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          This page lists various artist collection albums released by mostly Wisconsin record labels. All albums contain at least one track by a current or former Wisconsin resident artist or group. Complete track lists of some of these albums can be found on the Wisconsin Collections page. All recording artists and groups and all the session players listed on that page are indexed here alphabetically by name. Some of these artists have never lived in Wisconsin, and some are not acoustic Folk musicians.
- Wisconsin Collections (by Record Label)

#A)  Summary Discography (album titles by date)
#B)  Index by Artist/Group
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#A)  Summary Discography  (top/bottom of page)

    t  = Complete list of track titles appears in the album's Full Discography
wanted = I own a copy of all the following, except as noted

#01)t 1956   Wolf River Songs [LP]
#02)  1964   Sounds of Syttende Mai [LP]
                (The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce Presents...)
#  )  1972   International Preview! The 1972 Drum Corps International, Volume 2 [LP]
#03)t 1973   Get Folked: Live at Charlotte's Web [LP]
#04)t 1982   A Simply Folk Sampler [LP/CS]
#05)t 1982?  Apple Cellar Tapes (WAPL) [LP]
#06)  19??   Country Collector's Album - Cuca Records [LP] [wanted]
#07)t 1982   Across the Fields [LP/CS]
#08)  198?   93 QFM - Peaches - Hometown Album Project #1 [LP]
#09)  1981   93 QFM - The Best of Fantasy's [LP]
#10)  1982   93 QFM - Hometown Album Project #2 [LP]
#11)  1984   Milwaukee Sampler, Vol. 1 - State of the Art [LP] - Breezeway Records
#12)  1987   Folked Again: The Best of Mountain Railroad, Vol. 1 [LP] [wanted]
#13)  1988   93 QFM - Hometown Music Project III [CS] - Breeze Records
#14)t 1988   Swissconsin My Homeland [CS]
#  )t 1988   All-Stars of Polkaland, U.S.A. [LP/CD]
#15)t 1990   Simply Folk Sampler 2 [CS/CD]
#16)t 1992   Tomorrow River Sampler [CS]
#17)t 1992   Topsoil 1992 [CD]
#18)t 1993   Topsoil 1993 [CD & Book]
#19)t 1993   A Celebration of Music: Made in Waukesha, Volume 1 [CD]
#20)  1993   Musket: A Wisconsin Compilation (Erosion Records) [CD]
#21)  199?   Sawmill: A Wisconsin Compilation (Erosion Records) [CD]
#22)  199?   Depot: A Wisconsin Compilation (Erosion Records) [CD]
#23)  1994   Emergency on Mother Earth (Large Thumb Records) [CD]
#24)  1994   Tempted Bugler No. 1 (Don't Records) [CD]
#25)t 1994   Crustacean Compilation [CD]
#26)t 1994   Christmas in the Valley [CS/CD] [CS wanted]
#27)t 1994   The Northern Meeting: Celtic Music in Milwaukee [CD]
#28)t 1995   Christmas in the Valley [CS/CD] [CS wanted]
#29)t 1994?  The Door County Music Sampler [CS/CD]
#30)t 1994?  American Streets & Cafes, Volume 1 [CS/CD]
#31)t 1995?  American Streets & Cafes, Volume 2 [CD]
#32)  1995   Gag Me With a Spoon (Don't Records) [CD]
#33)t 1996   Made in Wisconsin, Volume 1 [CD]
#34)  1996   Stormin' The Castle [CS]
#35)t 1996   Christmas in the Valley: On Christmas Night [CS/CD] [CD wanted]
#36)  199?   ? - Laughing Cat (CD: MMM-CD-001)
#  )t 1996   Guitar - Fingerstyle [CD]
#37)  1996   Gathering: Madison Music Collective [CD]
#38)t 1996   Green Apple (Folk Music Society) Sampler [CS]
#39)t 1996   Live at Mother Fool's [CD]
#40)t 1997   Christmas in the Valley: 'tis the season [CS/CD] [CS and CD wanted]
#41)t 1997   Live at the Nomad World Pub [CD]
#42)  1997   Weedstock - Volume 1 [CD] - Fish Eye Records
#43)  1997   Existence (Existence Records, Milwaukee) [LP]
#  )t 1997   Masters of Acoustic Guitar [CD]
#44)  1997?  Linneman's Milwaukee Sampler [CD]
#45)t 1998   Music From The Heartland Live from the Great River Folk Festival, La Crosse, WI [CD]
#46)  1998   Under the Sun - Uvulittle Records [CD]
#47)t 1998   Wisconsin: An American Portrait [CD/VHS]
#48)t 1998   The River Rocks [CD]
#49)t 1998   Crust-O-Matic! [CD]
#50)t 1998   WJJO: Rockin' the Midwest [CD]
#51)t 1998   Deep Polka: Dance Music From The Midwest [CD]
#52)  1998   The World's Greatest Polka Package [CD]
#53)t 1999   WJJO: Rockin' the Midwest '99 [CD]
#54)t 1999   The Best Kept Secrets: A Celebration of Music, Volume 2 [CD]
#55)  1999   Mission Statement (The Mission Coffee House, Stevens Point, WI) [CD]
#56)  1999   2nd Annual Ridgeway Rock Fest, Sat.  June 19th, 1999 - Hardknocks Records (HKR-97962) [CD]
#57)t 1999   Live @ the Nomad Vol. II [CD]
#58)  1999   Live From Studio M, Vol. 1 WMMM 105.5, Madison [CD]
#59)  1999   American Finger-style Guitar circa 1999 [CD]
#60)  1999   Wisconsin Rocks (Altenburgh Records) [CD]
#61)  199?   Wisconsin Rock III (Mean Mountain Music) [CD]
#62)  199?   Wisconsin Rock IV (Mean Mountain Music) [CD]
#63)  199?   Wisconsin Instrumentals (Mean Mountain Music) [CD]
#64)t 199?   Polka Tyme Wisconsin Style [CD]
#65)  2000   Live @ Witz End [CD]
#66)t 2000   Beyond Words [CD]
#67)  2000   Discover Wisconsin Music: art-of-the-state [CD]
#  )  2000   Lifescapes: Solo Guitar [CD]
#68)t 2001   Way Beyond Words [CD]
#69)t 2001   Folk Music from Wisconsin [CD] (Rounder Records)
#70)  2001   Collage (Performances by Students of the UW-Madison School of Music) [2CD]
#  )t 2001   Guitar - Fingerstyle 2 [CD]
#71)t 2002   Words [CD]
#72)  2002   Songs from an Eastside Attic: A Collection of Music from Milwaukee Artists [CD]
#73)  2002   One Ball Of Clay - Songs of Peace and Hope - Info CD Baby [CD]
#74)t 2002   Bluegrass Blueprint [CD]
#75)  2002   Live From Studio M, Vol. 2 - WMMM 105.5, Madison [CD]
#76)t 2002   Deeper Polka [CD]
#  )t 2002   A Taste of Jazz in the Park [CD]
#77)  2003   Oshkosh SesquiFest Live Bootleg 2003 (Oshkosh Sesquicentennial Committee) [CD]
#78)  2003   Songs for Rosemary - Advocates of Ozaukee [CD]
#79)t 2003   MSG: Made at Home [CD]
#80)  2003   Live From Studio M, Vol. 3 - WMMM 105.5, Madison [CD]
#81)  2003   One On One - Spiritone Records [CD]
#82)  2003   Fox Plugged In CD [CD] (Rock Garden Studio, Appleton)
#83)  2003   Capital City Jazz Fest's "Picks of the Party" [CD]
#  )t 2003   A Taste of Jazz in the Park [2CD]
#  )t 2003   Wisconsin Polka Hall of Famers, Volume 1 [CS]
#  )t 2004   A Taste of Jazz in the Park [CD]
#  )t 2004   He's Alive! [CD]
#  )t 2004   Local Sounds, Vol. 1, Issue 1 - March 2005 [CD]
#  )t 2004   One On One (One Songwriter, One Instrument)
#  )t 2005   A Taste of Jazz in the Park [CD]
#  )t 2005   MSG: Made at Home Volume 2 [CD]
#  )t 2007   Sacred Sites Songs [CD]
#  )t 2008   Wisconsin Polka Hall of Famers, Volume 2 [CD]

