The 3 Mustaphas 3 discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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3 Mustaphas 3|Heart of Uncle||Ryco|RCD 20156
        Awara Hoon|3:17
        Trois Fois Trois - City Version|5:37
        Sitna Lisa|4:50
        Mama O|5:58
        Ovcepolsko Oro|3:20
        Kem Kem|3:55
        Vi Bist Du Geveyzn Far Probibish'n?|4:55
        Kaba Mustapha~Valle E Gajdes|3:58
        Trois Fois Trois|4:29
        Taxi Driver (I Don't Care)|3:41
        Benga Taxi|3:09
        Aj Zajdi Zajdi Jaasno Sonce|4:23
        Anapse To Tsigaro|4:44
3 Mustaphas 3|Soup of the Century||Ryco|10195
        Buke E Kripe Ne Vater Tone~Kalaxhojne|4:40
        Zohar No. 2|4:30
        Soba Song|2:53
        Golden Clarinet|6:12
        Ti Citron|4:22
        Sadilo Mome~Tropnalo Oro|2:46
        This City is Very Exciting|4:31
        Yogurt Koydum Dolaba/Televizyon|4:24
        Lipovacko Kola|2:55
        Ya Babibi, Ya Ghaybine|7:55
        Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo|2:56
3 Mustaphas 3|Shopping|1991|Shanachie|64006
        Shouffi Rhirou|6:44
        Xamenh Evtexia~Fiz'n|6:33
        Ljubav Kraj Izvora~Zvezdanovo (Skupovo) Kolo|4:33
        Valle E Pogradecit|5:11
        Shika Shika|6:22
        Night off Beirut, A|6:15
        Szegerely Farewell|1:20
3 Mustaphas 3|Friends, Fiends & Fronds|1991|Omnium|OMM 2003D
        Si Vous Passez Par La|
        Starehe Mustapha I II & III|
        Maldita Guajira|
        Linda Linda|
        Linda Linda|
        Fiz'n (DJ Trouble Fezz Meets 3 Mustaphas 3)|
        Buke E Kripe Ne Vater Tone~Kalaxhojne|
        Anapse To Tsigaro|
        Shouffi Rhirou|
        Niska Banja|
        Kac Kuzulu Ceylan|
Various|Heartbeats~Native Sounds from the Hearts of Europe||Special Delivery|SPDCD 1029
        Tikino Oro|4:51|3 Mustaphas 3
        Niska Banja|3:26|3 Mustaphas 3~Jova Stojiljkovic Duvacki Orkestar
Various|World Beat Explosion||Shanachie|64008
        Xamanh~Fiz'n|6:31|3 Mustaphas 3

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