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Note: this discographer is not connected with this record label in any way.

          This is a list of all album releases on HG Records in my personal collection. As I discover the information, I will add every other known album ever released on this label. I do not believe a complete list exists in print or on-line of all HG Records album titles. Eventually all albums on this label will be documented on this Web site.

          I do not know exactly during what time period HG Records was releasing recordings. "1982-1994" are the earliest and latest releases I have seen. According to its owner, Don Hunjadi, full-time service of HG Records and HG Studio shut down in 1995. "We do not have a catalog and provide recording studio services only - currently on a very limited basis on projects of our choosing." He has no recordings of any kind for sale. It is not known how many total LP, 45, Cassette and CD titles were released on this label. I have personally seen only one 45 on this label, and I have heard of no 8-Track Cassette tapes.

- = Title never existed in this format
* = I own a personal copy of this title
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LP Rel. CS Rel. CD Rel. Artist(s) Title From
HG-5015* 1982 -   -   Steve Meisner Songs Of Love y
HG-5029 1984 -   -   Verne and Steve Meisner (1) Meisner Magic y
HG-5043* 1988 HG-5043* 1988 -   The Greg Anderson Band ... and Friends y
-   HG-5061* 1994 HG-5061* 1994 Eric Noltkamper Reflections of Cleveland y

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