Fast Folk CD discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Various|Fast Folk - Second Annual Greenwich Village Folk Festival, The|1989|Chameleon~Fast Folk|FF410~MD82811
        Where Has My True Love Gone?||Massengill, David
        Pearly Blues||Manning, Roger
        No Baby||Weiss, Ilene
        Legacy||Pettis, Pierce
        Fly On a Plane||Lavin, Christine
        Day is Done||Yarrow, Peter
        What Could I Add to That?||Tedesso, Frank
        My Two Cats||Byaela, Jane
        Is It So Wrong To Feel So Good?||Eberhardt, Cliff
        Down the Dream||Roche, Maggie
        I'm Wondering Why||MacDonald, Rod
        Children Go Where I Send Thee||Odetta 
Various|Fast Folk - Live 2/23/90|1990|Fast Folk|FFCD 507
        Selling Out||Lawrence, Eddie
        Rough Edges||Polisher, Racher
        Three Monkeys||Smith, Michael
        Prisoners of their Hairdos||Lavin, Christine
        Burning Leaf, A||Meyer, Richard
        Away||Hardy, Jack
        Mangled Savanah Waltz||Julian, Richard~Allen, Jim
        Magic Kingdom, The||Rose, Brian
        Now is the Dream||Beckerman, Wendy
        Gravedigger||Julian, Richard
        Sunlight on the Window||Tedesso, Frank
        Fun to be Perfect||Gold, Julie
        Marian Rosen and I||Palmer, Lillie
        Don Quixote's Lullaby||Massengill, David
        Row||McLoug, Lorie 
Various|Fast Folk - Detours|1991|Fast Folk|FFCD 508
        Drive All Night||Flint, Kelly
        Fishing Trip||Peterson, Al
        Memory of You||Shindell, Richard
        I Always Knew||Five Chinese Brothers, The
        Motel Room Dreams||Eberhardt, Cliff
        Dime Store Nickel||Cantor, David
        Routine Day in Paradise||MacDonals, Rod
        Blue to White||Julian, Richard
        Huge Gray Blob, The||Big Jimmy
        On My Block||Professor Louie
        All of Her Girlfriends are Brain Dead||Goldman, Richard
        Temporary Road, The||Gorka, John
        When the Country Moved to Town||Jerling, Michael
        Blackbird||Schere, Al
        Stephen Foster||Kelly, Kirk
        Irregular Heart||Binder, Milo 
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 509
        Baltimore|3:16|Five Chinese Brothers, The
        Take Me to Juarez|5:05|Jerling, Michael
        I'll Cry Tonight|6:01|Beckerman, Wendy
        Wake Up|2:44|Professor Louie
        Your Hair|2:57|Hamburger, David
        Swimming to the Other Side|3:30|Humprhries, Pat
        TVA Waltz, The|4:32|Lawrence, Eddie
        Sparrow's Point|5:10|Shindell, Richard
        Rodeo Weddings & Rockabilly Lives|3:00|Greenfield, Beverly
        Cool Conception|4:05|Firing, Susan
        Missing Keys|2:35|Ray, David
        World of Tomorrow, The|5:48|Wilkinson, Jeff
        Teacher of the Game|4:04|Byaela
        Phenomenology Sing-A-Long , The|2:54|Fitzco, Mitchel
        Fall in Montreal|3:29|Dickie, Tom
        Momentary Lapse of Taste|2:56|Cantor, David
        Ghost of a Girl|3:19|Julian, Richard
        Whiskey and Rain|4:05|Tedesso, Frank 
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Bottom Line 1991|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 510
        Stones|4:10|Blumfeld, Hugh
        In So Deep|2:26|Beckerman, Wendy
        Ying Chi Wu|4:18|Tedesso, Frank
        Courier, The|5:00|Shindell, Richard
        Fever La Lune|4:12|Rose, Brian
        Louisiana Rain|3:28|Zweiman, Judith
