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      WOCT-FM 101.9 first went on the air on 01-23-2006. This page lists every Oshkosh Artist/Group I know about that is currently being played on the "Oshkosh Artists" daily radio programs:

    Mon-Sun   10:00 pm - 1:00 am
    Sat-Sun   11:00 am - 2:00 pm

      Note: As I have moved to Ripon, I no longer have easy access to be able to add current information to this page. Also, because Ripon is out of range of these Oshkosh WOCT-FM 101.9 radio 100 watt LPFM broadcasts, and these TV broadcasts are not carried on local Ripon "Basic" cable subscriptions, I am no longer able to hear or view anything broadcast by these Oshkosh media stations.

DISCLAIMER: This Web site has no connection to WOCT radio or its sister Television stations, CATV2 and CATV-10 (CitiCable 10).   DO NOT send me any Mail that is intended for the station, but send it to the City Hall address below.
      WOCT has an FCC "Low Power FM" (LPFM) radio license and operates out of the Oshkosh Community Access Television (OCAT) (Oshkosh Community Media Services) studios in City Hall, 215 Church Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54901-4795. LPFM stations are limited to 100 Watts, so the broadcast range is at best only about 5 to 8 miles from downtown Oshkosh. The WOCT seeks local artists and music (PDF) [Archive] and WOCT Program Schedule (PDF) files can be seen on the OCAT (OCMS) Web site. There is currently no artist/group information of any kind on their Web site. I do not know if any actual playlists have ever been created by the station or anyone else for any program aired.

      A WOCT Talent Release Form (PDF) [Archive] needs to be filled out and included with each CD submitted. Note somewhere on the form which 5 tracks you want to be the only tracks they will play. Every song is randomly selected for airplay by computer, so they don't accept requests from listeners.

      All the Artist Names and CD Titles in the table below were obtained from the spoken announcements given after each song is played. * Those names in bold type I know nothing about except that they supposedly live in Oshkosh. NOT! Does anyone know how to contact any of the following, or where their CD's can be purchased?
    Tony Bock - Airplay
    Mark Check - Airplay
    David Cole - Airplay
    Critter Bug - Airplay
    Jonathan Layhee - Airplay
    Terri Lynne - Airplay
    Felix Ready - Airplay
    Justin Zander - Airplay
None of the local artists I have talked to have ever heard of any of the above artists/groups, and none of them have a Web site that I can find. These artists will not be listed in my "Wisconsin Discography" book, and their possibly unique CD's aired on WOCT will not be included in any discography at this site, because I can find no proof that more than one copy exists of any of them.

      I have no connection of any kind with WOCT or OCAT (OCMS). I am only a music fan trying to document the entire Wisconsin music scene.

      Stay Tuned = Oshkosh Artists who will soon be aired on WOCT.
      First Aired = I have listened to almost every "Oshkosh Artists" program since it went on the air on January 23rd. Song title announcements began on February 10th. This column lists only those artists who I happened to keep track of, or those who have told me when they first aired.
      album title? = for this artist/group, only song titles are announced, the album title is unknown
      All artists/groups are, or were, based in Oshkosh unless noted otherwise.

Oshkosh Artist Name CD Title #1 (where to buy) CD Title #2 (where to buy) Genre First Aired
All Envy Aside
200? album title?   Rock ?
Andy's Automatics 2005 Things Have Changed - (1)   Country ?
Asylum Point
200? album title?   Rock ?
Blind Dignity 199? Reborn   Rock 07-08-2006
Tony Bock * 199? Fork In The Road   Rock ?
Josh Calhoun 2000 The Vinegrower 2005 Climb On Folk 03-03-2006
Mark Check * 199? I Am 199? The Golden Dragon
199? The Reckoning
Rock 02-24-2006
David Cole * 199? Just Getting It   Rock ?
Copper Box 2005 Sunny Days - (2)   World/Roots-Cajun 01-23-2006
Crazy Man's Basement
199? There and Back   Rock 05-17-2006
Critter Bug * 199? Crazy For Your Love   Rock ?
Eide, Al 199? Out Of Control 1998 Wild Fury Rock 06-19-2006
  199? When the Blade Goes Down   Rock 07-14-2006
EngenDriver 199? Funkin' A 199? Pointer Trigger Finger Rock ?
Sheamus Fitzpatrick
and The McNally Boys
199? Liver Dance   Irish Folk 07-14-2006
Flame Shark
200? Midnight On Pearl Beach   Rock ?
Joe Grier 2006 Inspiracy   Contemprary Christian Rock 06-07-2006
The Gwalls 200? Dangelarious   Rock ?
Steve Hazell -- Radio Anthology (unique CD, promo only)
(all songs aired are on his 1992-2000 CD's)
  Folk 02-18-2006
Ion Drive 2004 On   Rock 03-31-2006
Joe-Jah Of The Hill People 199? Ride On   Folk 04-21-2006
Justin Time 199? Justin Time   Rock 03-10-2006
Kilroy 2006 Kilroy EP - (1)   Rock 06-12-2006
The Kissers
200? Good Fight   Rock ?
Jonathan Layhee * 199? Taken Care Of   Rock 04-23-2006
Sean Patrick Lennon 2005 Getting My Feet Wet   Folk 04-12-2006
Terri Lynne * 199? When Angels Cry   Country 04-20-2006
Janet Macklin 1999 I Think of You 2003 Floating on the Silence Jazz 03-31-2006
Randy Mayer 199? We Are One   Rock ?
Jason Moon 1997 Naked Under All These Clothes - (1)
2006 Poverty - (1)
1998 The River Rocks Folk 04-07-2006
Natty Nation
2003 Inatty In Jah Music   Rock/Reggae 05-10-2006
Orphonic Orchestra
200? album title?   Rock ?
2007 Work and Worry   Rock ?
Janet Planet and
Woody Mandowski
Mary Hiles' "Fountain of Life" Musical
(3-30-2006: The CD is only available from Mary.)
  Musical 02-18-2006
Reverend Raven
and the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys

1998 Slow Burn 2006 Big Bee Electric Blues ?
Felix Ready * 199? Tropical Island 199? That Was You Rock 01-25-2006
Ripp Winkler 199? Pirate's Bootey   Rock 04-21-2006
Road Trip 2001 Please Disturb - (1)   Rock ?
Donna Ruzicka 2004 Song of Songs - (3)   Jazz ?
Sawdust City Slickers 1994 Sawdust City Slickers   Barbershop 04-21-2006
Something Phonic 1999 Something Phonic
2002 Organic - (4)
2005 Winds of Change - (4) Rock 03-25-2006
SourBelly 2002 Midwestern Stars 2005 WhipSnap! - (4) Rock 01-24-2006
John Statz 2006 Dusk Came Slow   Folk 05-15-2006
Joe Stevens 2006 Other Side Of The Bridge   Rock 04-15-2006
Waffleberry 200? Waffleberry   Rock ?
Justin Zander * 199? Some Day Soon   Rock 04-08-2006
Dorothy Zerbe 2001 A Long Way To Go   Folk 02-06-2006

        Non-Oshkosh residents on the previously "Oshkosh Artists" (only) Show!
        None of these artists have ever lived in Oshkosh!
  1. Crazy Man's Basement - Milwaukee - 199? - "There and Back" (Rock) - 05-17-2006
  2. Natty Nation - Madison - 2003 - "Inatty In Jah Music" (Rock/Reggae) - 05-10-2006
        Non-Oshkosh residents on the previously "Oshkosh Artists" (only) Show!

Stay Tuned:
      Here are more Oshkosh artists/groups who have not yet submitted their solo and/or band CD's for airplay, stay tuned!
Aaron Baer - The Jackson Street Polecats - Jazz Orgy - Kick - Elizabeth Larson - Janet Planet - Playtime - Tom Theabo - Chris White        

Where to buy CD's:
      WOCT is trying its level best to promote local artists, but you are saying to yourself, "WOCT has me excited about hearing more by the artist they just played, and I want to buy their CD immediately, or at the very latest, when the store opens tomorrow. Other than the few available on-line, where can I buy the listed CD's locally right now?" Sorry, in almost all cases, you are SOL (.... out of luck). Most titles above cannot be purchased in any local store.

    (1) The Exclusive Company, 416 N. Main St. -- (920) 235-1450 ("Local Artists" section) - Andy's Automatics - Jason Moon - Road Trip
    (2) Oshkosh Shoppe, 319 N. Sawyer St. -- (920) 236-6789 - Copper Box
    (3) UW Oshkosh Bookstore, Reeve Union, 748 Algoma Blvd. ("Campus Artists" section) - Donna Ruzicka
       And other campus musicians with solo CD's not submitted yet:
         Current Faculty: - Joyce Andrews - James Chaudoir - Frank Hoffmeister
    (4) Island Music, 858 Fox Point Plaza, Neenah -- (920) 725-9000 - Something Phonic - SourBelly

      Please do not take the daily promo, "Call 236-5265 and tell us what you'd like to hear", too literally. You can call in general comments about the station, or their program schedule, but they do not accept requests for songs the artist did not specifically select for airplay.

      Random Play: From the 5 tracks selected for airplay from each CD by the artist, all tracks by all artists are aired completely randomly by a computer. They currently have no control over how many times any particular song does, or does not, play, which sometimes results in the same song by the same artist playing two or three times on the same 1 or 2 hour program, or another song not playing at all for three or four weeks. I took counts during almost all programs between 3/03 and 3/12 for the two Josh Calhoun CD's played, and the total number of times each song was played. Please call WOCT at 236-5265 if you know how to fix their broken Computer Random Song Generator.
    The Vinegrower:
Tool Shed (6)
What a Joy to See (6)
Sleepy Regrets (4)
First Day of School (4)
It Looks Like You're From Texas (2)
    Climb On:
Remote Control (7)
Climb On (3)
This Is Who I Am (1)
First Flight (1)
Kitchen Concerts (1)

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