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"This project is dedicated to people with developmental disabilities in northeastern Wisconsin."

          This page lists every recording either released on the RCDD (Residential Care for Developmentally Disabled) label, or by another label, Rock Garden Records, on their behalf. The titles listed here were a limited fund-raising series of Christmas carol recordings by local Oshkosh/Appleton area musicians released between 1994 and 1997. This series was not mentioned on the non-profit RCDD's old Web site,, because the series was completely sold out and they had no cassettes or CD's left for sale.
      424 Washington Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54901-5044, (920) 236-6560
      2649 Manitowoc Rd., Green Bay, WI 54311, (920) 469-5240

          On 1-01-2003, RCDD changed its name to Clarity Care. It has no plans on releasing any future recordings, and again, it has no copies of any of its past releases detailed on this discography page. They have since added a third office,
      1009 Egg Harbor Rd., Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, (920)-746-0068
If you wish to support this organization, see their new Web site at,

Note: this discographer is not connected with this organization in any way. Although I have not personally seen all eight of them yet, it is my understanding that all four titles were released in both cassette and CD formats.

#A)   Summary Discography
#B)   Full Discography

#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography

#01)t 1994   Christmas in the Valley
#02)t 1995   Christmas in the Valley
#03)t 1996   Christmas in the Valley: On Christmas Night
#04)t 1997   Christmas in the Valley: 'tis the season
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Residential Care for Developmentally Disabled ------ #01) 1994 Christmas in the Valley (CS: ?) --- [CD: 7 1126-94] {A} --- Recorded at Bonzai Recording Studios, Neenah, WI --- UPC: none --- #01. 1 2:37 O' Come Emmanuel Keedy #01. 2 2:24 Raggedy & Me Justin Leath #01. 3 0:33 Winter Wonderland Hillbilly Romeo #01. 4 3:15 Winter Wonderland Hillbilly Romeo #01. 5 4:06 Christmas in the Valley Kidd Gloves #01. 6 2:11 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Cookee & Kids #01. 7 3:04 Can't Wait 'til It's Chuck Paisley --- Christmas-time #01. 8 3:21 Gesu' Bambino Vic Ferrari #01. 9 5:16 Christmas With You RPM #01. 10 4:09 T'was The Night BeforeChristmas Janet Planet, Tom Theabo #01. 11 3:19 Santa Clause Is Comin To Town The Friends #01. 12 2:16 Jingle-Bell Rock The Hits #01. 13 3:06 Sleigh Ride Patrick Leigh #01. 14 7:26 Silent Night group sing (1) Keedy, Kevin Patrick (2) Justin Leath, age 12 (3/4) Tim Toonen, Brad Schinke, Rob Bell, Dan Proctor (5) Rick Brothers, Michael "Mig" Gianino, Ty Westbrook, John Aaholm, Ray Myers (6) Cookee Coquoz, Guy Wiesler, Michael Roy (7) Marc Golde, Greg Thiel, Erik Gunderson, Erik Edwards (8) Mike Bailey, Ben Gorsky, Tom Bailey, Brad Raufmann (9) Don Dix, Joe Perz, Chris Okkerse, Jeff Collum, Lee Borchardt (10) Janet Planet, Tom Theabo (11) Tom