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      This page lists major changes, if any, made to the Index and installed during each site update date listed. An exception to the general site rule that all links in bold go off-site, bold links on this page indicate newly created FolkLib Index pages first installed on a particular date. All other links on this page, whether on-site or off-site are not bolded.
      See also a compact year-by-year chronological list of every new page listed below.

      I'm just curious ... is there anyone anywhere in the world that actually reads this "What's New?" page?

      05-15-2007: How interesting ... the above request has been here since Nov. 2005 and not one single person in the entire world has admitted to me that they have looked at this page at any time since then. What is the point of my updating this page at all?
      08-16-2008: Wow, somebody wrote that they actually look at this page regularly. So there's at least one out of several billion people on Earth that do.

      Environmental Log - What I am doing to save gas and cut back on polluting the planet. What are you doing?

Trivia: Web site size: 11-25-1995 (788 K), 01-28-2011 (per FreeFind's count) 1,079 pages, 27,182,416 total bytes.
       Per indexing, as of 11-07-2011, this site has over 2.6 million different words.

      I am sorry for the delay in responding to requests for updates to this site. The matter was beyond my control. The source HTML files of all my pages are on a Server where I login, update the pages using their unique VAX VMS EVE/TPU editor, and upload the updates. Without warning, last September 25th, the Server was shut off in preparation of moving it physically from Madison, WI to Boston, MA. However, somebody forgot to check whether the new site was ready to receive it or not. The new site was not ready for the installation until a couple of days ago and a few bugs had to be worked out after it was turned back on. It seems to be stable now so I can finally resume making updates for the first time in almost four months.
      On 11-25-2014, the Folk Library Index turned 19 years old!
.11-25-2013: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 18 years old today!
      A number of sites:
"" (,
"" (ASV Records),
"" (iMusic's Artist Bulletin Boards),
"" & "" (Ultimate Band List),
Andrea Crain's "",
Bob Jensen's "", and
Monty Harper's "" (Children's Musicians List)
are either gone or moved to unknown locations, so all links to those sites have been deleted.
      Added Music Reference Books by Martin C. Strong.
      Added Index for "The Great Rock Discography" by Martin C. Strong.
      Added Ripon, WI: Dickens of a Christmas.
.11-25-2012: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 17 years old today!
      Added FolkLib Index for Mary J. Park, my first new Artist Index File   since 1999. - (see: 04-11-2012)
      Two sites: World Concert Artist Directory, "", and International Directory of Musicians "" are gone. My links to them are being replaced by the following:
      Added World Concert Artist Directory (archived) & musician pages: Stephen Butts - Ted Nichelson - Dane M. Richeson - Anne Roos - John Williams.
      Changed all Dawgnet Links from "" to "" .
      Added Index for "Mel Bay Presents Ozarks Fiddle Music.
      Added Discography for "Sounds of the Ozark Folk".
      Added Folk Music of Mountain View, Arkansas (home page) - Folk Musicians of Mountain View, AR - Discography for Folk Musicians of Mountain View, AR.
      Added Stone County and Mountain View, Arkansas Music Resources.
      Added Index for "The Faces of Rackensack" .
      Added Marco Sassone Books/Pamphlets Scan Thumbnails.
      Wonderful news! I'm getting married next month to Mary Park and moving to Ripon, which is 20 miles southwest of Oshkosh. I will be relocated permanently in Ripon effective 6-01-2012. The official Folk Library Index postal mailing contact address will change from:
      (obsolete) Doug Henkle, P.O. Box 1447, Oshkosh, WI 54903-1447 (obsolete)
      Doug Henkle, P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331
I have changed this contact information throughout this site. Note, however, that the old Oshkosh POB will probably remain active for years to come, but STOP USING IT NOW. Any response you expect will be significantly delayed if you do use it.
      Added "Songwriter's Market" Bibliography.
      Added Wisconsin Non-Musical Bibliography.
      Moved all five Marco Sassone pages created since 11-07-2011 to the new directory, created 01-08-2012.
      Added Marco Sassone Bibliography.
      Added an easy to remember shortcut menu to all of my Folk Library Index pages for Marco Sassone.
