Dolly Rebecca Parton ~Partridge Family, The .... Index|,fo749-50,wp740-1 ~Party Party .... Index|,dz309 ~Pashia, Charlie - -1909 - -1994 Rabbitville, MO Index|,qh106-8 ~Paskalis, Kostas 9-01-1929 Levadia, Greece Index|,km19:185,kn3:901,ko376,kp389 ~Pass, Joe 1-13-1929 5-23-1994 New Brunswick, NJ Index|,qv517,rc961-2 d. Los Angeles, CA Joseph Anthony Jacobi Passalaqua ~Passage .... ,dz309-10 ~Past Due and Playable .... Index|,jw85,jx99 ~Patent Pending .... Index|,jw85,jx99 ~Pasternak, Deb - - Hartford, CT Index|,fq616 ~Paterson, Joel - -1970 Boston, MA Index ~Paton, Caroline 8-31-1932 East Chicago, IL Index|,az287,bk ~Paton, Sandy 1-22-1929 7-26-2009 Jackson, FL Index|,av691,az287,bk ~Paton, Sandy & Caroline .... Index|,aa288-9,az287,fq616 ~Patterson, Bobby #1 - - city? Index|,wm ~Patterson, Bobby #2 3-13-1944 Dallas, TX Index|,4as525 ~Patterson, Ray & Ina .... ,aa289-90 ~Pattis, Larry - - Chicago, IL Index ~Patton, Charley - -1887 4-28-1934 Bolton, MS Patton, Charley - -1887 4-28-1934 Edwards, MS Patton, Charley 4-01-1891 4-28-1934 d. Indianola, MS Index|,0001 ,aj18,aj20,aj26,bb227,bk,bl137,fq618,fo750,hb284,ga208,wp741 ~Patrick Street .... Index|,cx876,fq617 ~Patuxent Partners .... Index|,hx121-2 ~Paul and Paula .... ,fo752,8h367 ~Paul, Billy 12-01-1934 Philadelphia, PA ,fo749,wp741 Paul Williams ~Paul, Dana - - Charlottesville, VA Index ~Paul, Ellis - -1966 Fort Kent, ME Index|,fq619 ~Paul, Gayla Drake - - city? Index|,fq619 ~Paul, Les 6-09-1915 8-13-2009 Waukesha, WI Index d. New York, NY ,az288,fo751-2,ha73,ir348-56,iv9,qv518-9,wp741-2 m. Mary Ford (1949-1963) Lester Williams Polfus II ~Paul, Les & Mary Ford .... Index|,bw202,ha73 ~Paulsen, Pat 7-06-1927 4-24-1997 South Bend, WA Index|,fq743 d. Tijuana, Mexico Patrick Layton Paulsen ~Paulus, Stephen H. 8-24-1949 10-19-2014 Summit, NJ Index|,qd562,vs338,vt398 d. Arden Hills, MN Stephen Harrison Paulus ~Pavarotti, Luciano 10-12-1935 9-06-2007 Modena, Italy Index d. Modena, Italy ,km19:253,kn3:922,ko377,kp391,kq270,kr157 ~Pavel, Don - -1947 1-30-2008 St. Paul, MN Index ~Pavement .... Index|,fo752,id644,wp742-3 ~Paxton, Tom 10-31-1937 Chicago, IL Index ,aa290-2,ar317,as435,ax134,az288,bd201,bg421,bk,bn555,bu283,cx520,fq620,fo752-3 ,fy288,wp743-4,8h368-9 ~Paycheck, Johnny 5-31-1938 2-18-2003 Greenfield, OH Index Donald Eugene Lytle ~Payne, Freda 9-19-1945 Detroit, MI ,fo753,wp744 ~Payne, Odie 8-27-1926 3-01-1989 Chicago, IL ,ga209 d. Chicago, IL ~Payne, "Sunshine" Sonny - - - - city? ,3i163-5 John William Payne PE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Peaches and Herb .... ,fo753,wp744,8h369-70 ~Peachey, Don 7-21-1933 city? Index ~Peacock, Alice - - White Bear Lake, MN Index ~Peacock, Kenneth 4-07-1922 11-22-2000 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index|,au185 d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Kenneth Howard Peacock ~Peak, Leandra 9-15-1961 Louisville, KY Index ~Pearl Harbour and the Explosions .... ,fo754 ~Pearl Jam .... Index ,fo754-5,id644-5,wp744-6 Pearl, Minnie - (see: Minnie Pearl) ~Pedersen, Herb 4-27-1944 Berkeley, CA