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      This page lists the Current Project I am working on TODAY. TODAY. Why was this page created?
-- Completed Projects

      I will continue to work on the #1 project until "DONE" is added to it. If a new "Current Project" is added as #1 and "DONE" does NOT appear for the now #2 project, the #1 Current Project has back-burnered the previous project. When I will return to that previous project is unknown. It may be days, weeks or months. With over 900 Web pages here, at any given point in time, there are probably several scores of projects that were started and which I feel are "incomplete". If a previous project is resumed, its entry will be moved back to #1. A "Project" is something that, if work is done on it exclusively, will take more than one day (over 8 hours) to complete. Anything that takes less time is a "minor edit" and won't be noted here. Check out What's New? for recently installed new projects, or the Domain Site Map for every page installed since 1995.
      So the "TODAY" term above stays accurate, I try to change the "last updated" date above at the start of my work day, whether or not anything else changes on this page.

new mm-dd-yyyy = the date the page was added to the What's New? and Domain Site Map pages.

    03-26-2011 Report: The Oshkosh Memorabilia Club's "Antique Appraisal Show" today at the Oshkosh Seniors Center Annex (North Building) was a great success. As a new member with a first-time display of "All Known Oshkosh School and Church Recordings", I was grateful that several people were pleased when they found themselves in Choirs and Bands pictured on 1960's records. And some were surprised that recordings were sold while they went to school they didn't know about. Best of all, a friend decided to liquidate his Oshkosh record collection, so I came home with 15 LP's new to my collection and many duplicates for trading, that is, in case I ever find anybody to trade with. Also, for the first time since starting my research in 1991, I found someone who actually knew Recording Engineer George F. Johnston, who passed away in 1983. George recorded most of the 1950's through 1982 LP titles I had on display. He was a very good Jazz guitarist I was told. All in all, it was a very good, fun day today. For those of us who collect stuff other than stamps, coins, sports cards or full sized cars, ours is the only known local Collectors/Memorabilia club in Wisconsin. I can't wait until next year's show.

    Incomplete Projects are somewhat in the priority order I will work on them.

  1. 03-15-2011 -- borrowed a UWO LP from a friend. In order to document it before I had to return it, I created a new page for it, something I had been planning on doing for quite some time anyway. This will be a spare time filler as I add about 15+ others to it. I won't mark it "done" until I have added every title I know about. -- UW Oshkosh Labelography new 03-15-2011  
  2. 03-09-2011 -- adding 13 books to -- Folk Music Bibliography new 03-15-1998 (first put on-line 02-17-1992) -- as they contain biographical entries for over 20 of the names listed with no link at -- Classical, Broadway, Film and Choral Composers -- who have no Wikipedia or other on-line page. This must be completed before the "deleting from" in the following entry can be done.  
  3. 02-28-2011 -- Installing links at -- Chancel Choir Anthems in Title Order new 02-10-2009 -- page for all the Composers, Lyricists or Arrangers I am concurrently adding to -- Classical, Broadway, Film and Choral Composers new 02-28-2011, and 03-09-2011, deleting from (see the above entry)
    -- Choral Composers with no known Biography Page new 03-09-2011.
        04-15-2011: obsolete, all contents moved to: Classical, Broadway, Film and Choral Composers  
  4. 03-22-2011 -- Add links for every name listed on the new page, Oshkosh High School CD Compilations Labelography, including new entries for many who are not listed anywhere else on this site. This will not be started until after Saturday's show (3-26-2011).  
  5. 03-23-2011 -- Scan a number of solo CD's for the page created today,
    -- UW Oshkosh Faculty Labelography new 03-23-2011  

    Completed Projects are in the order they were installed as "new", with the most recent date first:

  6. 03-21-2011 -- Created a new page with full details for the four pictured Compilation CD's created and self-released by Dr. Frederick O. Leist in 1998.
    -- Oshkosh High School CD Compilations Labelography new 03-22-2011 DONE  
  7. 03-14-2011 -- Created a new page which has just thumbnails of all 45/LP/CS/CD jackets/covers that are on various Labelography pages. I needed to complete this so I could have a color printout for my "All Known Oshkosh School and Church Recordings" member's display table at the Oshkosh Memorabilia Club's "Antique Appraisal Show", Saturday, March 26, 2011 (9 am - 2 pm) in the Oshkosh Seniors Center Annex (North Building).
    -- Oshkosh Schools and Churches Thumbnail Labelography new 03-19-2011 DONE  
  8. 02-17-2011 -- Created a test page for the Club I joined last October. The Club voted at the 03-15-2011 meeting to approve it as our Official Web page.
    -- Oshkosh Memorabilia Club Home Page new 03-15-2011 DONE  
  9. 03-06-2011 -- Added all 01-03-2010 through 03-06-2011 titles at -- Chancel Choir Anthems in Date Order 2010-2014. new 03-07-2011 DONE  
  10. 03-07-2011 -- Created and installed this page today. new 03-07-2011 DONE

Why was this page created (on 03-07-2011)?

      Because I don't "Social Network". I don't "Chat" via IM or anything else. I have no MySpace account, I don't read other's Tweets, and I only log into my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts only once a month at most. The latter three serve only one purpose for me, more places to promote my Web site to people who have never heard of it, even after its having been on-line since 11-25-1995! Any attempt to communicate with me via my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Wikipedia Editor page will be ignored. is the only way to contact me about those sites or anything else Web related.

      When I see a note somewhere, "Tell your friends what you are doing.", this is now the ONLY! place anywhere that I will ever do that. Anything and everything I do outside of working on this Web site, and attending concerts will not be put on-line.

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