Tracy Chapman discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Chapman, Tracy|Tracy Chapman||Elektra|60774
        Talkin' About a Revolution|2:38
        Fast Car|4:56
        Across the Lines|3:22
        Behind the Wall|1:48
        Baby Can I Hold You|3:16
        Mountains of Things|4:37
        She's Got Her Ticket|3:54
        For My Lover|3:15
        If Not Now ...|2:55
        For You|3:09
Chapman, Tracy|Crossroads||Elektra|60888
        Freedom Now|4:02
        Material World|3:02
        Be Careful of My Heart|4:39
        Born to Fight|2:46
        Hundred Years, A|4:20
        This Time|3:42
        All That You Have is Your Soul|6:16
Chapman, Tracy|Matters of the Heart|1992|Elektra|61216
        Bang Bang Bang|
        I Used to be a Sailor|
        Love That You Had, The|
        Woman's Work|
        If These are the Things|
        Short Supply|
        Dreaming On a World|
        Open Arms|
        Matters of the Heart|
Chapman, Tracy|New Beginning|1996|Elektra|61850
        Heaven't Here on Earth|5:23
        New Beginning|5:33
        Smoke and Ashes|6:39
        Cold Feet|5:40
        At This Point in My Life|5:09
        Promise, The|5:28
        Rape of the World, The|7:07
        Tell It Like It Is|6:08
        Give Me One reason|4:31
        Remember the Tinman|5:45
        I'm Ready|4:56
Chapman, Tracy|Telling Stories|2000|Elektra|62478
        Telling Stories|3:57
        Less Than Strangners|3:19
        Speak the Word|4:12
        It's OK|4:00
        Wedding Song|4:35
        Unsung Psalm|4:19
        Nothing Yet|3:22
        Paper and Ink|4:52
        Only One, The|3:08
        First Try|3:33
Various|Rubaiyat~Elektra's 40th Anniversary Disc #1|1990|Elektra|60940-2-A
        House of the Rising Sun|2:00|Chapman, Tracy

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