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(last updated .02-11-2017)

      This non-Music related page lists all the Sherlock Holmes books and videos in my collection. Its only purpose is to serve as a WANT LIST for other items I might find which are NOT listed here. I have all the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so my interests now are books, about Doyle, Holmes, Watson, and, in my own humble opinion, the best portrayal on film EVER of the world's most famous Consulting Detective, the late Jeremy Brett. Also included are a number of Sherlock Holmes stories and novels written by other authors.

      New pages split off from my original Bibliography page

{A} = books I own [none of which are for sale]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:  

Laurie R. King: The Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes Books (Series)
  1. (1994) The Beekeeper's Apprentice ISBN: 0-312-42736-0, ISBN-13: 978-0-312-42736-8, LC: 93-043522, UPC: 9-780312-427368 {A}
  2. (1995) A Monstrous Regiment of Women ISBN: 0-553-57456-6, LC: 95-21088, UPC: ? {A}
  3. (1997) A Letter of Mary ISBN: 0312427387, LC: ?, UPC: ? {A}
  4. (1998) The Moor ISBN: 0312427395, LC: ?, UPC: ? {A}
  5. (1999) O Jerusalem ISBN: 0-553-38324-8, LC: 98-056124, UPC: 9-780553-581058, 450 p. {A}
  6. (2002) Justice Hall ISBN: 0-553-38171-7, LC: 2001-037945, UPC: 9-780553-381719, 337 p. {A}
  7. (2004) The Game ISBN: 0-553-38637-9, LC: 2003-055684, UPC: 9-780553-583380, 458 p. {A}
  8. (2005) Locked Rooms ISBN: 0-553-58341-7, LC: 2005-048082, UPC: 9-780553-583410, 507 p. {A}
  9. (2009) The Language of Bees ISBN: 0-553-58834-6, LC: ?, UPC: ?
  10. (2010) The God of the Hive ISBN: 0-553-80554-1, LC: ?, UPC: ?
  11. (2011) Beekeeping for Beginners ISBN: ?, LC: ?, UPC: ?
          (according to this does not exist as a "real" book, only a Kindle version exists)
  12. (2011) Pirate King ISBN: 0-553-80798-6, LC: ?, UPC: ?

Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin: Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars (Series)

  1. (2006) #1: The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas, {A}
          New York/Toronto/London/Auckland/Sydney/Mexico City/New Delhi/Hong Kong/Buenos Aires: Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc. (paperback)
          2009, 258 p., ISBN: 0-545-06939-4, LC: ?, UPC: 9-780545-069397
          (originally published: 2006)
  2. (2009) #2: Mystery Of The Conjured Man, ISBN: 0439836670
  3. (2009) #3: In Search of Watson, ISBN: 0439836719
  4. (2010) #4: The Final Meeting, ISBN: 0439836727
Others, by Author    
  1. Baring-Gould, William S. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective {A}
          New York, NY: Popular Library (paperback)
          1962, 303 p., ISBN: none, LC: 61-015115, UPC: ?
  2. Baring-Gould, William S. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street {A}
          New York, NY: Bramhall House (hardcover)
          1962, 336 p., ISBN: 0-517-03817-X, LC: 61-015115, UPC: ?      
  3. Doyle, Adrian Conan & John Dickson Carr. The (New) Exploits of Sherlock Holmes {A}
          "(New)" appears on the cover, but not on the spine. It has the same contents as the book below.
          Vintage Ace, D-181 (paperback)
          1955, 320 p., ISBN: 0441041817, LC: ?, UPC: ?
       Introduction: Always Holmes p. 1-8
       The Adventure of the Seven Clocks p. 9-37
       The Adventure of the Gold Hunter p. 37-61
       The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers p. 61-87
       The Adventure of the Highgate Miracle p. 87-118
       The Adventure of the Black Baronet p. 118-142
       The Adventure of the Sealed Room p. 142-171
       The Adventure of Foulkes Rath p. 171-196
       The Adventure of the Abbas Ruby p. 196-220
       The Adventure of the Dark Angels p. 220-245
       The Adventure of the Two Women p. 246-268
       The Adventure of the Deptford Horror p. 269-295
       The Adventure of the Red Widow p. 295-320
  4. Doyle, Adrian Conan & John Dickson Carr. The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes {A}
          New York, NY: Gramarcy Books (hardcover)
          1999, 338 p., ISBN: 0-517-20338-3, LC: 98-033251, UPC: 9-780517-203385
          (originally published: 1952, 1953, 1954)
          [same Intro and stories as above]        
  5. Greenwald, Ken. The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Based on the Original Radio Plays by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher {A}
          New York, NY: Barnes & Noble Books (hardcover)
          1989, 1993, 200 p., ISBN: 1-56619-540-3, LC: ?, UPC: 9-781566-195409
       The Adventure of the Second Generation
       The April Fool's Adventure
       The Case of the Amateur Mendicants
       The Adventure of the Out-of-Date Murder
       The Case of the Demon Barber
       Murder Beyond the Mountains
       The Case of the Uneasy Easy Chair
       The Case of the Baconian Cipher
       The Adventure of the Headless Monk
       The Case of the Camberwell Poisoners
       The Adventure of the Iron Box
       The Case of the Girl with the Gazelle
       The Adventure of the Notorious Canary Trainer
  6. Greenwood, L.B.. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Sabina Hall {A}
          New York, NY/London/Toronto/Sydney/Tokyo: Pocket Books (paperback)
          1988, 192 p., ISBN: 0-671-65915-4, LC: 88-009426, UPC: 0-76714-00395-8  
  7. Hardwick, Michael. Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes {A}
          Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc. (hardcover)
          1984, 208 p., ISBN: 0-384-19654-7, LC: 84-008054, UPC: ?      
  8. Keating, H.R.F.. Sherlock Holmes: The Man and His World {A}
          Edison, NJ: Castle Books, a division of Book Sales, Inc. (hardcover)
          2006, 160 p., ISBN: 0-7858-2112-0, LC: ?, UPC: 9-780785-821120
          (originally published: 1979)    
  9. Meyer, Nicholas. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution {A}
          Being a Reprint from the Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D. as edited by Nicholas Meyer
          New York, NY: E.P. Dutton, Ballantine Books, Third Printing (paperback)
          1974, 253 p., SBN: 345-24550-4-195, ISBN: 0525200150, LC: 74-004018, UPC: ?                          

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