Index|,by227,cx520,jw85,jx99-100,sm44 ~Pedi, Don 5-02-1947 Boston, MA ,fq621 ~Peebles, Ann 4-27-1947 St. Louis, MO ,fo755,fq622,wp746 ~Peek, Dan 11-01-1950 Panama City, FL Index ~Peel, John 8-30-1939 10-25-2004 Heswall, U.K. Index|,td,te d. Cusco, Peru John Robert Parker Ravenscroft ~Peerce, Jan 6-03-1904 12-15-1984 New York, NY Index d. New York, NY ,km19:282,kn3:931,ko379,kp393,kq271 Jacob Pincus Perelmuth ~Peetie Wheatstraw 12-21-1902 12-21-1941 Ripley, TN Index or - -1905 d. East St. Louis, IL ,bb304,bk,bl182,hb396,3i215-6,6y369,7s361 Herman Ray (#aw) or William Bunch (#bb) ~Peg Leg Sam 12-18-1911 11-27-1977 Jonesville, SC ,hb285,ga209 d. Jonesville, SC Arthur Jackson ~Pegg, Dave 11-02-1947 Acocks Green, Birmingham, U.K. Index David Pegg ~Pegram, George 8-05-1911 9-12-1974 Oak Ridge, NC ,fq622 ~Pekol, Jim 5-04-1961 Wausau, WI Index ~Pellegrini, Norman 7-18-1929 7-02-2009 Chicago, IL Index d. Chicago, IL ~Pelham, Ruth - -1949 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Peltoniemi, Eric 10-22-1949 St. Paul, MN Index ~Pendergrass, Teddy 3-26-1950 Philadelphia, PA ,dz310,fo755-6,id645-6,wp746-7 ~Penguin Cafe Orchestra .... ,dz310-11 ~Penguins, The .... ,fo756,wp747-8 ~Penn Central .... ,by228,jw85-6,jx100 ~Penn, Larry - -1927? 10-08-2014 city? Index|,fp15 d. Milwaukee, WI Lawrence J. Penn ~Penn, Michael 8-01-1958 New York, NY ,fo756-7,wp748 ~Penner, Fred 11-06-1946 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index Frederick Ralph Cornelius Penner ~Pennington, Eddie - - city?, KY Index ~Pennington, John B. 4-14-1882 Clay County, KY Index|,au186,av186,vm186 ~Pennywhistlers, The .... ,aa292-3 ~Pensis, Henri B. 3-18-1927 Luxembourg Index Henri Bram Pensis ~Pentangle .... Index ,ao442,as438,ax36,az289-90,bg424,bk,cx520,fq623,fo757,fy289,wp748-9,8h372-3 ,8i386-7 ~Peoples, Tommy 9-20-1948 Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland Index|,ax74,fq623 ~Pepper, Art 9-01-1925 6-01-1982 Gardena, CA Index|,qv522,rc969 d. Panorama, CA Arthur Edward Pepper, Jr. ~Pepper, Jim - -1941 2-10-1992 city?, OR Index|,qv522 d. Portland, OR ~Pere Ubu .... Index ,dz311,fo757-8,ta542-3,wp749-50 ~Perger, Andreas Paolo 4-13-1970 Munich, Germany Index ~Peripheral Vision .... ,dz312 ~Perkins, Al 8-01-1933 city? Perkins, Al 1-18-1944 city?, TX Index ~Perkins, Carl 4-09-1932 1-19-1998 Tiptonville, TN Index d. Jackson, TN ,as438-9,az290-1,fo758-60,id646-8,wp750-1,8h373 Carl Lee Perkins ~Perkins, John Sinclair - - 1-18-2003 city? Index ~Perkins, Larry 1-31-1961 city? Index|,jw86,jx100 ~Perkins, Luther 1-08-1928 8-05-1968 Memphis, TN Index d. Nashville, TN Luther Monroe Perkins ~Perkins, Pinetop 7-13-1913 3-21-2011 Belzoni, MS Index|,hb285,ga210 d. Austin, TX ~Perlman, Ken - -1945 New York, NY Index|,da,fq625,4bg233-4 ~Peros, Nick 3-17-1963 city?, prov.? Canada Index ~Perry, Bill - - Chester, NY ,ga210 ~Perry, Cliff 1-16-1944 ~Perry, Cliff & Laurel Bliss .... ,fq625 ~Perry, Dale 4-02-1962 ~Perry, Lee "Scratch" 3-20-1936 Hanover, Jamaica ,dz312,fo760-1,wp751-2 Rainford Hugh Perry ~Perry, Mark - - Smithers, British