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      This page lists every known recording released on the Door County Voices label.

Note: this discographer is not connected with this record label in any way.

#A)   Summary Discography
#B)   Full Discography
#C)   Sources / Contact Information

#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography

#01)t 1994?  The Door County Music Sampler                          DCV-001
#02)  199?   Flamenco Passions - Jim Spector                        DCV-002
#03)  1994   Somethin' 'Bout the Sky - Michael Lee Ammons           DCV-003
#04)  1994   Readings from Door Way - Norbert Blei                  DCV-004
#05)  199?   Duncan Thorp: A Fish Creek Voice - Kubet Luchterhand   DCV-005
#06)  1994   Christmas in Door County - Flutarra                    DCV-006
#07)  199?   ?                                                      DCV-007
#08)  1995   Peninsula Music Festival Presents the Ad Hoc String Quartet  DCV-008
#09)  199?   Barnburner - ?                                         DCV-009
#10)  1995   A Celtic Feast from County Door - Bubble & Squeak      DCV-010
#11)  1996   The Quiet Time: Door County in Winter - Norbert Blei & Jim Spector  DCV-011
#12)  1998   A County Door Celtic Christmas - Bubble & Squeak       DCV-012
#13)  1999   Cool Pool - Krista Olson                               DCV-013
#14)  2000   My True Love and I - Evans, Pete & Theresa
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) i = instrumental I = solo fingerstyle guitar instrumental, all others have vocals Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Door County Voices ------ #01) 1994? The Door County Music Sampler [CS: DCV-001] {A} --- [CD: DCV-001] {A} --- #01. 1 5:14 anon. anon. #01. 2 5:22 Ayute and The Cowboy Mark Raddatz #01. 3 4:13 Sure Won't Be Easy Getting Over You Marise Redmann #01. 4 i 3:17 Smash the Windows / Off She Goes / Haste to the Wedding Bubble & Squeak #01. 5 4:05 Hope She Feels the Same Way John Redmann #01. 6 I 4:20 Malaguena Jim Spector #01. 7 2:33 Baby, You Made a Mistake Glenn Miller #01. 8 3:23 The Promise Fred Alley #01. 9 3:23 Sweet Peace Doc Heide #01. 10 2:35 Adagio from "Concerto de Aranjuez" Christine Gagliano #01. 11 4:50 Where Did It All Go Wrong David Hatch #01. 12 I 3:53 Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground Michael Lee Ammons #01. 13 4:02 Hold That Thought Julian Hagen #01. 14 4:30 Our Lives Acoustic Issue #01. 15 I 3:05 Gavotte en Rondeau Kirk Hanser #01. 16 3:21 True Love Liz Thomas #01. 17 2:56 Sparkle in Your Eye Susan Fischer #01. 18 i 2:55 The Town I Loved So Well Sandra Stevens #01. 19 5:34 Lend a Hand Big Mouth "anon." 07-23-2010: all information about this band and all of its members have been removed from this site on request. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #C) Sources (for more information) (top/bottom of page) Door County Voices - (no known home page link) P.O. Box 228 Sister Bay, WI 54234-0228 (920) 854-5026 Cy Rosenthal (d. 7-12-2010) Door County Voices A division of Open Door Productions., Inc. P.O. Box 517 Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 Door County, WI Musicians
      Regional label focussed on musical and literary artists who reside/work in Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan and is north of the city of Green Bay. Door County is famed in the Midwest as the home of a wide variety of visual artists (75 galleries!), and is home to dozens of musicians, performing artists, writers, etc. The area is also well known throughout the Midwest as a vacation destination (very beautiful with lotsa bluffs, water views, parks, etc.). The Door County Voices label has released seven projects to date, with new projects imminent. Existing releases are "The Door County Music Sampler" (19 local musicians on one CD/cassette recording), "Flamenco Passions" (flamenco guitar classics by Jim Spector), ""Somethin' 'Bout The Sky" (country blues by Michael Lee Ammons), "Door Way" (a book-on-tape read by author Norbert Blei, featuring selections from his first book of the same name, a selection of personality profiles of interesting locals), "Christmas in Door County" (guitar-flute-bass-vocals recording featuring an ensemble of accomplished local musicians, with 21 holiday classics), "A Fish Creek Voice" (a book-on-tape of early 20th century stories about local village Fish Creek by author Duncan Thorp and read by book publisher Kubet Luchterhand), "Peninsula Music Festival Presents Ad Hoc String Quartet with Mezzo-Soprano Cynthia Stiehl" (sponsored by the area's 50-year-old classical music festival, features a four person string quartet and mezzo-soprano vocalist performing pieces by Edward Collins, James Mack and 18th century Moravian songs). Planned for release this fall is "Birch Creek Music Center Presents the Academy Band," a recording of big band classics by Glenn Miller and others. In the offing is a literary-musical recording of Norbert Blei reading original works about winter in Door County with musical accompaniment by guitarist Jim Spector.
Barbara Oleson
(August 1995)

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