Guenther, Bobby Evans, Keyz Evans, Jimmy "oops" Chase (12) Cookee Coquoz, Dennis Provisor, Artie Formiller (13) Patrick Leigh (14) Debbie Sumnicht, Cathy Byce, Rick Brothers, Joe Perz, Janet Lamoreau-Cyr, Cool Waters, Noelle Beckerson, Mark Wolfgram, John Rathert, Maria Jesse, Karen Jesse, Shawn Klesau, Pete Gloede, Jamie Gloede, Mig Gianino, Tom Washatka, Janet Planet, Bob Lowe, Sherry Goffard, Timothy J. Toonen, Erik J. Edwards, Erik Gunderson, Russ Reiser, Tony Van Elzen, Kurt Calder, Michelle Rott, Ty Westbrook Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #02) 1995 Christmas in the Valley (CS: no catalog no) {A} --- [CD: 12-1118-95] {A} --- (track times are not listed, those shown --- are by my CD Wizzard CD-ROM player program) --- UPC: none --- #02. 1 2:46 Almost Here Kidd Gloves #02. 2 2:56 Please Come Home For Christmas Freckles and the Hostages #02. 3 3:51 O Holy Night Haze #02. 4 3:52 Christmas Be Tonight Vic Ferrari #02. 5 2:14 We Three Kings The Final Four #02. 6 2:42 Rockin Around The ChristmasTree The Torpedoes #02. 7 4:43 Silver Bells Hillbilly Romeo #02. 8 2:32 Road To Bethlehem Keedy #02. 9 3:31 Fiendly Beasts, The Uduudu #02. 10 3:09 Do You Hear What I Hear? Jeanne Tooley & Nightshade #02. 11 4:04 White Christmas The Hits #02. 12 2:21 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy Sheridan's Ride #02. 13 4:15 Christmas In The Jailhouse Lil' Davy Max #02. 14 3:39 Jingle Bells Cookee & Kids #02. 15 4:01 Christmas Song, The Arpeggione #02. 16 3:33 Star In The Eastern Sky fox valley artists (group sing) (1) Rick Brothers, Michael "Mig" Gianino, Ty Westbrook, Brett Lobben, Dennis Shepherd (2) Debbie Rossman, Marc Maga. Brian St. Lewis, Curt St. Lewis (3) Darrell Hase, Dennis Hase, Jim Edwards, Wade Fernandez (4) band members not listed (5) band members not listed (6) band members not listed (7) Tim Toonen, Robert Bell, Brad Lee Brown, Greg Thiel with Janet Planet, Paula Slow, Lori Lucht, Lindsey Teetaert, Cathy Statz, Marty Granius, Joe Beard, Tom Toonen (8) anonymous, Greg Gerard (9) Tim O'Connell, Tim [SIC] Tom Ditzler, Mark Te Tai, Peter Buxman, Andy Mertens, Charles Voltz (10) Jeanne Tooley, Wylie Mueller, Jim Hendricks, Ken Weber, Rick Smith (11) Cookee Coquoz, Dennis Provisor, Artie Formiller (12) Mike Kaiser, Al Jahnke, Bobby Darrin, Jr., Rick Brothers (13) Dave Janke (14) Cookee Coquoz, Ray Myers, Artie Formiller, Randy Hoecherl (15) Brad Reifsnyder, Randy Hoecherl (16) Janet Planet, John Harmon, Artie Formiller, Rick Brothers, Sheri Maroszek, Emily Kuhr, Anthony Kuhr, Gerry Pitt, Ray Maroszek, Mary Ann Maroszek, Michael Flood, Jessica A. Flood, Jamie Gloede, Pete Gloede, Mike Rowland, John Rathert, Deb Jungen, Mike Perrion, Maria Jesse, Karen Jesse, Shawn Klesau, Dennis Versecki, Morgan Versecki, Jacob Versecki, Mark Stano, Lil' Davy Max, Timothy J. Toonen, Jill Mueller, Randy Hoecherl, Jeanne Tooley, Cookee, Deb Stepanski, Jenny Sijak, Jay Johnson, Teri Barr, Sandy Mickelson, Amy Johnson, Dan Doty, Jim Immel, Jason Thill, Bob Hein, Bonnie Brothers, Rick Brothers, Ty Westbrook, Mig Gianino Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #03) 1996 Christmas in the Valley: On Christmas Night --- [CS: no catalog #] {A} --- [CD: 12-1118-96] {A} --- (track times are not listed, those shown --- are by my CD Wizzard CD-ROM player program) --- UPC: none --- #03. 