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      (from Milwaukee, WI)

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Larkin, Patty
      - Des Moines, IA / Milwaukee / Boston, MA


    - Amy Putnam
    As far as I know, Sheila Larkin and Willy Porter are the only session players on any Patty Larkin recording who have ever lived in Wisconsin.
  1. .1985 - Step Into the Light {A} (LP: PH-1103/CS: ?/CD: PH-1103) {A}
          Philo / Rounder Records
          with Emily Bruell, John Curtis, Catherine David, Richard Gates, Betsy Goy, Tim Jackson, Sheila Larkin*, Tao Layasmeyer, Gragg Lunsford, Cercie Miller, Sheldon Mirowitz
  2. .1987 - I'm Fine {A} (LP: PH-1115/CS: ?/CD: PH-1115) {A}
          Philo / Rounder Records
          with John Curtis, Catharine (Catherine) David, Richard Gates, Fred Griffith, Tim Jackson, Charlie Kirkland, Sheila Larkin*, Sheldon Mirowitz, David Thomas, Rodney Young
  3. .1990 - In the Square {A} (CS: PH-1136/CD: ?)
          Philo / Rounder Records, Recorded live at Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA
          with Richard Gates
  4. .1991 - Tango (CS: ?/CD: 10312)
          High Street Records / Windham Hill Records
  5. .1993 - Angels Running (CS: ?/CD: 10318)
          High Street Records / Windham Hill Records
  6. .1995 - Strangers World (CS: ?/CD: 10335-2) {A}
          High Street Records / Windham Hill Records
          with Jonatha Brooke, Bruce Cockburn, Shawn Colvin, Zev Katz, Jennifer Kimball, John Levanthal, Shawn Pelton, Glen Velez
  7. .1997 - Perishable Fruit (CS: ?/CD: 10354)
          High Street Records / Windham Hill Records
  8. .1999 - a gogo (CS: ?/CD: 79547)
          Road Narrows Records / Vanguard Records
  9. .2000 - Regrooving the Dream (CS: ?/CD: 79552-2) {A}
          Vanguard Records
          with Gideon Freudmann, Richard Gates, Jennifer Kimball, John Levanthal, Cercie Miller Quartet (Cercie Miller, Tiger Okoshi, ?, ?), Greg Porter, Mike Rivard, Marc Shulman, Glen Velez, Bette Warner, Alan Williams, Ben Wittman, anonymous "Ghost"
  10. .2003 - Red = Luck (CS: ?/CD: 79727-2) {A}
          Vanguard Records
          with Merrie Amsterberg, Jonatha Brooke, Tim Craven, Seamus Egan, Gideon Freudmann, Richard Gates, John Hickey, Winifred Horan, Jennifer Kimball, Jeff Lang, Duke Levine, Mike McAuley, Willy Porter*, Mike Rivard, Marc Shulman, Bette Warner, Ben Wittman

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