Columbia, Canada Index,mq1939 ~Perry, Steve 10-08-1963 Syracuse, NY Index Stephen Henry Perry ~Perry, Steve 1-22-1949 Hanford, CA Index|,dz312 Stephen Ray Perry ~Perryman, Lloyd 1-29-1917 5-03-1977 Ruth, AR Index d. Colorado Springs, CO ~Persian Gulf .... ,dz312-3 ~Persichetti, Vincent 6-06-1915 8-14-1987 Philadelphia, PA Index Vincent Ludwig Persichetti ~Persuasions, The .... Index ,as439,az291,ba384,bg426,el432,fo761,fx502-3,wp752-2 ~Pet Shop Boys, The .... ,dz313,fo761-2,id648-9,wp753-4 ~Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth .... ,fo762,wp754 ~Peter & Gordon .... Index ,as439-40,ba384,bg426-7,az292,el433,fo762,fq626,id649,wp754,8h374-6 ~Peter & the Test Tube Babies .... ,dz313 ~Peter, Paul and Mary .... Index ,aa293-6,ao446,as440,ba384-5,bd152,bg427,bk,bn563,bu285,bv192,bw204,cx520 ,el433,fo762-3,fq626,fx430,fy290,wp754-5 ~Peterik, Jim 11-11-1950 Berwyn, IL Index|,pq393 James Michael Peterik ~Peters, Eric 6-11- city? Index ~Peters, Matt 7-14-1986 city? Index ~Peters, Roberta 5-04-1930 New York, NY Index ,km19:492,kn3:981,kq273 Roberta Petermann ~Petersen, Jack 10-25-1933 Elk City, OK Index Jack Leroy Petersen ~Peterson, Colleen 11-14-1950 10-09-1996 Peterboro, Ontario, Canada Index ~Peterson, Carolyn Sue 6-23-1938 Carthage, MO Index ~Peterson, David & 1946 .... ,jx100 ~Peterson, Garry 5-26-1945 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index ~Peterson, James 11-04-1937 Russell County, AL Index|,hb285,ga210 ~Peterson, Joanne 11-17- city? Index Joanne West ~Peterson, Lucky 12-13-1963 Buffalo, NY Peterson, Lucky 12-13-1964 Buffalo, NY Index|,hb287,ga211 Judge Kenneth Peterson ~Peterson, May - -1889 10-08-1952 city? Index d. Austin, TX ~Peterson, Noel - - Chicago, IL Index ~Peterson, Oscar 8-15-1925 12-23-2007 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index|,oi416-8,sn130-143 d. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Oscar Emmanuel Peterson ~Peterson, Ray 4-23-1939 Denton, TX ,fo763-4,wp755 ~Pethel, Stan 2-03-1950 Gainesville, GA Index|,vt405 ~Petric, Faith 9-13-1915 10-24-2013 city?, ID Index|,cx521 d. San Francisco, CA ~Petrucciani, Michel - - - - city? ,mx221-9 ~Pettersen, Bill 1-24- city? Index ~Pettersen, Ed 1-29-1962 Glen Cove, NY Index|,fq629 ~Petteway, Al 10-17-1952 Belleville, IL Index|,fq630 ~Petticoat Junction .... ,jw86,jx100 ~Pettiford, Oscar 9-30-1922 9-08-1960 Okmulgee, OK Index|,qv526-7 d. Copenhagen, Denmark ~Pettinga, Patricia - - Grand Rapids, MI Index ~Pettis, Pierce - - Fort Payne, AL Index|,cx521,fq631 ~Petty, Norman - -1927 8-15-1984 Clovis, NM ,mq1946 d. Lobbock, TX ~Petty, Tom 10-20-1950 10-20-2017 Gainesville, FL Index d. Malibu, CA ,az293,fo764-5,ta545-6,tb625-6,tg816-8,wp756-7,4ai449-53 Thomas Earl Petty ~Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers .... Index|,dz313-4,id649-51,mq1946-7 ~Petway, Robert - - - - city? Index|,hb287 ~Pewewardy, Cornel - -1952 Lawton, OK Index|,lo274 PF - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Pfeffer, Murray L. 5-08-1926 7-04-2008 city? Index ~Pfeiffer, Bob - - city? ,dz314 ~Pfeiffer, John