        Norman|4:24|MacDonald, Rod
        Paglia E Fieno|3:05|Hardy, Jack
        Eldorado Lounge, The|5:17|Julian Richard
        Jesus, The Fugitive Prince|6:48|Massengill, David
        Bewilderness|4:29|Wood, Eric
        L'Antinarciso|3:55|Pucci, Germana
        Run on the Dock|5:48|Joffen, Josh
        Frankenstein's Got the Blues|5:22|Tedesso, Frank
        Metal Drums|5:40|MacDonald, Rod
        Hang My Hat|3:54|Company, The
        From a Distance|4:57|Gold, Julie 
Various|Fast Folk - Shut Up and Sing the Song|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 601
        Black Hole|4:12|Hardy, Jack
        Scarecrows|2:15|Rosen Melissa
        Ain't It Almost|2:50|Allen, Jim
        By Your Eyes|2:40|Beckerman, Wendy
        Bloods and Crips|6:10|Massengill, David
        Sleep Will Come|4:20|Gerney, George
        Muse, The|3:50|Sevants, The
        Statue, The|4:15|Rose, Brian
        I Don't Know Her Very Well|4:45|Biegler, Susan
        Places You Will Go|5:45|Bauman, Christian
        Shoot the Ghost|3:58|Tarella, Jeff
        Whispers|4:32|Meyer, Richard
        Let Them Go|3:16|Edwards, Mafa
        Pinhead's Lullaby, The|4:17|Lipnik, Carol
        Florida Time|5:11|Cantor, David
        Cafe Tango|3:20|Vuksic, Alex
        Fever, A|3:10|Rylatt, Margie 
Various|Fast Folk - Mike Porco: In Memoriam|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 602
        Marelene|3:23|Flint, Kelly
        Slow New York|3:11|Julian, Richard
        There is a Light|2:36|Tedesso, Frank
        As the Crow Flies|2:48|Allen, Jim
        Last Song Sung|1:57|Pucci, Germana
        Fire Fly Field, The|4:00|Anderson, Carl
        Holding On|2:50|Schere, Al
        Tillamook|6:20|Chabot, Bob
        Seven Sorrows|4:42|Elder, Dave
        Cats of the Coliseum, The|4:16|Mondlock, Buddy
        Dancin' in the Kitchen|4:08|Christian, Frank
        I Don't Think It's Love|3:09|Cundae, Johnny
        Something Old, Something New|3:17|Westfall, Caroline
        Beauty of the Island|4:08|Roter, David
        Soldiers|3:58|Infantino, Jim
        Beau Ideal|4:18|Brahm, Liz
        Follow Your Lucky Star|5:00|Goldfinger, David 
Various|Fast Folk - 10th Anniversary Live at the Bottom Line - Disc 1|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 603
        Home for the Holidays~Boats are Rolling Out, The|6:26|Hardy, Jack~Lawrence, Eddy~Beckerman, Wendy
        Guinnevere|5:51|Kaplansky, Lucy
        Record Time|3:14|Key,Steve
        Marie|3:37|Allen, Jim
        Blue Whale, The|3:34|Lawrence, Eddy
        Fisherman|3:29|Beckerman, Wendy
        Before the Country Moved to Town|3:57|Jerling, Michael
        Shining Brow|4:07|Wilkinson, Jeff
        Blood Sings|3:20|Vega, Suzanne
        Marion A Ledge|6:31|MacDonald, Rod
        Child, The|4:36|Hardy, Jack
        I've Got Nothing to Hide|3:57|Roches, The
        In the Mirror|3:45|Rose, Brian
        Back in the Depression|3:10|Pettis, Pierce
        Are You Happy Now?|4:19|Shindell, Richard
        Last Time, The|4:09|Polisher, Rachel
        Garden State Stomp, The|2:53|Van Ronk, Dave
        Rise from the Ruins|3:28 
Various|Fast Folk - 10th Anniversary Live at the Bottom Line - Disc 2|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 604
        Code of the Cowboy Kid, The|4:24|Massengill, David
        King is Dead, The|4:22|Julian, Richard
        If I Ain't Fallin'|3:44|Chinese Brothers, The
