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FolkLib Index - Folk Music Bibliography: #D
      Book list in order by title and date

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#A)  General Folk Music Bibliography (selected)
        Book list in order by date and title (and explanation of what this bibliography contains)
#B)     Book list in order by author and date
#C)     Book list in order by book code (#aa, #ab, #ac, etc.)
#D)     Book list in order by title and date
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#B) Book list in order by title and date (top / bottom of page)
      Every entry in the other bibliography pages above is unique. This page, however, has some duplicate entries with the second entry listed with book(s) of similar titles that ordinarily would not be sorted together alphabetically. In a few cases, (Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Jazz, Native, New Age and Wisconsin), duplicate entries in the same genre are listed together, even if the titles are not very similar. The titles of the duplicate entries are slightly indented.
      All books which are about the music of a specific U.S. state, are listed on the Non-Wisconsin State Discography Books page. That page includes some books that have not been added to this Bibliography yet.
   Books about Music in Wisconsin
   Music Books written by Wisconsin Authors
      "#??" - books that I know to exist, but either I have not seen a copy of them, or they are books I own which have not been added to the bibliography yet.

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