      Added Sherlock Holmes Bibliography.
      Added Marco Sassone Exhibitions.
      Added Marco Sassone Paintings by Year.
      Added Marco Sassone Paintings by Medium.
.11-25-2011: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 16 years old today!
      Added Songwriter's Market: Close-up Musical Biographies Index.
      Added List of Paintings by Marco Sassone.
      The Folklore Productions site, "", is gone so my 17 links to it have been deleted.
      Added Autoharp Players listed in the Folk Library Index.
      Added Folk Library Index Blog off-site at .
      Added a display of the Folk Library Index site logo to the Home Page and the Wisconsin Music Site Map, the two primary entry points to this domain.
      Added Bibliography: Autoharp Clearinghouse - Bibliography: Autoharp Quarterly.
      Added Bibliography: Dulcimer Player News.
      Found that Mary Backues's and Neal J. Backues's site "" (Bluegrass World) is gone, so 11 links there have been deleted.
      Found that Russell McNeil's site "" is gone, so 9 links there have been deleted.
      Thanks to some very useful suggstions from a friend, redesigned the tops of the Home Page and the Search this site pages.
      Found that every one of my 104 individual artist links to "CD Universe" was broken due to a redesign of their site. I have no time to look up replacement links for them, so I deleted every link to the site.
      Also found that the majority of all other music "On-Line Ordering" links were broken, so scores, if not hundreds, of broken artist links to, Back Porch Music, Camsco Music, CyberCD (Denmark), Elderly Music, Fantasy Jazz Records, Four Winds Trading Company, Greg's Music World, Homespun Video, Music Previews Network, Planet Earth Music, Rolling Stone Magazine, Shoreline Acoustic Music, SoundStone Music, Tayberry Music, Tower Records, and Vanguard Records have been deleted.
      Also found that the "On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA)" site "" is gone, so 38 links there have been deleted.
      Added 79th Annual Gymanfa Ganu, Oshkosh, WI - 2011 Gymanfa Ganu Concert Photos - Wisconsin Gymanfa Ganu Discography.
      Added U.S. Music Halls of Fame Directory.
      Changed all Jane Keefer links from "" to "".
      Continuing the filesize reduction of the Folk Music Bibliography page, started with moving Jazz Books, 6 entries have been moved to the new Women Performers and Composers Bibliography page.
      Many sites just copy the first sentence on my home page and use it as the description for my site. As it is a list of major features on my entire domain, it is nesessarily long, but it is too long for some sites and it gets truncated. Shortened it from 57 to 41 words. - current version / old version [Archive]
      Added UW Oshkosh Faculty Labelography.
      Added Oshkosh High School CD Compilations Labelography.
      Added Oshkosh High Schools Labelography (Part 2) (Directors Timeline and What's New?) - Oshkosh Schools & Churches Labelography (Trading, Part 2) (What's New?) - Oshkosh Schools and Churches Thumbnail Labelography.
      Added UW Oshkosh Labelography
      Added - Oshkosh Memorabilia Club [volunteered to be the Club's Webmaster].
      Added Choral Composers with no known Biography Page.
    04-15-2011: obsolete, all contents moved to: Classical, Broadway, Film and Choral Composers
      Added Chancel Choir Anthems in Date Order 2010-2014 - Current Projects for the Folk Library Index.
      Added Classical, Broadway, Film and Choral Composers.
      Added Intersound: Quintessence Digital Discography - Author's works hosted by the Folk Library Index.
      Added The Big Bands Database by Murray L. Pfeffer - Big Bands Database Plus: Credits File - Musical discography links on the internet - Big Bands Database Plus: Musical Calendar for February 18.
      Retitled all "Music Books" Library inventory pages to Music Reference Books because, except for the Single Musician Bibliography page, all the rest of the listed books are discographies for, or biographies of, many different musicians. With only a couple of exceptions, there are no songbooks, instructional books, or sheet music listed.
      Added Music Reference Books: Seeley G. Mudd Library (Lawrence University).