        Les Choses Plus Simples|4:42|Yacoub, Gariel
        Follow Me Down|3:53|Zweiman, Judith
        Burder,The|4:13|Meyer, Richard
        Folksinger Earns Every Dime, A|3:21|Lavin, Christine
        What Could I Add to That?|5:03|Tedesso, Frank
        Flexible Man|4:25|Cantor, David
        Where the Bottles Break|4:59|Gorka, John
        Disenchanted|5:53|Wood, Eric
        Mothers Child|4:51|Matheson, Nikki
        On Two Wheels, In the Rain|4:35|Christian, Frank
        Watertowers|4:56|Blumenfield, Hugh
        Future|7:11|Pucci, Germana~Biagi, Giancarlo~Burkee, Jill 
Various|Fast Folk - September 1992|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 605
        Gun Shy|3:32|Carey, Ed
        Gillianna|2:08|Beckerman, Wendy
        Tossing and Turning Blue|4:49|Keith Kelly
        Gonna Gonna|4:27|Biegler, Susan
        Courthouse Lament|4:12|Alderson, Carl
        Nervous Wreck of Edna Fitzgerals,The|4:30|West, Camille
        Against the Bottle|4:02|Crawley, Brian
        Wood Hollow Road|3:53|Meyer Richard
        Appear to Disappear|5:18|MacDonals,Sheila
        Whose Fault|3:41|Hardy, Jack
        As One|4:16|Muir, Christina
        Keys to the Highway|4:19|Lawrence, Eddy
        Finally With You|4:13|Packenham, Steve
        Baby Why|4:19|Lipnik, Carol
        In the Rose Garden (With The Bushes)|4:22|Haynie, Don~Samuel, Sheryl
        Desperate Lies|3:21|Korreis, Ken
        Moon Poems|5:28|Hohenberger, Jane 
Various|Fast Folk - Boston Revisited|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 606
        I Know This Road||Brennan, Steve
        Crocodile Tears||Curtis, Catie
        Night Bird's Song, The||MacDonald, Sheila
        I'm Confused||O'Doherty, Hugh M.
        Digging||Kessler, Barbara
        Going-Out-Of-Mind Sale||Connolly, Elizabeth
        Natural Home||Sangiolo, Maria
        Good, Good, Good||Rayne, Meg
        Wooden Bed||Lessell, Ephraim
        Raining in Boston||Hall, Chuck
        Hellhound Blues||Sherwood, Sherli
        Flesh and Bone||Nocholas, John
        Future Homemakers||Burtis, Jenny
        When the Buffalo  Come Back||Crossland, David
        This Rockin' Chair||Luby, Jan
        Art Necro||Kilburn, Eric 
Various|Fast Folk - Songs from the Garden State|1992|Fast Folk|FF 607
        First of April, The|3:34|Temple, Christopher
        Ain't We Got Enough|4:37|DiSavino, Liza
        Summer Wind, a Cotton Dress, A|3:46|Shindell, Richard
        He's Got a Grip On You|4:03|Gerney, George
        I Saw Marie at the Fair|1:49|Mergott, Chip
        Chamomile Flowers|3:33|Kollar, Janice
        Too Many Restaurants|3:18|Kleiner, David
        Island of Sorrow|3:55|Dougherty, Dennis
        Thinking About You|4:00|Williams, Beth
        Oh, What a Head|4:22|Tareila
        I Know You|2:38|Marys, The
        Oscar|4:52|Bauman, Chistian
        Mother's Journal|4:41|Avila, Jennie~Torchia, Amy
        In Her Own Eyes|3:02|Cagno, Gregg
        Ninety-Nine Months|5:04|Bauerlein, Annie
        Ride Thru Wyoming|3:41|Canzano, Joe
        New York Lullaby, The|2:16|Elder, Dav 
Various|Fast Folk - Keep on Keepin' On|1992|Fast Folk|FF 608
        Ordinary Man||McDonnell, Katie
        Single Breath||Leete, Lisle
        Tornado Twisted||Rosen, Melissa
        Sonny and Cher||Temple, Christopher
        Fourth of July, The||Ewbank, John
        Big House||Olsen, J. P.
