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Installed here on 08-10-2008, the original text file discography was first installed in the UW-Parkside Music Archives on 03-13-1994.

#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography
    p = Partial list appears, Bill Miller tracks only
  (r) = published reviews of this album are listed in section #A
           * = listed in the Winter 1994/95, Schwann "Spectrum", p. 144
         p.# = Schwann listing page number

   Solo Albums    

#01)t 1982  .Bill Miller and Native Sons                  Windspirit
#02)t 1987   Old Dreams and New Hopes                     Windspirit
#03)t 1990  .The Art of Survival (r)               Rosebud, Vanguard
#04)  1991   Loon, Mountain, and Moon (r)                    Rosebud
#05)  1992   Reservation Road                                Rosebud
#06)  1992  .Reservation Road Live                          Vanguard
#07)t 1993 * The Red Road (r)                   Warner Bros. Western
#08)  1994   Big Country for Little People                         ?
#09)  1995  .Raven In The Snow                                     ?
#10)  1998  .Ghostdance                                  Sol Records
#11)  19??   A Native American Odyssey, Inuit to Inca              ?
#12)  1999  .Healing Waters                              PJM Records
#13)  2000  .Hear Our Prayer                         Integrity Music
#14)  2002  .A Sacred Gift                          Paras Recordings
#15)  2004   Spirit Songs: The Best of Bill Miller          Vanguard
#16)  2005  .Cedar Dream Songs                    Cool Springs Music

                Bill Miller and Robert Mirabal
#17)  1996  .Native Suite                       Warner Bros. Records

   Session Work

          Billy Joe Shaver
#18)t 1993 * Tramp on Your Street (r)                         Praxis  11063
#19)p 1994 *.Walk the Line (r)                               Pangaea  13202