C. - - Zanesville, OH Index ~P-Funk All-Stars .... ,dz314 PH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Phair, Liz 4-17-1967 New Haven, CT ,fo765,wp753 Elizabeth Clark Phair ~Phases of the Moon .... ,dz314 ~Phelps, Kelly Joe - - city? Index|,fq631 ~Pheromones, The .... ,dz314 ~Phezulu Eqhudeni .... ,dz314 ~Philipsek, Reynold 12-08-1952 city? Index Reynold David Philipsek ~Phillips, Brewer 11-16-1924 Ciola, MS Phillips, Brewer 11-16-1924 Coila, MS Phillips, Brewer 11-16-1925 Index|,hb289,ga211,mq1948 [ed. note: per the USPS, Ciola does not exist, Coila is ZIP 38923] ~Phillips, Bruce "U. Utah" 5-15-1935 5-23-2008 Cleveland, OH Index|,fq632 d. Nevada City, CA ,aa297-9,mq1948 Bruce Duncan Phillips ~Phillips, Esther 12-23-1935 8-07-1984 Galveston, YX ,dz315,mq1948-9 d. Carson, CA Esther Mae Jones ~Phillips, Ethan 2-08-1955 Garden City, Long Island, NY [Star Trek Voyager, Neelix] ~Phillips, Freda Cruse 10-21-1957 Mountain View, AR Index|,qi Freda Gail Cruse ~Phillips, Gene 7-25-1915 Paris Island, SC Index|,ga212,mq1949 Eugene Floyd Phillips ~Phillips, Janis Lewis 2-13-1939 city? Index ~Phillips, John 8-30-1935 3-18-2001 Paris Island, SC Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,aa206,as441,bg346,mq1949-50 John Edmund Andrew Phillips ~Phillips, Lewis 4-05-1972 city? Index|,jx100 ~Phillips, Michelle 6-04-1944 Long Beach, CA Index|,az293,mq1950 Hally Michelle Gilliam ~Phillips, Sam 1-05-1923 7-27-2005 Florence, AL Index|,mq1950 Samuel Cornelius Phillips [Record Producer, Sun Records Owner] ~Phillips, Sam - -1962 city? Index Leslie Phillips ~Phillips, Shawn 2-03-1943 Fort Worth, TX ~Phillips, Shelley - -1961 city? Index ~Phillips, Sid 6-14-1907 5-24-1973 London, U.K. Index d. Chertsey, U.K. ,ch308,mq1950-1,nx497-8,og252-3,rc976,4bl Isador Simon Phillips ~Phillips, Todd - -1953 city? Index|,fq634,jw86,jx100-1 ~Phillips, Utah - -1935? Cleveland, OH Phillips, Utah or - -1939? Cleveland, OH Phillips, Utah or 5-15-193? Cleveland, OH ,aa297,ax135,az294,bk,cx521,fq632 Bruce (U. Utah) Phillips ~Phillips, Washington - -1891 12-31-1938 Freestone County, TX Phillips, Washington or - -1891 12-31-1939 ,mq1951,fq634 d. Austin, TX ~Phillipson, Larry Lee - -1923 Milwaukee, WI Index|,ha194 ~Phoenix, Willie - - city? ,dz315 ~Phranc 8-28-1957 Santa Monica, CA Index|,dz315,fq635,mq1952 Susan Gottlieb PI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Piaf, Edith 12-19-1915 10-11-1963 Paris, France Index|,la378,mq1952 d. Paris, France Edith Giovanna Gassion ~Piano Red 10-19-1913 7-25-1985 Hampton, GA Piano Red 10-19-1911 7-25-1985 Hampton, GA Index d. city? ,hb289,ga212,mq1952,mq19542 d. Decatur, GA William (Willie) Lee Perryman ~Piano C. Red 9-14-1933 Montevallo, Al Index|,hb289 James Wheeler ~Piatigorsky, Gregor 4-17-1903 8-06-1976 Ekaterinoslav (Dnetropetrovosk), Russia Index d. city?, CA Grigoriy Pavlovich Pyatigorskiy ~Piazza, Rod 12-18-1947 Riverside, CA ,hb290,ga212,mq1954 ~Piazzolla, Astor 1-30-1935 Buenos Aires, Argentina ,dz315-6,mq1954 ~Picardo, Robert 10-27-1953 Philadelphia, PA [Star Trek