        Ship In a Bottle||Kelly, Keith
        Likes of You, The||Silber, Eve
        Bottom Rung||Allen, Jim
        Pick-Pocket Santa||Tareila, Jeff
        Show Boat to China||Cantor, David
        Cold Iron Rail||Crawley, Brian
        Money Is God||Julian Richard
        List of Attractions (of Old Coney Island)||Lipnik, Carol
        Letter||Hohenberger, Jane 
Various|Fast Folk - Lost Works (disc 1)|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD609
        Kid, The||Mondlock, Buddy
        Come On Down||Stewart, Dude
        Goodbye Heart||Gold, Julie
        Of All of the Sorrows||Hardy, Jack
        Steam Pipes||Wood, Eric
        'Round Midnight||Spencer, Peter
        Fisherman's Wife||Matheson, Nikki
        Dream Astronette||Jay, Paul
        Bright Lights of Memphis||Ferriera
        Sweeping||Meyer, Richard
        Philosophical Statement||MacDonald, Rod
        Eye of the Immigrant||Andersen, Eric
        Love Calling||Goldman, Richard
        Russian River Flood||Wallach, Kim
        Ballad of a Garage Band||Berryhill, Cindy Lee
        Legend of the One-Eared Rabbit, The||Matsomoto, Hidaefuso 
Various|Fast Folk - Lost Works (disc 2)|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD610
        Pit Man Blues||Fielding, Rick
        November||Miles, Lynn
        Anna Marie||Snider, Bob
        Ode to Rural Manitoba||Hoogstraten, Laine
        Remember You My Friends||Rider, Jim
        Land of the Banyan, The||Gamble, Karen
        Nickels and Dimes||Hornyak, Ed
        Secret of Mark's Success||Kert, Charlie
        Blue Reverie||LeClair, Carol
        Baby, I'm a Lot Like You||Nigrini, Ron
        Corey and David||Ackroyd, Gayle
        Camp Cook||Elliot, Cathy
        Home Is Where the Heart Is||Hacking, Norm
        If I Could||Maracle, Dyan
        Isla Mujeres||Hornblast, Glen
        Easy Come Easy Go||Halpern, Nick 
Various|Fast Folk Vol. 7, No. 1|1993|Fast Folk|FF CD 701
        She Lost Her Mind||Lawrence, Eddy
        Little Caffeine, A||Hamburger, David
        Zephyr, The||Hardy, Jack
        I Have Dreamed||Beckerman, Wendy
        English Rose||Allen, Jim
        Anonymous Fame||Meyer, Richard
        Dreamtime||Miller, Jeannette
        Daddy Turned Grey||Sonntag, John
        Draw Me A River||Tareila, Jeff
        Blood||Clements, Katy
        This Heart of Mine||Matthews, Ansel
        Nero's Fiddle||Schere, Richard A.
        It's a Hard Life||Hennebach, Margo
        Ode to Joy||Rose, Brian~Beethoven, Ludwin van
        To the End of the World||Flint, Kelly
        In the Shell of a City Cathedral||Samaras, Nicholas 
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Bottom Line - May 1993|1993|Fast Folk|FF702
        King of Junk|2:41|Lawrence, Eddy S.
