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#A)   Summary Discography
#B)   Full Discography
#C)   Other Gilmour Bros. discographies - Jane Keefer - index
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#01,#02 Greg Gilmour
#01,#02 John Gilmour
#01       Michael Jahncke
#02       Michael Scott (aka Michael Scott Jahncke)

#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography
    p = Partial list appears, Gilmour Bros. tracks only
         p.# = Schwann listing page number

   Solo Albums

#01)t 1975   ...evry pitchr telles a storye...     Michigan Archives    101
#02)t 1977   a good tune is a good tune            Michigan Archives    103

#03)t 1985   Live at Irish Fest                    Michigan Archives    105

   Various Artists Collections

#04)  197?   Roustabout                                            ?      ?

#05)p 1982   A Simply Folk Sampler                 Wis. Public Radio  41061
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) i = instrumental a = a cappella Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Michigan Archives Records ------ #01) 1975 ...evry pitchr telles a storye... [LP: MA-101] {A} --- (recorded while they were living in Bridgeport, MI) --- --- Author: #01. A1 3:05 Johnny Sangster William Scott #01. A2 i 2:20 Greensleeves trad. #01. A3 4:40 Coachman, The public domain #01. A4 a 4:05 Fiddler's Green John Conolly #01. A5 2:10 Bold O'Donahue Tiparm #01. A6 1:20 Roamin' in the Gloamin' Harry Lauder #01. B1 4:00 Soldier of Fortune Michael Jahncke #01. B2 i 3:00 da Scalloway Lasses (medley) trad. #01. B2 i -- da Underhill (medley) trad. #01. B3 3:30 Shady Grove trad. #01. B4 a 2:30 South Australia Tiparm #01. B5 4:40 Haul Away Joe Tiparm #01. B5 i -- Morningstar, The (refrain) trad. Greg Gilmour: tambourine (A1), mandolin (A3,B3) vocal (A3,B1,3-5), lead vocal (A5) bones (B1,2,5), bodhran (B2) foot-stomp bass (B5) John Gilmour: guitar (A1,2,5), vocal (A3,5,B1,3-5) mountain dulcimer (B1), banjo (B2,5), seagull (A4) mandolin (B2), clawhammer banjo (B3) Michael Jahncke: guitar (A1-3,5,B1-3,5) vocal (A1,5,B3,4,5), sea sound (A4) lead vocal (A3,B1), bass (B1) David Gilmour: recorder (A1,2,B2,3,5) triangle (A1), tambourine (B1) John Tunnoch Gilmour V: vocal (A6) "Grampa" John Huschke: washboard (A5,B5) Andy Rogers: fiddle: (A3,B2,3,5 Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #02) 1977 a good tune is a good tune [LP: MA-103] * {A} #02 [LP: MA-103] * {A} --- (recorded just after they moved to Appleton, WI) --- (all titles trad. except as noted) --- Author: #02. A1 2:18 I Know Who is Sick #02. A2 3:00 Coventry Carol, The (medley) #02. A2 i -- Scarborough Fair (medley) #02. A3 i 2:55 Sheep Stealer, The #02. A4 2:40 Step We Gaily (Lewis Bridal Song) #02. A4 i :28 Loch Rannoch #02. A5 3:24 Basket of Eggs, A Michael Jahncke #02. A6 2:20 I'll Tell My Ma #02. B1 3:02 "P" Stands for Paddy #02. B2 3:06 Shule Araugh #02. B3 i 1:47 La Rotta (The Round) #02. B4 2:58 Dusty Boxcar Wall Eric Andersen #02. B5 1:26 Whoop Jamboree #02. B6 3:57 Farewell to Nova Scotia Greg Gilmour: voice, washboard, bones, bodhran, percussion John Gilmour: voice, acoustic guitars, banjo, mando-cell, bagpipes Michael Scott: voice, acoustic and electric guitars David Gilmour: recorder, oboe, flute Katie Gilmour: voice (A4) Andy Rogers: fiddle, concertina * = This album's label and liner notes exists in two varieties: 1) label: brown, green, black, yellow brown - label scan liner notes: "Michigan Archives ... Bridgeport, Michigan" 2) label: black, red, white - label scan liner notes: "Michigan Archives ... Appleton, Wisconsin" Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------? #03) 1985 Live at Irish Fest [CS: MA-105] {A} --- (track times are not listed on the cassette) --- --- Author: #03. A1 : Bold O'Donahue Tommy Makem #03. A2 : Johnny Sangster trad. #03. A3 : Five Leaf Clover trad. #03. A4 : The Shoals of Herring Ewan MacColl #03. A5 : Highland Laddie trad. #03. A6 : Banish Misfortune / The Lark in the Morning trad. / trad. #03. B1 : Haul Away Joe trad. #03. B2 : The Sheep Stealer Ewan MacColl #03. B3 : Good Clam Chowder Joe Hickerson #03. B4 : I'll Tell My Ma Tommy Makem #03. B5 : Santiago trad. Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------? #04) 197? Roustabout (?) (recorded at Indiana Fiddlers Gathering, at Tippicanoe battlefield, 1976 or 1977?) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Wisconsin Public Radio #05) 1982 A Simply Folk Sampler [LP: 41061] {A}{C} --- 1990 A Simply Folk Sampler, Vol. 1 [CS: no catalog #] {A} --- (all 11 tracks are listed in the Simply Folk discography) --- #05. B1 : Santy Anno Gilmour Brothers [sic] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #D) Articles/Reviews (top/bottom of page) Articles (author): "?" Appleton Post Cresent (Lifestyle section), 4-03-79 "The Gilmour Clan" (Pat Rossey) Appleton Post Cresent (View Magazine), 8-26-79, p. 1,8-9 "?" Appleton Post Cresent (Leisure section) 3-12-88, p. 3 "?" Appleton Post Cresent (Leisure section) 3-10-84 "Also Talented Outside the Darkroom" UW Paper, ? (ca. 1977-1990) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #E) Sources (top/bottom of page)
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      There is no mention of the Gilmour Bros. in any of the sources I have seen so far.

For more information about the Gilmour Bros., write: John Gilmour

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