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      "FolkBook: An Online Acoustic Music Establishment", which came on-line September 1, 1994, was taken off-line as of March 7, 1998. This page is a guide to the location of every FolkBook page that has been redesigned and installed at the brand new site, "", which came on-line August 21, 1997.

      Stephen Spencer was the guiding light that made FolkBook the most useful Folk Music site on the entire World Wide Web. The torch has been passed to Alan Rowoth and his team and their site. It looks like this successor site will carry on the tradition in fine form. Congratulations to Stephen for a job well done, and best wishes to Alan for a glowing future.

      As FolkBook is no more, so to is The FolkBook Index.

      And a special note to those Webmasters who have updated their links, but not their link titles:

the "Official" Site Title of ""
NOT "FolkBook"
Every use of the term "FolkBook" is obsolete,
that is, if it applies specifically to the 1994-1998 website.

      I hope the following will help you update all your broken FolkBook bookmarks and links.

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      With FolkBook now permanently off-line, the term "The FolkBook Index" could not remain in use. While looking for a new name for this site (particularly one that, prior to 03-08-1998, produced zero Alta Vista [Archive] hits), the fact that my parents were Librarians made the selection easy. The new name, "FolkLib Index: A Library of Folk Music Links", is lovingly dedicated in memory and honor of Herman H. Henkle (1900-1987) and Genevieve E. Henkle (1906-1995). Thank you both so very much.

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