        By Your Eyes|3:35|Beckerman, Wendy
        May|5:03|Shindell, Richard
        All You Can Do is Laugh|4:43|Tareila, Jeff
        Scarecrow|3:21|Rosen, Melissa
        Creation, The|4:15|Hardy, Jack
        Nervous Wreck of Edna Fitzgerald, The|5:16
        Another Bruce Springsteen|3:50|Tedesso, Frank
        Skeleton Kisses|4:49|Lipnik, Carol
        I Ain't Goin' to Kansas City|4:28|Julian, Richard
        Marching to Euphoria|4:06|Leete, Lisle
        Butt Song|1:59|Gorka, John
        Marelene|3:20|Flint, Kelly
        Lost Dove|5:23|Meyer, Richard
        I'll Never Read Trollope Again|3:49|Cantor, David
        Spanish Johnny|2:43|Seibel, Paul
        Night Bird Song|3:37|MacDonald, Sheila
        Friends You Love the Most|5:02|Kabak, Stuart 
Various|Fast Folk - Eugene, Oregon|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD703
        Crazy Man|3:55|Alan, Mark
        It's Not the Dreamin'|5:05|Kemp, Laura
        Song for Daves|3:37|Wilde, Peter
        Laika|4:45|Cohen, Virginia
        Love We're Falling In, The|4:14|Intondi, Tom
        List, The|3:14|Diedrich, Debbie
        She Is the Rain|5:00|Adams, Brook
        You Are the One I Love/Floating On Air|4:37|Morgan, Peggy~Phelan, Bette
        Wheel of Fortune|4:32|Turrill, Barbara
        River Song, The|4:12|Ryan, Walker T.
        Clearcut Disillusion|5:28|Kelley, T. R.
        Weary From the Storm|4:25|Mad Farmers, The
        Militant Response|2:55|Dodd, Patrick
        Billie Jo|4:46|Fox, Emily
        Newspaper Blues|2:23|Biller, Greg
        There is a River|5:19|Field, Gregory
        Let's Go|2:30|Perkins, Heather 
Various|Fast Folk - Old Vienna Tapes Vol. 2, The|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD704
        Witness to Joy|3:39|Gilbert, Vance
        One Who Got Away|4:51|Ziegler, Diane
        Sidewalk Sam|4:29|Kirk, Diana
        Can't Let Love Pass By|4:02|Trusty, Kim~Eure, David
        Ghost Dance|5:49|Greenway, Greg
        Thoughts of a Would Be Pony Rider|3:00|Mason, Timothy
        Run for Your Lives|5:48|Tarquinio, Rick
        (Just Like) Christopher Columbus|3:43|Nields, The
        Stress|4:22|Infantino, Jim
        Conversation With a Ghost|3:43|Paul, Ellis
        Charlie & Maureen|5:09|White, Don
        Living On the Edge|3:37|Carr, Amanda
        Mexico|3:59|Alarik, Scott
        Glider Ride, The|4:21|McConnell, Greg & Michelle
        Botton Rung, The|3:22|Keene, Thomas
        Uranus|3:24|Duffy, Mike 
Various|Fast Folk - Summer 1993|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD 705
        It's Raining||McNevin, Michael
        Smile||Greenfield, Beverly
        Weep Anymore||Watson, Jamie
        Archaeology (Grandmother's Chiffonier)||Taylor, Louise
        Troublemaker's Waltz, The||Kelly, Keith
        Dear Life||Barthold, Skip
        Holy Holy Ghost||MacDonald, Sheila
        Foolish Game||Carey, Ed
        Time on the Wind||Crawley, Brian
        Boys in the Back Room, The||Gerney, George
        Gimme Home||Bloustein, Lori
        Seeking Passage||McDonnell, Kate
        Better World, A||Frank Mazzetti
        I'm In Your Neighborhood||Renninger, Ron
        From Above||Feldman, Diana
        She's A Dog||Gallo, Lou~Gallo, Frankie~Carucci, Martha
        Remembering Aunt Emma||Skinner, Ewart 