    The above collections feature all, or mostly, Wisconsin musicians.
    Other collections with Wisconsin musicians are detailed on the following
    pages.  Many of the titles on these pages are on non-Wisconsin labels and
    have tracks by mostly non-Wisconsin musicians.
Wisconsin Harp Collections
Wisconsin Polka Collections
#B)  Index by Artist/Group  (top/bottom of page)
          Effective 10-28-2001, the artists appearing on Wisconsin Collections that used to be indexed here, have been moved to separate new alphabetical pages. This is in preparation for the future artist/group indexing of all Various Artists Collections with complete track lists in the FolkLib Index which I have created, and not just the Wisconsin Collections. NOTE: there will no beginning page for this particular set of pages. The page for each letter includes the following menu of links to every other page that indexes the collection appearances for every artist's last name or the group's name beginning with that letter.

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          Not right now (10-28-2001), but after I retire in a year or so, I will have time to start adding many more Various Artists Collections with complete track lists. They will all be indexed by artist/group name and completely cross-referenced to each artist/group's entry in the rest of the FolkLib Index.

          Various Artists Collections discographies planned for 2007 or later:
These discographies will include only those albums in my personal collection, which, except as noted, does not include every album that exists for that topic. This list includes only those titles I had as of 10-28-2001. Other than possibly deleting an item after the discography is created, I do not plan on spending any time updating the totals or other details about this list in the foreseeable future.

Acoustic Music Records / Solid Air Records "Acoustic Guitar Highlights" (3 CD's)
Fast Folk Magazine (6 LP's)
Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine (11 Cassettes, 54 CD's) [complete to date]
HuH Magazine (9 CD's)
JAZZIZ Magazine (26 CD's)
Kerrville Folk Festival (12 CD's)
Lilith Fair concerts (5 CD's)
MCA Records (4 Cassettes)
Mountain Stage Radio / Blue Plate Music Records (3 CD's)
New Country Magazine (37 CD's)
Oasis Duplication (19 sets of 2 CD's)
Performing Songwriter Magazine (6 CD's) [complete]
Prime Cuts of Bluegrass (97 CD's) [complete to date]
Rhino Records (4 Cassettes, 1 CD)
Rounder/Philo/Easydisc Records (31 Cassettes/CD's)
Rykodisc Records (3 CD's)
Wisconsin Collections (77 LP's/Cassettes/CD's - started above, but it needs lots of work)
World Folk Music Association concerts (4 Cassettes)
          (only about 200+ total titles)
and finally, all my old UWP text discographies (107 titles: 21 Folk, 31 guitar, 21 New Age, 34 misc)

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