06-12-2006 1.7 million different words
11-12-2009 2.2 million different words
01-28-2011 2.5 million different words
11-07-2011 2.6 million different words
      To cut down a bit on the large size of the 200+ book Folk Music Bibliography page, and also eliminate the need to maintain the same identical information which has been listed in two different places, 25 entries have been moved to the Jazz and Big Band Bibliography page. For example,
Simon, George T. (ed.). "The Big Bands" has moved from bibliog.shtml#jy to bibliog8.shtml#jy.
      As Deering Banjos has deleted all musician pictures from their site, like the one that used to be at, , backed up versions of each deleted historical picture have been installed at this site. Links to pictures of the following musicians pictured with or playing a Deering Banjo can found at: Roy Clark, Steve Cooley, Buddy Griffin, George Grove, John Hartford, David Hidalgo, David Holt, Larry Lalonde, John McCutcheon, Herb Pedersen, Harvey Reid, Joe Satriani, John Sebastian, Rod Stewart and Josh Williams.
      Added Index for Wisconsin Musicians books by Gary Myers (Labels) - Index for Wisconsin Musicians books by Gary Myers (Artists).
      Added Fox Valley Area School & Church Labelography.
      Added Wisconsin Schools Discography.
      Added Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Discography - Prime Cuts of Bluegrass #1-20 Discography - Prime Cuts of Bluegrass #21-40 Discography - Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Discography (CD Scans) - Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Discography (Other Scans).
      Renamed "Oshkosh High Schools Labelography (Trading)" page to Oshkosh Schools & Churches Labelography (Trading) and added all album titles at Oshkosh Schools, Churches, Organizations Labelography to it.
.11-25-2010: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 15 years old today!
      Added Oshkosh High Schools Labelography (Trading).
      Added ARSC Awards for Excellence by Author.
      Added Brian Rust Bibliography.
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (N) - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z - 0-9 -- final split off from (A-Z,0-9) below.
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (I) - J - K - L - M -- split off from (A-Z,0-9) below.
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (E) - F - G - H -- split off from (A-Z,0-9) below.
      Added Discovering ... : The Guideposts Home Bible Study Program [Church related, not musical book list].
.09-22-2010 - search DOA
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (Search).
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (A) - B - C - D -- split off from (A-Z,0-9) below.
      Added Historical Record Label Addresses (Intro) - Historical Record Label Addresses (A-Z,0-9).
      Deleted the 1995-2005 entries from this page.
      Added Irish Fest-La Crosse: Past Performers Index - Irish Fest-La Crosse: 2005-2009 Performers.
      Added Design Records Labelography & Discography.
      Added Oshkosh Schools, Churches, Organizations Labelography.
      Added Mountain Railroad Records Labelography.
      Added Oshkosh High Schools Labelography.
      Added Wisconsin Labelography: Gallery A-G - Gallery H-P - Gallery Q-Z.
      Added Wisconsin Labelography: 0-9.
      Added Wisconsin Labelography - Wisconsin Labelography: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Picture Sleeves - Unknown Label Names.
      Removed all Archived links to the old "Every Celtic Thing on the Web" site by Michael McNeill because the new owner of "" has permanently blocked all access to all the backups via robots.txt .
      Added Oshkosh Irish Fest: 2010-14 Performers.
      Added Wisconsin Video Discography - Wisconsin Reggae Discography - Wisconsin Punk Discography.
      Added Wisconsin Hip Hop Discography.
      Added Index for "Complete Library" books by Jerry Osborne.
      Changed all of Terry E. Gordon's "Rockin' Country Style" links from "" and "" to "" .
      Added Oasis Sampler Discography - Oasis Acoustic Samplers #1-9 Discography.
.11-25-2009: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 14 years old today!
      Added Kerrville/Silverwolf Records Collections Discography.
      Added Red House Records Discography.
      Added Old Time Music & Craft Festival: History - Old Time Music & Craft Festival: Program Cover Scans.
      Oops! I found that I have two copies of the same page installed in two different places and both have internal links to them from other pages. Obituary Index was originally installed on 03-30-2007. On some unknown date since then, I moved the page, but forgot to change all of the obsolete links. All internal links to the old location have been changed, and the old page has been permanently replaced with a "moved" notice.
