Shawn Colvin discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Colvin, Shawn|Steady On||CBS|45209
        Steady On|4:59
        Diamond in the Rough|5:05
        Shotgun Down the Avalanche|5:03
        Another Long One|3:45
        Cry Like an Angel|4:52
        Something to Believe In|4:13
        Story, The|3:59
        Ricochet in Time|3:11
        Dead of the Night, The|5:03
Colvin, Shawn|Fat City|1992|Columbia|CK 47122
        Tenderness On the Block|
        Round of Blues|
        Orion In the Sky|
        Climb On (A Back That's Strong)|
        Set the Prairie On Fire|
        Object of My Affection|
        Kill the Messenger|
        I Don't Know Why|
Colvin, Shawn|Cover Girl|1994|Columbia|CK57875
        Every Little Thing He Does is Magic|
        (Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Nights|
        One Cool Remove|
        Satin Sheets|
        There's a Rugged Road|
        Killing the Blues|
        Window to the World|
        If These Walls Could Speak|
        This Must be the Place (Naive Melodey)|
        You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go|
Colvin, Shawn|Live '88|1988~1995|Plump|5901
        Diamonds in the Rough|4:21
        Shotgun Down the Avalanche|4:00
        I Don't Know Why|3:54
        Cry Like an Angel|4:26
        Ricochet In Time|3:16
        Another Long One|3:18
        Something to Believe In|5:20
        Don't You Think I Feel It Too|3:25
        Kathy's Song|3:52
        Knowing What I Know Now|3:46
Colvin, Shawn|Holiday Songs and Lullabies|1998|Columbia|CK 69550
        In the Bleak Mid-Winter|4:04
        Christmas Time is Here|2:37
        Now the Day Is Over|1:47
        Windy Nights|3:10
        All Through the Night|2:03
        Love Came Down at Christmas|3:04
        Silent Night|3:22
        All the Pretty Li'l Horses|1:43
        Little Road to Bethlehem|2:52
        Seal Lullaby|2:29
        Evening is a Little Boy~Night Will Never Stay, The|3:09
        Christ Child's Lullaby, The|2:19
        Close Your Eyes|1:39
Kaplansky, Lucy|Tide, The|1994|Red House|RHR CD 65
        When I Get to teh Border|2:57|Colvin, Shawn
        Texas Blues|2:47|Colvin, Shawn
        Heart, The|3:34|Colvin, Shawn
        My Name Joe|5:02|Colvin, Shawn
        Somebody's Home|3:37|Colvin, Shawn
        Delivery Truck|3:06|Colvin, Shawn
        Eyes of My Beholder, The|3:02|Colvin, Shawn
        Secret Journey|2:35|Colvin, Shawn
        Goodnight|3:17|Colvin, Shawn
Larkin, Patty|Strangers World|1995|High Street|10335
        Dear Diary|3:46|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Carnival|1997|RCA|74321 44769
        All Through the Night|1:43|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Shelter (Disc 2)|1994|Putumayo|90248 0115
        Another Round of Blues|4:44|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Storm Weather|1998|AT&T|
        But Beautiful|4:30|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Lilith Fair A Celebratin of Women in Music (Disc 2)|1998|Arista|07822-19007
        Trouble|4:07|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live||Alcazar|alc105
        Steady On|4:08|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival~Turn of the Decade|1991|Red House|RHR CD 36
        Cry Like an Angel|4:34|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Broadcasts, Vol. 3 (KGSR radio Austin) Disc 1|1995|KGSR|
        Private Universe|3:18|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Broadcasts, Vol 7 (KGSR Radio Austin) Disc 1|2000|KGSR|
        What I Get Paid For|3:28|Finn, Neil~Colvin, Shawn
Various|Columbia Radio Hour, Volume 1|1995|Columbia|CK 66466
        Polaroids|4:31|Colvin, Shawn
        Shotgun Down the Avalanche|4:13|Colvin, Shawn~Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Come On, Come On|5:39|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin~Colvin, Shawn
Various|Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 2|1996|Columbia|CK 67498
        Round of Blues|4:12|Colvin, Shawn~Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Various|Live at the World Cafe Vol. 2|1995|World Cafe|WC9502
        Seven Year Ache|2:44|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Live from the Music Hall, Vol. 1|1995|KSCA|
        I Don't Know Why|3:36|Colvin, Shawn
Various|On the Mountain|1994|KMTT|0194
        Round of Blues|3:32|Colvin, Shawn
Various|'Til the Night is Gone - a Tribute to Doc Pomus|1995|Forward~Rhino|71878
        Viva Las Vegas|4:49|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Hitch Hiker Exampler|1990|CBS|46036
        Something To Believe In|4:10|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Hitch Hiker Exampler 2|1991|CBS|47321
        You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go|4:29|Colvin, Shawn
Various|In Their Own Words, Vol. 1|1994|Razor & Tie|RT 2813
        That's the Way Love Goes|3:00|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Silverwolf Story, The|1998|Silverwolf|SWSCD 1013
        Anybody But You|4:15|Veitch, Michael~Colvin, Shawn
Various|Singer-Songwriters of the '80s|1995|Rhino|R2 71844/A 25263
        Stranded||Colvin, Shawn
Various|Theodore: An Alternative Music Sampler||Columbia|ck 46062
        Shotgun Down the Avalanche (Live)|4:06|Colvin, Shawn
Various|Acoustic Christmas|1990|Columbia|46880
        Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas|3:39|Colvin, Shawn

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