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          This page is an alphabetical list by Album Title of every recording for which I have noted in my discographies the actual UPC Barcode (Universal Product Code) ( Wikipedia) that appears somewhere on the album. This list will ONLY include albums that are listed on one of my Wisconsin discography pages, noted with "Wis." on the On-Site Discographies page. Discographies by other authors, e.g. "BoDeans (Bill Pringle)" will not be included in this list.

          UPC Barcodes are listed ONLY for Titles in my personal collection, because, for albums I have never seen, there is no other source, that I know about, that lists UPC Barcodes for individual Wisconsin Album Titles, either in print or on-line. For example, as major sources of information outside of my own collection, there is no mention of a UPC Barcode at either of the Web sites for or WISCAT, the on-line Catalog for all Wisconsin Libraries. There is also no MARC field for "Universal Product Code", which means to me that, as far as all Libraries are concerned, UPC Barcodes convey no information that would be important to any reader. Just curious, is Nielsen SoundScan (Wikipedia) the only company, organization or Library that cares about UPC Barcodes?

          It is unknown why the end user of them, the customer, should care about UPC Barcodes.

According to the UPC Database Webmaster, Rob Fugina, these are the proper formats for submitting recordings not in the Database.

          Firstname Lastname - Title
          Various Artists - Title

Title (VAC) = Various Artists Collection Album
none = Album has no UPC Barcode
(tracks) = Entry includes a complete list of Track Titles
?? = I have never seen a copy of this Album

  1. Across the Fields (VAC) none (tracks)
  2. All-Stars of Polkaland, U.S.A. (VAC) (tracks)
  3. American Finger-Style Guitar circa 1999 (VAC) (tracks)
  4. American Streets & Cafes, Volume 1 (VAC) (tracks) **
  5. American Streets & Cafes, Volume 2 (VAC) (tracks) **
              ** = two different CD's with the same identical UPC Barcode! I thought that was illegal.
  6. Apple Cellar Tapes (VAC) none (tracks)
    Best Kept Secrets, The: A Celebration of Music, Volume 2 (VAC) none (tracks)
  7. Beyond Words (VAC) (tracks)
  8. Celebration of Music: Made in Waukesha, Volume 1, A (VAC) none (tracks)
  9. Celebration of Music...The Best Kept Secrets, Volume 2, A (VAC) none (tracks)
  10. Christmas in the Valley [1994] (VAC) none (tracks)
  11. Christmas in the Valley [1995] (VAC) none (tracks)
  12. Christmas in the Valley: On Christmas Night [1996] (VAC) none (tracks)
  13. Christmas in the Valley: 'tis the season [1997] (VAC) ?? (tracks)
  14. Crustacean Compilation (VAC) none (tracks)
  15. Crust-O-Matic! (VAC) (tracks)
  16. Deep Polka: Dance Music From The Midwest (VAC) (tracks)
  17. Deeper Polka (VAC) (tracks)
  18. Folk Music from Wisconsin (VAC) (tracks)
  19. Folked Again: The Best of Mountain Railroad, Volume 1 (VAC) none
  20. Get Folked: Live at Charlotte's Web (VAC) none (tracks)
  21. Guitar - Fingerstyle (VAC) (tracks)
  22. Guitar - Fingerstyle 2 (VAC) (tracks)
  23. He's Alive! (VAC) none (tracks)
  24. International Preview! The 1972 DCI, Vol. 2 (VAC) none (tracks)
  25. Lifescapes: Solo Guitar (VAC) (tracks)
  26. Live at Mother Fool's (VAC) none (tracks)
  27. Live at the Anchor Inn (aka Live at... Mr. Blues' Anchor Inn) (VAC) none
  28. Live at the Nomad World Pub (VAC) none (tracks)
  29. Live @ the Nomad Vol. II (VAC) none (tracks)
  30. Local Sounds, Vol. 1, Issue 1 - March 2005 (VAC) none (tracks)
  31. Local Sounds, Vol. 1, Issue 2 - May 2005 (VAC) ??
  32. Made in Wisconsin, Volume 1 (VAC) (tracks)
  33. Masters of Acoustic Guitar (VAC) (tracks)
  34. MSG: Made at Home (VAC) (tracks)
  35. MSG: Made at Home Volume 2 (VAC) (tracks)
  36. Music From The Heartland (VAC) none (tracks)
  37. Northern Meeting, The: Celtic Music in Milwaukee (VAC) none (tracks)
  38. One Ball Of Clay (VAC) (tracks)
  39. One On One (One Songwriter, One Instrument) (VAC) (tracks)
  40. Polka Tyme Wisconsin Style (VAC) none (tracks)
  41. River Rocks, The (VAC) none (tracks)
  42. Sacred Sites Songs (VAC) ?? (tracks)
  43. Simply Christmas none (tracks)
  44. Simply Folk Sampler, A (VAC) none (tracks)
  45. Simply Folk Sampler 2 (VAC) none (tracks)
  46. Swissconsin My Homeland (VAC) (tracks)
  47. SXSW 2005 Crustacean Records Sampler (VAC) none (tracks)
  48. Tomorrow River Sampler (VAC) none (tracks)
  49. Topsoil 1992 (VAC) ?? (tracks)
  50. Topsoil 1993 (VAC) none (tracks)
  51. Way Beyond Words (VAC) (tracks)
  52. We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer (VAC) none (tracks)
  53. Wisconsin: An American Portrait (VAC) (tracks)
  54. Wisconsin Polka Hall of Famers, Volume 1 (VAC) ??
  55. Wisconsin Polka Hall of Famers, Volume 2 (VAC) none (tracks)
  56. Wolf River Songs (VAC) none (tracks)
  57. Words (VAC) (tracks)
    Words, Beyond (VAC) (tracks)
    Words, Way Beyond (VAC) (tracks)
  58. World's Greatest Polka Package, The (VAC) (tracks)
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