      Added Bluegrass Hall of Fame Inductees - What's New Count.
      Added Tomorrow River Music Discography.
      Added a text-to-HTML discography conversion, Robbie Clement Discography.
      Added Gourd Music Discography.
      Added Bio-Bibliographies by Greenwood Press - All Greenwood Press Bio-Bibliographies - Wisconsin Reggae Musicians.
      Added Bio-Bibliographies in Music, Greenwood Press.
      Added Bibliography: Dirty Linen.
      Added Dirty Linen Magazine CD Sampler Discography.
      Major updates of indexa.shtml and indexq.shtml. I went through each page line by line, making sure every link worked, both internal and external, and every entry was as complete as I could make it, a separate entry for every known member of every group, what known city(ies) they live/lived in, what known instrument(s) they play(ed), every known group each individual has been a member of, and the known "ACTIVE" dates for every group, i.e. when it was founded and disbanded.
      Possibly frustrating to people who link to specific musician's entries, many, MANY anchor tags have been changed. Fourteen years ago, when I started this site, I had no idea that someday I would list over over 8,800 different Wisconsin musicians, and an estimated 15 to 20,000 different, Folk, Bluegrass and World Folk musicians, solo guitarists and harpists, and that each and every one would require a unique anchor tag so that anyone and everyone could link to an artist or group and not have identical anchors to more than one making any link not work properly. I apologize that for a long time I was somewhat sloppy in assigning anchors that would someday conflict with other anchors. I am fixing that now. For example, indexa.shtml#ACU is now indexa.shtml#Acuff,Ry
      The other biggest change of this revision project is that, if an off-site link no longer works, I just delete it. I am making no effort to find new home pages for artists, links that didn't exist the last time I searched. In the long term view, as I turned 68 six days ago, there will come a time when I will not be around to update anything on this site. I am taking steps so that this site will remain on-line for hopefully a long time after I am gone. In that future, the importance of this site will be the information that I have researched, accumulated and installed here which will have long term benefit to my readers. At least that is my hope. To that end, if I foresee that at a given point in the future, I will become physically or mentally unable to continue site maintenance, before I stop, I will remove every off-site link, so that the body of knowledge contained on this site will serve for some time to come after I have to stop maintenance. If my demise is sudden, then the future permanently broken off-site links will have to stand as is, and hopefully will not unnecessarily detract too much from the hoped for continuing usefulness of this site's internal information about musical artists, groups, discographies, bibliographies, venue histories, festival histories, and specific book indexes I have created that exist nowhere else, or at least do not exist together in any one single location, either on-line or in print.
      Work has begun on indexb.shtml. As each page is completed, I will list it here. Understandably this particular clean-up project will take many months. Stay tuned.
      Added Venue History: Two Rivers Bluegrass.
      Added Index for Wisconsin ASCAP Members 1948-1980.
      Added two more non-music related pages, Highland Park High School (IL), Class of 1956 - Class of 1958. This completes the 1956-1959 Senior Class Lists in all four Year Books I saved from when I was in High School.
      Added Wisconsin Dance Halls and Ballrooms.
      Added Title Order List of my Wisconsin Discographies.
      Added Authors of Music Books.
.08-13-2009: As the site is gone, deleted all links to, "Eyeneer Blues Profiles", etc.
      Added Big Band & Swing Band Book Indexes.
      Added Music Wall Calendar Cover Scans.
      Added Music Calendars (Wall Calendars).
      Added Rough Guide Discography / World Music Network Discography.
      Added Fond du Lac Jazz Festival.
      Added Fox Jazz Fest: Past Performers Index - Neenah Jazz Fest 1995-2003 Performers / Fox Jazz Fest 2004-2009 Performers.
      Added Big Bull Falls Blues Festival: Past Performers Index - Big Bull Falls Blues Festival: 1992-1999 Performers - Big Bull Falls Blues Festival: 2000-2009 Performers.
      Added Big Bull Falls Blues Festival: Publicity Brochures.
      Added Madison Made Music Project Discography.