Various|Fast Folk - Philadelphia Phast Pholks|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD 706
        Man of the Town||Mutis III, Joey
        Irene||Werner, Susan
        Understanding Blues||Hart, Dan
        Mirage||Smith, Geri
        Toads on the Road||Orleans, David
        Traveller's Song, The||Deckhart, Susan
        Great Out There, The||Simon, Gregory Jon
        World Keeps Spinning 'Round||Koresko, Jackie
        All the Way Home||Flynn, John
        Sing Me a Song||McMearty, Kathy
        Street Legal||Gala, Tom
        What On Earth For?||Robinson, Betsy Moore
        Gelding Factory, The||Rabin, Barry
        You Can't Go Home Again||Ansell, Debbie
        This Web That We've Spun||Arnold, Ben
        Flags Are Wavin'||Bowers, Kolleen
        Let the Music||Juravich, Tom
        Morning Person||Bango, Lu
        Water Come Down||Herrick, Susan 
Various|Fast Folk - Guerrilla Recording - Oct 1993|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD 707
        Angels Know His Name, The||Taylor, Louise
        Blind Mas, The||Carey, Ed
        Blow 'Em Away||Brodsky, Chuck
        Hole in the Sky||Allen, Jim
        Green Dress, The||Zanzal, John
        I'm Just Feeling It Now||Williams, Jane
        Southport||Licitra, Jack
        Melancholy Views||Rose, Brian
        Housepainting in America||Wallace, Jeremy
        Another Chance at Bliss||Kesler, David
        Blue Balloon||Beckerman, Wendy
        Dark Side of the Moon, The||Deitz, Roger
        Event Horizon, The||Meyer, Richard
        Guitars||Hughes, Eddie
        Have You Forgotten?||Cummings, Millicent 
Various|Fast Folk - Los Angeles 1993|1993|Fast Folk|FFCD 708
        Border Lullaby|2:13|Sanchez, Paul
        Place I Am Bound, The|4:06|Bennett, Bob
        Streets Cracked|4:26|Gold, Jeff
        Ferris Wheel|3:31|Box the Walls
        Political Song|4:22|Kaplan, Randy
        Where We Found Love|4:23|Among the Living
        Nervous Child|3:34|Rabbit, Maxfield
        Live Another Day|3:40|Bern, Dan
        Three Doors Down|3:25|Ross, Sandy
        Marie|3:13|Manoff, Andy
        Necessary Rain|4:15|Zollo, Paul
        Restless Soul|3:45|Nemzo, Lisa
        Falling From Grace|4:00|Hunter, Reeva
        Happily Discontented|2:25|Hambrick, Paul
        After the Fall|3:15|Purpose, Darryl~Warren, Betsy
        I'll Live It Free|3:30|Hunt, Cynthia
        Avoca By Night|2:52|Savarino, Jim
        America Come Home|4:20|Rafael, Joes
        Mercy Bound|5:33|Borrowers, The 
Various|Fast Folk - High Falls, 12440|1994|Fast Folk|FFCD 709
        Sex and Consequences|4:10|McCormick, Lisa
        Gone Awhile|2:43|Licitra, Jack
        This Happens Again and Again|2:52|Nields, Nerissa
        All Our Fathers|6:10|Campbells, The
        My Broken Heart|3:03|Erickson, Erik
        Viennese Drinking Song|3:19|West, Camille
        Sundial|2:59|Korreis, Ken
        Common Ground|4:34|Don & Sheryl
        Can You See Me Hilda|2:49|Geri Smith
        Get a Life|2:59|Trilogy
        Relics and Remains|3:00|Gaudet, Jim
        Dog Called Special K, The|1:54|Jabbering Trout
        King of Dreams|3:29|Hallac, Russell
        I Was Not a Victim|4:53|Delaney, Monty
        Falling Rain|3:40|Leah, Tanya
        Bleecker Street|3:40|Bair, Gerald

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