1 3:01 St. Nick Boogie Chris Aaron #03. 2 5:24 Blue Christmas The Impossible Washload #03. 3 2:24 Let It Snow Bacchus Lotus #03. 4 2:21 The Little Drummer Boy Cookee, Ghost & Friends #03. 5 3:12 A Child Is Born Tom Theabo #03. 6 4:17 I Hope It Snows Billy Shears featuring Ken Wells #03. 7 2:42 It's Cold Outside Janet Macklin, Bryce Lord #03. 8 3:47 The First Noel Timothy James Toonen #03. 9 3:13 All I Want For Christmas Is You The Taxidermists #03. 10 2:11 Merry Christmas Michael Voight #03. 11 4:24 My Favorite Things The Arrangement #03. 12 2:20 Boogie Woogie Santa Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats #03. 13 5:31 On Christmas night group sing (1) Chris Aaron, Bill Lordan, Ty Westbrook, Marc Golde + unnamed others (2) Erik J. Edwards, Tom Thiel (3) Brian Homiston, Jeff Radke, Charlie Eckhardt, Rich Zoran, Matt Livingston, Ken Skitch, Brian Brinkman (4) Cookee Coquoz, Ghost ?, Bill Graves, Marc Golde, Greg Thiel, Trina Obydine (5) Tom Theabo, Janet Planet, Alan Arber, Andy Jones (6) Ken Wells, Brian McCullough, Lavega ?, Victor Wells, Dave Mintner, Kevin Maga, Tim Steinhardt (7) Janet Macklin, Bryce Lord (8) Timothy James Toonen, Dennis Shepherd, Michael "Mig" Gianino, Ty Westbrook, Mark Te Tai, Greg Thiel, Wendy Jager, Patience Stonberg (9) Craig Gagnon, Jim Pierron, Mike Pierron, Mike Rowland (10) Michael Voight (11) Peter Buxman, Tom Ditzler, Andrew Mertens, Mark Te Tai (12) Hudson Harkins, John Logan, Rick Kessler (13) Marc Golde, Greg Thiel, Sheri Maroszek, Ray Maroszek, Mary Maroszek, Anthony Kuhr, Tom Thiel, Paul P. Schneider, Trina Obydine, Erik J. Edwards, Keri Dotseth, Timothy James Toonen, Tom Breuer, Tom Toonen, Marty Granius, Sandra Jones, Guy Jones, Rich Martin, Calypso Phil, Tom Ditzler, Mark Te Tai, Tom Kuhr, Jon Schneider, Bryce Lord, Janet Macklin, Peter Gloede, John Rathert, Cookee Coquoz, Russell Zibell, Rod Zimmerman, Gary Shaw, Kim Alan, Alan Moris, Kurt Calder, Dennis Shepherd, Harold Carlson, Joe Hass, Chris Aaron, Mike Boyle Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Rock Garden Records (a division of Bonzai Enterprises, Neenah, WI) #04) 1997 Christmas in the Valley: 'tis the season --- (CS: #?) --- [CD: 07-1118-97] {C} --- (track times are not listed, those shown --- are by my CD Wizzard CD-ROM player program) --- UPC: ? --- #04. 1 3:28 The Christmas Song Sweetwater #04. 2 2:51 A Baby Just Like You Vic Ferrari #04. 3 3:12 It's Christmas ime Again Bacchus Lotus #04. 4 3:53 What Child Is This Jeanie Tooley #04. 5 3:36 Hark The Herald Angels Sing Amber Thomas, Tim Toonen #04. 6 3:00 If We Make It Through December Sheridan's Ride #04. 7 5:17 Because It's Christmas Blue Desert #04. 8 2:31 The Chipmunks...Now! Cookee, Ghost & Special Guests #04. 9 4:10 Christmas Comes But Once A Year Lil' Davy Max #04. 10 3:37 Away In A Manger RPM

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