      Added Manitowoc Acoustic Fest: Past Performers Index - Manitowoc Acoustic Fest: 2000-2009 Performers.
      Added Black Hawk Folk Festival: Past Performers Index - Black Hawk Folk Festival: 1988-1999 Performers - Black Hawk Folk Festival: 2000-2009 Performers.
      Added Oshkosh Irish Fest: Past Performers Index - Oshkosh Irish Fest: 2009 Performers.
      Added MusicHound / VideoHound (books) Discography.
      Added UW Oshkosh Music Source Cover Scans.
      Added Non-Marquis Who's Who Books and Master Title List.
      Added Who's Who in the Midwest, and all other known Marquis titles.
      Added UW Oshkosh Music Department Faculty Schools.
      Added UW Oshkosh Music Department Faculty Index - UW Oshkosh Music Department History - UW Oshkosh Music Department Gallery - UW Oshkosh Music Department Sources.
      For those who have looked for it in the past, I created and installed a 32x32 color "Favorites Icon" (favicon.ico) which will now display in the "URL Address" area of many browsers. To add it to your list of bookmarks saved to any page at my site, just click on each bookmark.
      Added UW Oshkosh Music Department History (deleted articles).
      Added First Congregational Church: Chancel Choir Members.
      Added a text-to-HTML discography conversion, Odetta Discography.
.11-25-2008: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 13 years old today!
      Added Wisconsin Handbell Choirs.
      Added An Inconvenient Truth: Closing Credits.
      Added House on the Rock Pictures.
      Added Venue History: TruBlu Lounge, Fond du Lac.
      Added Wisconsin Composers.
      Added a text-to-HTML discography conversion, Bill Miller Discography.
      Added Wisconsin Churches Discography.
      Added Wisconsin Folk Discography. This is a new file which includes every album title that used to be listed at wi_discog.shtml (Wisconsin Discographies).
      Added Cuca Records (Missing) Discography.
      Added Various Wisconsin Labels (45's) Discography - Blue Eagle (45's) Discography.
      Added KL Records (45's) Discography.
      Added Wisconsin UW Oshkosh Graduate Musicians.
      Added WAMI Album of the Year Awards.
      Added WAMI Song of the Year Awards.
      Added WAMI Jazz Awards.
      Added WAMI Awards Show Presenters.
      Added WAMI Polka Awards.
      Added WAMI Award Nominees & Winners (A Combined list of all Artists/Groups on all Genre pages).
      Added Unanswered questions about the WAMI Awards and its Award Shows.
      Added 2007 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners - 2008 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners.
      Added Wisconsin Heavy Metal Musicians - Wisconsin Heavy Metal Discography.
      Added Venue History: Concert Logs of Wisconsin Music Venues - Venue History: First Tuesdays at FCC, Oshkosh - Venue History: Live at Lunch at Grand Opera House Square, Oshkosh - Venue History: Live at Lunch at Mi-Taza Coffeehouse, UW Oshkosh .
      Added WAMI Boards of Directors.
      Added Bibliography: Folkscene - Bibliography: Inside Bluegrass - Bibliography: The Jongleur - Bibliography: Musician - Bibliography: Tell it Like it is - Bibliography: The Valley Scene / The Scene.
      Added Article: Leaders take a journey through the years.
      Added Article: Railroad Ron has musical milestone.
      Added Wisconsin Country Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Folk Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Jazz Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Native Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Polka Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Pop/Rock Recordings Documented in Print.
      Added Jazz and Big Band Bibliography.
      Added Wisconsin Blues Recordings Documented in Print.
      Added Wisconsin Big Band Recordings Documented in Print - Wisconsin Bluegrass Recordings Documented in Print.
      Added Wisconsin Recordings Documented in Print.
      In order to simplify searching, changed all occurrences of "H.S." to "High School", and all occurrences of its being implied to its being specifically stated, e.g. changed "Oshkosh North Madrigal Singers" to "Oshkosh North High School Madrigal Singers". Also, all occurrences of "Lourdes Academy" were changed to "Lourdes High School".
      Added Index for "Classic Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Discography" by Ronald C. Purcell - Index for "Famous Wisconsin ..." Series by Badger Books.
