Michelle Shocked: Discography by Derek Gross

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          This discography was originally installed in the UW-Parkside Music Archives in 1992, but it got accidently overwritten by another file and no backup of it could be found. After contacting its author at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, I received a copy of it from him via E-Mail on 10-20-1994. The discography is installed here in memory of its author, Derek Gross, who passed away on 7-13-1996.

Michelle Shocked Discography

compiled by Derek Gross
first attempt, 14 Feb 1992
--> revision in progress, October 1994


The Texas Campfire Tapes - 1986

 5 a.m. in Amsterdam, The Secret Admirer, The Incomplete Image, Who Cares?,
 Down on Thomas St., Fogtown / Stepping Out, The Hep Cat, Necktie, (Don't you
 mess around with) My Little Sister, The Ballad of Patch Eye and Meg, The
 Secret to a Long Life (is knowing when it's time to go)

 US: Mercury 834 581-1 (LP), 834 581-2 (CD)
 UK: Cooking Vinyl COOKCD002 (CD), also includes The Chain Smoker, Stranded in
     a Limousine [Paul Simon], Goodnight Irene [Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter].
     Lyrics for all songs except the "bonus" 3.

Short Sharp Shocked - 1988

 When I Grow Up, Hello Hopeville, Memories of East Texas, (Making the Run to)
 Gladewater, Graffiti Limbo / If Love Was a Train, Anchorage, The L&N Don't
 Stop Here Anymore, V.F.D., Black Widow, [Fogtown]

 US: Mercury 834 924-1 (LP), 834 924-2 (CD). Lyrics for all but Fogtown.

Captain Swing - 1989

 God is a Real Estate Developer, On the Greener Side, Silent Ways, Sleep Keeps
 Me Awake, The Cement Lament / (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister
 [music by MS and Mat Fox], Looks Like Mona Lisa, Too Little Too Late,
 Streetcorner Ambassador, Must Be Luff, [Russian Roulette]

 US: Mercury 838 878-1 (LP), 838 878-2 (CD), 838 878-4 (MC). Lyrics for all
     but Russian Roulette.

Arkansas Travel(l)er - April 1992



 US: Mercury 870 611-7 (7"). With live video version.
 UK: Cooking Vinyl/London LONCD 193 / int. 870 683-2 (CD), LONT 193 / int. 870
     683-0 (10"). Live video version? With Fogtown (SSS version), Penny Evans
     [Steve Goodman], Re-Modelling the Pentagon (last two live at
     Glastonbury). 10" has gatefold cover with tablature and playing
     instructions on inside.

If Love Was A Train

 UK: Cooking Vinyl/London LONCD 212 / int. 872 343-2 (CD). With Memories of
     East Texas, V.F.D., Yamboree Queen (all live at Metroplex, Atlanta, 12
     Oct 88).

When I Grow Up

 US: Mercury PRO 701-1 (promo 12"). With Memories of East Texas, Yamboree
     Queen, Strawberry Jam (all live).
 UK: Cooking Vinyl/London LONCD 219 / int. 872 741-2 (CD). With 5 a.m. in
     Amsterdam, Goodnight Irene [Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter], Campus Crusade
     (all live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 15 Dec 88).

On the Greener Side

 US: Mercury CDP 142 (promo CD). I've also seen this in a fake-grass-covered
     jewel box, don't know whether it has the same catalog #.
 UK: Cooking Vinyl/London LONX 245 / int. 876 223-1 (12"). With The Titanic
     [Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter], Old Paint [traditional].

(Don't you mess around with) My Little Sister

 UK: Cooking Vinyl/London LONX 251 (int. 876 667-1) (12"). CS version. With
     Russian Roulette, Waters Wide.

Live promo EP, 1990 or so. What's on it?


Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father [Sgt. Pepper covers, Childline benefit] - 1988.
 UK: NME PEP LP-100 (LP). Lovely Rita [Lennon/McCartney].

'til things are brighter... [Johnny Cash covers, Terrence Higgins Trust
benefit] - 1988.
 US: Fundamental Music RAVE 3 (LP). One Piece at a Time [Johnny Cash].

Turn of the Decade 1989-1990 (Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival) - 1991.
 US: Red House RHR CD 36 (CD). Ballad of Penny Evans [Steve Goodman].

The Best of Mountain Stage Volume 2 Live - 1991.
 US: Blue Plate BPM 0002CD (CD). God is a Real Estate Developer [MS/Matt Fox].

Billy Bragg: Worker's Playtime - 1988.
 US: Elektra 60024-2 (CD). Backing vocals on Waiting for the Great Leap
     Forwards [Billy Bragg].

Hot Cookies.
 UK: Cooking Vinyl GRILL 002. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, Black Widow
     (live at Kerrville 1987), Prince of Darkness (with the Mekons).


Concert from the 1988? tour with Billy Bragg. Shown in England in June 1989,
but other than that I don't know anything about it.

Video for On the Greener Side.

Concert video: MS and the Capt. Swing Revue or something like that. What's on

Dave Letterman 10th anniversary show (recorded 18 Jan 1992?, first shown (US)
6 Feb 1992): Backing vocals on Like a Rolling Stone [Bob Dylan].

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