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          NOTICE: Far From Home, the Celtic band from Wisconsin, officially disbanded on 11-12-2000 after their final appearance at the International Holiday Festival in the Madison Civic Center. Per Bob Newton, "Daithi Wolfe will continue playing in the Klezmer band, Yid Vicious. Turner Collins, Karen Cornelius, and I will continue to delve deeper into the various Celtic music traditions and play under the name of Keltori with frequent guest artists".

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Turner Collins - celtic harp, accordian, whistle, bombarde, vocals
Karen Cornelius - cello (newest member, joined 1998)
Bob Newton - bouzouki, octave mandolin, mandocello, bodhran, vocals
Daithi Wolfe - fiddle, vocals

[ not to be confused with the Portland, OR folk duo also called far from homeTM ]

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