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      10-28-2021: I have finally decided. I am able to add and update this NEW page, but, except for my Domain's Home Page I am unable to link to it from any of my over a thousand Music pages. Because of problems beyond my control, at this time I am unable to update any of those pages. If someday I figure out how to update my music pages again, I will be making only one final edit to each page. I have been working on these pages since January 1995 and they went public on 11-25-1995. I have decided it is time to retire from this project. As more time passes without updates, these pages will become less and less useful as Websites I link to, die and disappear. The only way to make my site permanently useful is to remove ALL off-site Music-related links.

      The information I have gathered in the past 27 years about Folk, Bluegrass, Acoustic Blues and Wisconsin musicians and my Indexing, for example: Musician's Birthdays/Bibliography (A), of biography, bibliography and discography entries found in over 700 Music Reference Books should remain useful as long as my site exists. My domain name is not due to expire until 2029, at which time, if I am still alive, I will be 87 years old. So retiring from Music updates now, seems to be my wisest choice. Therefore, I have stopped buying recordings and Music Reference Books, and I will not be adding any more requested off-site music-related links or information of any kind again.

      09-22-2022: Also, I am in the process of trying to find a new home for my entire Collection of recordings and Music Reference Books.
      1-05-2024: I have found a home for my entire collection of Music Recordings and Music Reference Books. My children will be so pleased when it is gone and they don't have to deal with it after I'm gone, whenever that may be.

Douglas H. Henkle Library Photo #6 Douglas H. Henkle Library Photo #6 Douglas H. Henkle Library Photo #6

      Thank you for your support of my Music pages over all these years.

      The only part of my domain I am capable of continuing to update regularly, as long as I am able to do so, is my "U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog" pages. I cannot access for updating any other sub-directory.

      Note for those who want me to hire them to fix up my site: I have never sold anything on my domain, so I have no site income to pay anybody anything to help me with any problems.


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