      Added Daniel Hecht Discography.
      Added "Wisconsin Discography" - Name Index - by school (High Schools K9-12).
      Added "Wisconsin Discography" - Name Index - by school (Colleges & Universities).
      Added Wisconsin Punk Rock Musicians - Sub-genre pages of Wisconsin Pop/Rock: Help Wanted - Article: Apple Blossom Books slated to open next month downtown.
.11-25-2007: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 12 years old today!
      Added Domain Alphabetization Rules
      Added Opera Bibliography
      Added Opera Singer Index
      Added WMMM Radio CD Collections Discography - WMSE Radio CD Collections Discography.
      Added Afghan Press Discography (Wisconsin Composers only)
      Added GoGirlsMusicFest Discography
      A great big THANK YOU!! to for evaluating my site and FINALLY telling me exactly how to invalidate the link of those people who I have asked to consistently link to me at "", and NOT "", but who have refused to change their link. Because of the resulting confusion to Search Engines, an indexing problem called "link fragmentation" occurs. Search Engines, like Google, think they are two different sites instead of the same site. Website Grader considers it an ERROR if they find indexed links to otherwise identical URL's both with and without the "www." They pointed out that this error can be corrected by installing what they call a "permanent 301 redirect". I have just done so, and everyone who clicks on what I personally feel is an incorrectly installed link, "", will now be automatically redirected to "". Yippee!
      Added Irish Fest: 1981-1985 Performers - Irish Fest: 1986-1990 Performers - Irish Fest: 1991-1995 Performers - Irish Fest: 1996-1999 Performers - Irish Fest: 2004 Performers - Irish Fest: 2005 Performers - Irish Fest: 2006 Performers - Missing Liner Notes Information
      Connected to Time Warner Cable's "Roadrunner", after a frustrating year of Dial-Up Service from Milwaukee PC, getting my Internet connection dropped twice a day on average. I bought a DSL Modem from Milwaukee PC and paid them a year in advance for AT&T DSL Service, but their Modem never connected to the Internet for even a single second, so I could only connect via their Dial-Up for the past year. AT&T on-site repairmen do not exist. If your DSL problem cannot be fixed by AT&T over the phone, you're screwed! AT&T and Milwaukee PC had my money so why should they give a damn whether their DSL modem ever worked or not? On 06-27-2007 I paid Milwaukee PC for a second year of Dial-Up Service, but their service crashed that night and never came back up. Milwaukee PC cashed my check and kept my payment, but neglected to tell me their Dial-Up Service had been permanently discontinued. Screwed again! Two strikes and Milwaukee PC is OUT, and Roadrunner is IN.
      Added Doug Henkle's Environmental Log .
      Added Bibliography: Weekend - Fond du Lac (was Go!)
      Added Bibliography: Weekend - Appleton (was Encore)
      Added Bibliography: Maximum Ink
      Added history/obits.shtml. Date?: moved to Obituary Index.
      Removed top-of-the-page information on this site which listed serious site problems, in chronological order: 12-15-2005 and 06-12-2006. Unfortunately, these problems significantly affected how this site is now updated. The original concept since 1995 of uploading at one time all pages updated since a specific date is no longer possible at this time, or for the foreseeable future. From this point forward, until further notice, pages will be updated individually as needed, and as noted by the "(last updated .mm-dd-yyyy)" note at the top of every page.
      A number of new pages have been installed since 12-15-2005 which were not listed here until now.