Voyager, the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram)] ~Piccolo, Greg 5-10-1951 Westerly, RI Index|,hb290,ga213 ~Pick, Donnie - -1968 city? Index ~Pickard-Cambridge, W.A.C. 12-14-1879 3-04-1957 Bloxworth, Dorset, U.K. Index d. city? William Adair C? Pickard-Cambridge ~Pickens, Willie 4-18-1931 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Pickett, Dan 8-31-1907 8-16-1967 Pike County, AL Index|,hb290,ga213,mq1955 d. Boaz, AL ~Pickett, Wilson 3-18-1941 ,id651-1,mq1955-6,8h378-81 ~Picozzoli, Tom - - city? Index|,cx521 ~Pierce, Jo Carol 7-20-1944 Wellington, TX Index|,fq635 ~Pierce, Lonnie 7-14-1923 5-31-1996 city? Index ~Pierce, Webb 8-08-1926 2-24-1991 West Monroe, LA Index|,mq1957-9 d. Nashville, TN Webb Michael Pierce ~Pietsch, Edna Frida 5-07-1894 7-16-1982 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Pig, Clive - - ,cx521 ~Pike, Fred 10-27-1932 3-05-1997 ~Pilson, Jeff 1-19-1958 Lake Forest, IL Index|,iv109 ~Pinamonti, John 1-14-1961 Los Angeles, CA ,fq636 ~Pine Mountain Railroad .... ,jx101 ~Pineapple, Johnny see David Kaonohi ~Piney Creek Weasels .... Index|,fq636,jw86,jx101 ~Pinhead .... ,dz316 ~Pinnacle Boys, The .... ,by230,jw86,jx101 ~Pink Floyd .... Index|,ff507-23,id652-5,mq1962-3,3e97-9 ,8h381,8i387-9 Rough Guide to Pink Floyd ~Pinney, Richard (Dick) - - city? Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~Pinson, Bob - -1934? 9-04-2003 city?, TX Index d. Nashville, TN ~Pint, William 12-20-1953 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Pintar, Judith - - city? Index|,ab143 ~Pinza, Ezio 5-18-1892 5-09-1957 Rome, Italy Index d. New York, NY ,km19:763,kn3:1015,ko386,kp400,kq275 Ezio Fortunato Pinza ~Piper Road Spring Band .... Index|,by230 ~Pisano, John 2-06-1931 Staten Island, NY Index|,qk193-208,qv530,rc988 ~Pitchford, Lonnie 10-08-1955 11-08-1998 Lexington, MS Index|,hb291 ~Pitman, Bill - -1920 city? Index|,qk67-86 ~Pitman, Booker T. 10-03-1909 10-13-1969 Fairmont Heights, MD Index|,rc988 d. Sao Paulo, Brazil ~Pitney, Gene 2-17-1941 Hartford, CT ,id655-6,mq1965-6 ~Pitrek, Ivanka Ivanova 1-18-1954 Pazardzhik, Bulgaria Index ~Pixies, The .... ,id656-7,mq1966 ~Pizzarelli, Bucky 1-09-1926 Paterson, NJ Index|,mq1966-7,qk98-104,qv530,rc988 John Paul Pizzarelli, Sr. ~Pizzarelli, John 4-06-1960 Paterson, NJ Index|,qv530-1,rc988 John Paul Pizzarelli, Jr. ~Pizzarelli, Martin - - Paterson, NJ Index PJ - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~PJ Harvey 10-09-1969 Bridport, Dorset, U.K. ,mq1966 Polly Jean Harvey ~PJ Proby - (see: P.J. Proby) PL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Placksin, Sally - - city? Index|,on ~Plaid Family, The .... Index|,fq637 ~Planet, Janet - -1958? Appleton, WI Index|,ju370,va408 / Periodicals m. Tom Washatka Janet Heimerman (info. courtesy of Appleton High School East Class of 1976) ~Plant, Robert 8-20-1948 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, U.K. ,id657-8,mq1967 Robert Anthony Plant ~Plante, Gilles - - Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index ~Planxty .... ,ar324,as445,ba391,bk,cx877,fq637,mq1967 ~Plass, Richie - - Shawano, WI Index ~Plasticland .... Index|,7c430,7d503 ~Plata, Chris - - city?, TX Index ~Platters, The .... ,id658-9,mq1969 ~Pleasant, Cousin Joe 12-20-1907 10-02-1989 Wallace, LA ,ga213 d. New Orleans, LA ~Pleasants, Henry 5-12-1910 1-04-2000 Wayne, PA Index|,co d. London, England ~Plenn, Doris 12-25-1909 11-16-1994 Troutman, NC Index d. Sharon, CT Doris Troutman Plenn ~Plimsouls, The .... ,8s124 PM - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~PM Dawn .... ,mq1970 PO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Pockat, Jeff - - city? Index ~Poco .... Index ,az298-9,bw207,fy291,id659-60,mq1970-1,8i389-91 ~Pogue, David 3-09-1963 Shaker Heights, OH Index|,3v David Welch Pogue ~Pogues, The .... ,fq639,id660-2,mq1971-2 ~Point of Grace .... ,3i165-6 ~Pointer Sisters, The .... ,id662-3,mq1972 ~Pointer, Anita 1-23-1948 Oakland, CA ,3i166-7 ~Poison .... ,id663-4,mq1972-3 ~Polaski, Deborah 5-26-1949 Richland Center, WI Index ~Police, The .... Index ,id664-6,mq1974-5,3e99-102 ~Politte, Joe - -1900 - -1983 city? Index|,qh197-8 ~Polka Dogs .... ,cx521 ~Pollack, Ben 6-22-1903 6-07-1971 Chicago, IL Index|,jy499-500,pa343-5,le244 d. Palm Springs, CA ,jy499-500,mq1975,pa343-5,le244 ~Pollar, Mary Ann - - 9-11-1999 ,sp8 ~Pomeroy, Lowell - - city? Index|,kw198-9 ~Pomus, Doc 6-27-1925 3-14-1991 Brooklyn, NY ,hb291,mq1976 d. New York, NY Jerome Felder ~Ponce, Manuel 12-08-1882 4-24-1948 Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico Index Manuel Maria Ponce Cuellar ~Ponder, Jimmy 5-10-1946 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,rc992 James Willis Ponder ~Ponomarev, Valery - -1943 city?, Russia Index Valery Mikhaylovich Ponomaryov ~Ponty, Jean-Luc 9-29-1940 Avranches, France ,mq1977 ~Poole, Brian & the Tremeloes .... ,id666-7 ~Poole, Charlie 3-22-1892 5-21-1931 Alamance County, NC ,fq640 d. Spray, NC ~Poole, Charlie & the North Carolina Ramblers .... ,aa299-300 ~Pooler, Frank 3-29-1926 Onalaska, WI Pooler, Frank 3-29-1926 La Crosse, WI Index Onalaska (Wikipedia), La Crosse (ASCAP 1980, p. 400) ~Popa Chubby - - Bronx, NY Index|,hb292 Ted Horowitz ~Pope, Alice - - city? Index|,4eb ~Pope, Jenny - - - - city? ,if96-7,3u96-7 aka Jennie Clayton ~Popoff, Martin - -1963 Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada Index ~Popp, Lucia 11-12-1939 11-16-1993 Uhorska Ves (now Zahorska Ves) (Bratislava, formerly Pressburg), Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) Index d. Munich, Germany ,km20:127,kn3:1061,ko393,kp407,kq278,kr163 Lucia Poppova ~Portal, Michel 11-27-1935 Bayonne, France ,mq1980 ~Porter, Art Jr. 8-03-1961 11-23-1996 Little Rock, AR ,3i167-8 Arthur Lee Porter, Jr. ~Porter, Art Sr. 2-08-1934 7-22-1993 Little Rock, AR ,3i168-9 Arthur Lee Porter, Sr. ~Porter, Cole 6-09-1891 10-15-1964 Peru, IN Index|,mq1980 d. Santa Monica, CA ~Porter, David 11-21-1941 Memphis, TN ,mq1980-1 ~Porter, Douglas 12-06-1956 ~Porter, Douglas and Willa .... ,jw86,jx101 ~Porter, Ellinor A. 3-15-1926 1-28-2012 Emporia, KS Index d. Crystal, MN Ellinor Brown ~Porter, Harold B. 8-11-1924 6-08-2000 Fort