   Various Artists Collections

#20)p 1993   The Wild West                                    Mogull  35828
#21)  1995  .Between Father Sky and Mother Earth              Narada
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) i = instrumental Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Windspirit Music ------ #01) 1982 Bill Miller and Native Sons [LP: WSM-101] {A} #01 (CS: WSM-101) --- (recorded at OM Recording Studios, Boscobel, WI - 6/82) --- (all songs by Bill Miller) --- #01. A1 5:24 Let it Rain #01. A2 2:50 Paintings #01. A3 4:50 Whirlwind #01. A4 4:14 Two Places at Once #01. B1 4:20 Eagle Song #01. B2 3:46 Lessons #01. B3 3:55 Hard Earned Love #01. B4 3:27 Mother and Child Bill Miller: acoustic guitar (all) lead vocal (A1-3,B1-4) alternate lead vocal (B4) Tim Cox: acoustic bass (A1,B4), bass (A3,4,B1,3) unheard laughter (A3) Jamie Goldsmith: string synthesizer (A1) Tim Konrad: acoustic guitar (A1,3,B4) Norbert Nix: acoustic guitar (A2) 12-string acoustic guitar (A4,B3) harmony vocals (A4,B1,3) rhythm guitar (B1) Mark Roeder: violin (A1,3,B1,3,4), harmonica (B3) harmony vocals (A1) Dan Sabranek: acoustic guitar (A1,3,4,B2-4) harmony vocals (A1,2,B1-3) alternate lead vocal (B4) Algie Wolters: congas (A1,3,B1,4) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #02) 1987 Old Dreams and New Hopes (CS: WSM-102) {AB} --- (track times are not listed on the cassette) --- (all songs by Bill Miller except as noted) --- Author: #02. A1 : Westwind Bill and Renee Miller #02. A2 : Legends Never Die #02. A3 : Some of Shelly's Blues Mike Nesmith #02. A4 : I'll Wait for You Bill Miller, David Hoffner #02. A5 : Old Dreams and New Hopes #02. B1 : Borderline #02. B2 : No One Else But You Bill Miller, David Hoffner #02. B3 : Dance the Blues Away #02. B4 : Billy Ray Bill Miller, David Tiller #02. B5 : Under the Roof Bill Miller, David Hoffner Carmen Acciaioli Mike Brignardello James Isaac Elliott Jeff Hanna Michael Martin Murphey Peter Rowan Gary Talley Algie Wolters ("Special thanks to [the above] for their talented contributions to this project") the cassette liner notes do not say who plays what on which track(s) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Rosebud Records #03) 1990 The Art of Survival [CS: RR-101] {K} #03 [CD: RR-101] {A} --- #03. A1 4:40 Ordinary Man #03. A2 2:47 I Could Fall All Over and Over Again #03. A3 3:54 Reservation Road #03. A4 5:04 Forever Ride #03. A5 i 4:48 Night Chase #03. B1 4:57 Art of Survival, The #03. B2 3:35 As Long As the Grass Will Grow #03. B3 4:24 Broken Bottles #03. B4 4:02 Road Home, The #03. B5 i 2:53 Wind Spirit Bill Miller: acoustic guitar, vocals, Native American courting flute, rattle Mark Casstevens: acoustic guitar Phillip Donnelly: electric guitar Jerry Douglas: Dobro Kenny Greenburg: electric guitar David Hoffner: synthesizer, keyboards Roy Huskey, Jr.: upright bass Kenny Malone: drums, percussion, conga, tambourine Dave Martin: 5-string fretless bass Scot Merry: ? (B4) Maura O'Connell: harmony vocal Jim Rooney: acoustic guitar Peter Rowan: acoustic guitar, harmony vocals, mandola Paul Scholten: drums Biff Watson: acoustic guitar Glenn Worf: bass guitar Jonathan Yudkin: acoustic guitar, mandolin, background vocals, violin, percussion, electric guitar #04) 1991 Loon, Mountain, and Moon: Native American Flute Songs #04 (?: RR-103) #05) ? Reservation Road (?) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Warner Bros. Western #07) 1993 The Red Road (CS: 45324-4) * 7-93 #07 [CD: 45324-2] * {.A} --- Author: #07. 1 4:12 Dreams of Wounded Knee Bill Miller #07. 2 5:44 Praises Bill Miller,Myron Pyawasit #07. 3 2:16 Two Hawks Bill Miller #07. 4 4:34 Reservation Road Bill Miller,John Flanagan, --- Brent Holmes #07. 5 4:35 Tumbleweed Bill Miller, Peter Rowan #07. 6 6:55 Faith of a Child Bill Miller #07. 7 2:42 Many Trails Bill Miller #07. 8 4:51 Trail of Freedom Bill Miller, Bob Corbin #07. 9 2:30 Inter-Tribal Pow Wow Song Myron Pyawasit #07. 10 12:43 Kokopelli's Journey Bill Miller,David Hoffner, --- Sam Bacco, Robert Mirabal #07. 11 4:50 My People Bill Miller, John Flanagan Bill Miller: vocals, guitar, flutes, harmonica, percussion David Angell: violin Sam Bacco: percussion Richard Bennett: guitar Mike Brignardello: bass John Catchings: cello Joe Chemay: bass Bob Corbin: harmony vocal (#8) David Davidson: violin Dan Dugmore: pedal steel guitar Jim Grosjean: viola David Hoffner: keyboards, string arrangements Mary Ann Kennedy: vocals Robert Mirabal: flute and voice (#10) Pam Rose: vocals Dave Pomeroy: bass #08) 1994 Big Country for Little People ? ? Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Mogull Entertainment / Telepictures Productions (mfg. and dist. by BMG Music) #20) 1993 The Wild West [CD: 35828-2] {.A} --- (all 45 tracks are listed in Miscellaneous Collections Discography) --- #20. 38 1:32 Wild Indian Guitar Bill Miller: guitar, vocal John McEuen: banjo Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Session Albums (where Bill Miller appears on albums by other artists): ----------Praxis International / Zoo Entertainment / BMG Music #18) 1993 Tramp on Your Street [CS: 11063-4] * 8-93 {A} --- p.177 (CD: 11063-2) * --- by Billy Joe and Eddy Shaver (rel. 8-10-93) --- (track times are not listed on the cassette) --- (titles by Billy Joe Shaver except as noted) --- (there is no indication in the cassette liner notes about --- which track(s) Bill Miller appears on, but I have been --- told that the CD notes say he appears only on track #2) --- #18 A1 : Heart of Texas #18. A2 : Oklahoma Wind #18 A3 : Georgia on a Fast Train #18 A4 : Live Forever Billy Joe Shaver, --- Eddy Shaver #18 A5 : If I Give My Soul #18 A6 : Tramp on Your Street #18 B1 : KAND, Corsicana, Texas #18 B2 : Good Ol' U.S.A. #18 B3 : Hottest Thing in Town, The #18 B4 : When the Fallen Angels Fly #18 B5 : Take a Chance on Romance #18 B6 : Old Chunk of Coal #18 B7 : I Want Some More #18 B8 : Tenntex Tear Down Billy Joe Shaver: vocals Eddy Shaver: lead and rhythm guitars Terry Anderson: backing vocals Scott Baggett: bass guitar, Hammond B3 organ Keith Christopher: bass and rhythm guitar Jim Hoke: harmonica, lapsteel, clarinet Waylon Jennings: vocals (A1,2) All Kooper: Hammond B3 organ, Wurlitzer and acoustic pianos Bill Miller: Native American flute, chants (A2) Greg Morrow: drums, percussion Brother Phelps: vocals (A4,5) Danny Thorpe: rhythm guitars, backing vocals Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Pangaea Records, manufactured by I.R.S. Records (I.R.S. = International Record Syndicate) #19) 1994 Walk the Line (CS: 13202-4) * 2-94 #19 p.124 [CD: 13202-2] * {.A} --- by Kennedy-Rose --- (all 12 tracks are listed in the Kennedy-Rose Discography) --- Author: #19. 3 5:17 Iron Horse Kennedy-Rose, Kye Fleming Bill Miller: flute Bill Baker: desert sound, oodo drum Mary Ann Kennedy and Pam Rose: spike and earth Mary Ann Kennedy: lead vocal, high-string guitar, hand drum, tambourine Ray Kennedy: National steel guitar Pamela Rose: duet vocal, acoustic guitar The Smokey Town Singers (Menominee Tribe - Wisconsin): chant, tribal drums --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #C) Articles/Reviews (top/bottom of page) Articles: "Bill Miller: Old Dreams and New Hopes", by Barbara Schaffer .Dirty Linen, 12/92-1/93, Issue #43, p. 17-8 "Wild Bill" Folk Roots, 10/93, #124, p. 39+ "Indian singer/songwriter to perform at UW-O Dec. 2", no byline .The Oshkosh (WI) Northwestern, 11/24/94, p. E5 "Friday workshop is with singer/songwriter", no byline .The Oshkosh (WI) Northwestern, 12/01/94, p. C3 "Native American singer to perform at Reeve Union", by UW Oshkosh News Bureau .Advance-Titan (UW Oshkosh), 12/01/94, p. 10, 24 Reviews: (reviewer) Albums: (#03) "The Art of Survival" .Sing Out!, 11-12/91 - 1/92, Vol. 36(3), p. 102 (Steve Key) .Dirty Linen, 2-3/92, Issue #38, p. 52 (Barbara Schaffer) (#04) "Loon, Mountain, and Moon" Folk Roots, 10/91, #100, p. 73 .Dirty Linen, 2-3/92, Issue #38, p. 52 (Barbara Schaffer) (#07) "The Red Road" Entertainment Weekly, 10/01/93, p. 52(2) (David Browne) .Acoustic Musician, 6/94, Vol. 1(4), p. 57 (#18) "Tramp on Your Street" Entertainment Weekly, 8/20/93, #184, p. 63 (Bob Cannon) Stereo Review, 11/93, Vol. 58(1), p. 113 (Alanna Nash) .Guitar Player, 4/94, Vol. 28(4), Issue 292, p. 115 (Chris Gill) [the above reviews do not mention Bill Miller, I have not seen the ones below] Playboy, 11/93, p. 24 (Charles M. Young) Country Music, 11-12/93, p. 24 (Rich Kienzle) Country Music, 11-12/93, p. 60 (interview) "20 questions with Billy Joe Shaver", by Michael Bane Rolling Stone, 8/19/93, #663, p. 77 (D. McLeese) Stereo Review, 2/94, Vol. 59, p. 58 (#19) "Walk the Line" Country Music, 5-6/94, p. 32(2) (Geoffrey Himes) Concerts: Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA, 9/21/91 (Barbara Schaffer) .Dirty Linen, 12/91-1/92, Issue #37, p. 20 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #D) Sources (for more information) (top/bottom of page) #fq 1998, Walters & Mansfield, "MusicHound Folk: The Essential Album Guide", p. 549 For additions and/or corrections, thanks to: Paul Estro

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