02-26-2006 WOCT-FM 101.9 "Oshkosh Artists"
03-27-2006 Wisconsin Soul Discography
03-27-2006 Wisconsin R&B (Rhythm & Blues) Musicians
03-27-2006 Wisconsin R&B Discography
04-28-2006 Wisconsin Hip hop Musicians
04-28-2006 WAMI Website Awards
05-02-2006 WAMI Award Categories
05-02-2006 1996 WAMI Award Nominees (Winners unknown)
05-04-2006 WAMI Hall of Fame Biographies
05-06-2006 1997 WAMI Award Nominees (Winners unknown)
05-28-2006 WAMI Awards Show Programs (scans, long load)
05-31-2006 2004 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
05-31-2006 2005 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
05-31-2006 2006 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
06-01-2006 2003 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
06-08-2006 Past Wisconsin Music Festivals (2004)
06-08-2006 Past Wisconsin Music Festivals (2005)
06-08-2006 Past Wisconsin Music Festivals (2006)
  • 06-15-2006 Wisconsin Concert Poster Collection
    07-30-2006 Wisconsin Radio Discography
    08-06-2006 Desiderata
    09-01-2006 Wisconsin Solo Guitarists
    10-08-2006 Wisconsin Concertina Players
    10-23-2006 House on the Rock Discography
    10-23-2006 House on the Rock Music Machines
    11-01-2006 WAMI Producer Awards
    11-17-2006 1998 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
    11-17-2006 1999 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
    11-18-2006 2000 WAMI Award Nominees & Winners
    12-10-2006 Getting Published Bibliography
          Due to requests, re-ordered and changed the Domain Site Map, replacing the URL text with each page's actual title. In case you prefer the old version, which will no longer be maintained, here is the only link to it. However, as of 05-15-2007, this changeover process is not complete. See the bottom of the page (#480 or so, on) for what it will eventually all look like.
    .11-25-2006: Trivia, the Folk Library Index is 11 years old today!
          Changed all Mike Moroney's KiwiFolk links from "" to "".
          Changed all Minnesota Public Radio links from "" to "".
          Vacation -- 8/07-12/2006, no computer or E-Mail access for 6 days. I was in New York City. The highlight of the trip for me was the Iridium Jazz Club and seeing Les Paul for the first time! 91 years old and still playing two 1-1/2 hour sets every Monday night, year 'round, simply AMAZING! Icing on the cake was one guest artist that night, also seen for the first time in person, Muriel Anderson! A few memorable pictures of that night can be seen at, Les Paul.
          Now that I finally have a VMS editing account again, why will it take awhile before I can resume installing updates to the Web site? I did a double backup of all source files (aka web pages) in my old VMS account. Neither of those backup copies have been changed since. However, I have been using a UNIX text editor to manually edit pages live on the Web site since the backup and my old account was deleted. Thus my source files and what is on the Web site are now grossly out of sync. I have to find every page changed on the Web site since 12-05-2005, download each one to my new account, compare each one with its original matching source file, and install the Web site changes in the source files. There may be as many as 700 pages that have to be re-synced like this, one by one, before I can resume normal editing and installation of updated source files. I don't know how long this will take, but it may be a month or more.
          The Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC, pronounced "deck") created the VMS Operating System that ran on thousands of its VAX, MicroVAX and Alpha Servers and Workstations in the 1980's and 1990's. As Digital was bought out by Compaq, which in turn was bought out by HP, VMS was phased out and replaced by Micro$oft Windows at the corporate level, but it remains in continuing demand at the user level.
          My new account is at, an entire Web site and organization devoted exclusively to a large community of VMS users! In the 1980's, it started out as DECUS (DEC User's Society), evolved into Encompass, but is now a separate organization no longer with any direct corporate support. It is fully supported by volunteers and donations. Associating myself with an organization like this, it is unlikely that I will ever lose my VMS editing account again.
          08-25-2010: In order to save space, the 1995-2005 entries that used to be on this page have been taken off-line. If you really NEED to look at that old information, many previous versions of this page have been backed up by the Internet Archive and can be viewed at any time.
          07-04-2000: Slightly reformatted the Birthdays/Bibliography pages by preceding every name with a unique character "~" that does not appear anywhere else on these pages. I can now get a total count of how many entries are on all of these pages, something not possible before.
          11-25-1995: And, for those who have nothing better to read, or correspondents who wish to know, in detail, what I have been doing since 1-23-1995 instead of writing discographies, here is one more candidate for Yahoo's "Useless Pages" ( - JavaScript Restricted!) ... my pre-installation notes.
          [1-18-1998 note: in order to free up disk space for currently useful information, I have deleted my pre-installation notes page. If you are really curious how this Index evolved between 1-23-1995 and 11-25-1995, write to me and I will send you a copy.]
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