Scott, KS Index d. Columbia, MO Harold Brook Porter ~Porter, Jim 9-01-1932 - - Little Rock, AR ,3i169-71 Jim Skillern Porter, Jr. ~Porter, Willa 6-10-1957 city? Index ~Porter, Willy - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Portishead .... ,id668 ~Portnoy, Jerry 11-25-1943 Evanston, IL ,hb292,ga213 ~Posey, Sandy 6-18-1944 Jasper, AL ,mq1981 Martha Sharp ~Positive Force .... ,mq1981 ~Poss, Barry 9-07-1944 ~Possessed .... ,mq1981 ~Post, Jim 10-28-1939 Houston, TX Index ~Post, Mike 9-29-1944 Berkeley, CA ,mq1981 Leland Michael Postil ~Potger, Keith 3-02-1941 city?, Ceylon Index|,aa348 ~Potter, Dale 4-28-1929 3-14-1996 city? Index ~Potts, Sean - -1930 city? Index ~Poulenc, Francis 1-07-1899 1-30-1963 Paris, France Index Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc ~Pousette-Dart Band .... Index|,az300 ~Powder Blues Band .... ,ga213 ~Powell, Desmond 7-14-1899 Waverly, NY ,au186 ~Powell, Dirk 6-07-1969 Oberlin, OH .fq640 ~Powell, Doc - - Spring Valley, NY Index ~Powell, Robert J. 7-22-1932 Benoit, MS Index Robert Jennings Powell ~Power, Duffy - - ,ga214 ~Powers, Mark 4-11-1977 Terre Haute, IN Index PR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Praetorius, Michael 2-15-1571? 2-15-1621 Creuzburg, Thuringia, Germany Index Michael Schultze ~Prakash, John 8-01-1947 Bombay, India Index ~Prasada-Rao, Tom - - Ethiopia Index|,fq641 ~Preacher Boy - -1968 Iowa City, IA ,hb292 ~Prefab Sprout .... ,id668-9 ~Prellberg, Mark - - city? Index|,jh,ji,jj,jk,jl ~Premo, Evan 3-01-1985 Amasa, MI Index ~Premo, Laurel 12-31-1987 Amasa, MI Index ~Presidents of the United Sates of America, The .... ,id669 ~Presley, Elvis 1-08-1935 8-16-1977 East Tupelo, MS Index d. Memphis, TN ,hb293,ga214,id669-81,le245-8,3e103-16,8h381-9,8i391-402 Rough Guide to Elvis Elvis Aron Presley ~Presley, Luther 3-06-1887 12-06-1974 Faulkner County, AR ,3i171-2 Luther G. Presley ~Presnell, Edd - - - -1994 city? Index ~Preston, Jimmy - - city? Index|,ga215 ~Pretenders, The .... ,id681-3 ~Pretty Things, The .... ,id683-4 ~Previn, Andre 4-06-1929 Berlin, Germany Index|,vi514-6,vl100-1 Andreas Ludwig Priwin (Andre George Previn) ~Prey, Hermann 7-11-1929 7-22-1998 Berlin, Germany Index d. Krailling, Bavaria, Germany ,km20:313,kn3:1093,ko397,kp411,kq282 ~Price, Bill 5-08-1934 city? Index,jw86-7,jx101 ~Price, Celia Ann 12-31-1969 city? Index ~Price, Florence 4-09-1887 6-03-1953 Little Rock, AR ,3i172-3 Florence Beatrice Smith Price ~Price, James 6-21-1964 city? Index|,jw87,jx101 ~Price, Kenny 5-27-1931 8-04-1987 Florence, KY Index|,hg422 d. city? James Kenneth Price ~Price, Leontyne 2-10-1927 Laurel, MS Index ,km20:315,kn3:1094,ko397,kp412,kq282,kr163 Mary Violet Leontine Price ~Price, Lloyd 3-09-1933 Kenner, LA Index ,hb295,ga215(d.1988 NOT!),id684,8h389-91 ~Price, Dame Margaret 4-13-1941 Blackwood Monmouthshire (now Gwent), Wales Index ,km20:316,kn3:1094,ko297,kp412,kq282,kr164 Margaret Berenice Price ~Price, Ray 1-12-1926 Perryville, TX Index|,hg422-3 Ray Noble Price ~Price, Sammy 10-06-1908 4-14-1992 Honey Grove, TX Index|,hb295,ga216 d. New York, NY ~Priceman (Weller), Kristina - - Atlanta, GA Index Kristina Priceman ~Pride, Charley 3-18-1938 Sledge, MS Index|,dv157,hg423-4 ~Prillaman, Ted - - 4-08-1998 city? Index ~Primal Scream .... ,id684-5 ~Primer, John 3-03-1945 Camden, MS Index|,hb296,ga216 ~Primich, Gary 4-20-1958 Chicago, IL Index|,hb296,ga216 ~Primitive Characters .... Index|,fq642 ~Prince 6-07-1958 Minneapolis, MN ,id685-8 Prince Rogers Nelson ~Principles, The .... ,jw87,jx101 ~Prine, John 10-10-1946 Maywood, IL Index ,aa301-2,ao470,ar332,as455,bg444,bk,bn583,bu297,fl311,fq642,ft185,fy295,gf71 ,hg424,id688-9 ~Prior, Maddy 8-14-1947 Liverpool, U.K. Index|,as456,az306 ~Pritchett, George 3-11-1931 8-24-1987 Milwaukee, WI Index George Daniel Pritchett ~Private Property of Digil .... Index|ha271 ~Procol Harum .... ,id690-1 ~Proctor, Chris - - city? Index|,ab146 ~Professor Longhair 12-19-1918 1-30-1980 Bougalusa, LA Professor Longhair 12-19-1918 1-30-1980 Bogalusa, LA Index|,az308,hb298,ga217 d. New Orleans, LA Henry Roeland "Roy" Byrd (Bird?) [ed. note: per the USPS, Bogalusa is the correct spelling] ~Professor's Blues Revue .... Index|,ga217 ~Proffitt, Frank - -1913 - -1965 Laurel Bloomery, TN Index|,aa302-4,av692,ax98,bk,bn584 Frank Noah Proffitt ~Prokofiev, Sergei 4-27-1891 3-05-1953 Sontsovka (now Krasne in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine), Russia Index Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev ~Protheroe, Daniel 11-05-1866 2-25-1934 Cwmgiedd hear Ystradgynlais, Brecknockshire, Wales Index ~Protti, Aldo 7-19-1920 Cremona, Italy Index ,kn3:1150 ~Protzer, Rue - -1966 Stuttgart, Germany Index ~Provisor, Dennis 11-05-1948? Los Angeles, CA Index birth name unknown ~Prudhomme, Willis 9-22-1931 Kinder, LA Index|,fq644 ~Pruett, Marc 8-19-1951 city? Index|,jw87,jx101 ~Pryor, Snooky 9-15-1921 Lambert, MS ,hb299,ga218 PS - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Psychograss .... Index|,fq645,jw87,jx102 PU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Public Enemy .... ,id691-2 ~Public Image Ltd. .... ,id692-3 ~Puckett, Blind Riley 5-07-1894 7-13-1946 Alpharetta, GA Index|,fq645,hg425 d. College Park, GA ~Pugh, Mike - - city? Index ~Pulp .... ,id693-4 ~Puls, Stan 1-26-1916 Appleton, WI Index ~Puma, Joe 8-13-1927 5-31-2000 New York, NY Index|,qv541 d. New York, NY ~Purcell, Henry 9-10-1659 11-21-1695 Westminster, U.K. Index ~Purcell, Ronald C. 10-05-1932 9-07-2011 Santa Clara, CA Index|,cp d. Sherman Oaks, CA ~Pure Prairie League .... Index|,bw213,fy296,hg425 ~Purifoy, John David 9-30-1952 Camden, AR Index|,pq405 ~Purkey, Elaine - - city? Index|,fq645 ~Purnell, Anna Vogel - - Monterey, CA Index ~Purpose, Darryl 8-08- city? Index ~Pushkarenko, Ekaterina 9-30-1984 Irkutsk, Russia Index ~Putnam String County Band The .... ,aa304-5 ~Putnam, Kit 12-29-1941 Richmond, VA Index PY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Pyle, Chuck - - Pittsburgh, PA Index ~Pyle, Pete 4-18-1920 3-11-1995 city? Index ~Pynn, Norris A. 1-01-1912 10- -1968 La Crosse, WI Index

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